Forex Broker Reviews Marketiva

Forex Broker Reviews Marketiva

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Carefully! Marketiva is suspected of fraud!

There are many more dishonest resellers in the network than honest and transparent ones, respectively, users lose large sums by cooperating with such offices. At first, scammers advertise themselves beautifully, gain confidence, lure out money, and then throw them sharply, which makes users write a lot of negative reviews, but this no longer helps to return the funds, because sharashka offices organize everything in such a way as to make this process impossible.

A typical example of such an office engaged in the banal defrauding of finances and deceit hiding behind a beautiful advertising wrapper is Marketiva. This office collected quite a lot of negative reviews on the network, because it was engaged in outright deception of the population, and the scammers were also associated with another primitive company that lured out finances, jointly throwing ordinary people. Broker Marketiva, having collected a lot of money from users, stopped its activity and does not get in touch, therefore, users cannot return the funds lost from it.

What does the Marketiva broker offer and how does it work?

Considering carefully the work of Marketiva and the basic data about the company, it is worth saying that the office was founded back in 2009, actively provided services to residents from Russia, but was officially registered in another jurisdiction. The Marketiva company ordered an attractive advertisement that attracted the attention of many customers in order to hide its sincere kitchen intentions and quickly throw money at gullible people, which was written in the reviews very often.

Forex Broker Reviews Marketiva

As for the trading conditions directly presented to the attention of clients by the broker, the following are worth noting among them:

  • trading is allowed using mobile gadgets or computer equipment;
  • cooperating with Marketiva, users will use the MT4 terminal for transactions;
  • the amount of the minimum deposit set by the company is available to each user - this is $ 5;
  • Marketiva broker is ready to offer users work with adjustable leverage, its maximum size is 1:100;
  • the time it takes to execute one trade transaction is 1-2 seconds, but the company promises that it is trying to minimize this period;
  • Marketiva has organized high-quality and round-the-clock technical support for users, customers will be able to receive it through various communication channels;
  • the company is ready to offer traders an effective training program, its use for clients will be completely free;
  • the broker allows you to test the level of your knowledge and skills without being exposed to risks, because for this you can first work with a training account.

Continuing the review of the trading conditions of the exchanger in question, users will be able to find information that access to trading is around the clock, respectively, it is allowed to make transactions when it is convenient for the trader.

Forex Broker Reviews Marketiva

Also, they offer to work on Marketiva with a spread of 1-3 points, there are no additional commissions for maintaining accounts, which became a good bait for beginners, but then forced them to write negative reviews.

Offering Forex trading, the office allowed to open an account in euros or dollars, but the stock trader replenishes the balance and withdraws money through WebMoney, which is strange, because regulated firms are allowed to do this using payment cards or a standard bank transfer.

Yes, such conditions for trading and servicing accounts could seem attractive to many users, but in reality everything turned out to be much worse than in beautiful advertising. Clients fell for a blatant deception, lost a lot of money on Marketiva, and when they came to their senses, they began to leave negative reviews about the company, but this clearly did not help them get back the lost finances.

Why are the reviews about Marketiva all negative and where exactly is the exchange trader deceiving?

If you carefully read the reviews about Marketiva online, you can understand that there are no positive opinions about this office at all, its clients have a purely negative opinion about the exchange trader. Although the Marketiva broker talked about transparent, fully regulated activities, in fact this was not the case, and users here were simply scammed for large sums, then communication with them was interrupted, which provoked the writing of negative reviews.

Forex Broker Reviews Marketiva

As the review of this sharashka office shows, it had a direct connection with the dishonest stockbroker Agea, who still continues his fraudulent activities. From some sources, it is even possible to find out that Marketiva has become part of the intermediary scam presented above, because the scammers clearly did not intend to say goodbye to the free money received from naive users.

The company, having a connection with other scammers, making mistakes in relation to customers, attributed everything to another office, and users could not find the last one, respectively, their negative reviews were fully deserved and justified.

Forex Broker Reviews Marketiva

Looking carefully at the history of Marketiv, it is worth noting that the company willingly spent money on impressive advertising on the network, effectively attracting the attention of naive users in order to further successfully rob them. It was effective advertising that helped the company attract the attention of many users, defrauding them of funds, and deceived customers then wrote negative reviews in Runet, but this did not help them restore justice.

It is also worth noting here that the quality of design and content of the company's official resource was far from the best, but having bought into beautiful advertising offers from the network, users often did not notice such obvious negative points. It was the inattention and gullibility of users that allowed the Marketiva office to steal other people's finances, and after that people wrote angry reviews online, but could not restore justice.

Forex Broker Reviews Marketiva

The agreement and the company's privacy policy were written without any guarantees for users and legal details, which was also the worst sign, indicating that they intend to cleanly rob and deceive here. There were practically no specifics and important facts on the official Marketiva resource, which once again proved the true kitchen intentions of the office, making it clear that it is dangerous to trust this exchange trader.

The company has always played a dishonest game against clients, throwing traders for a lot of money, therefore, reviews about Marketiva cannot be positive, because there are no clients who received real payments from this scam. The purely thievish intentions of this intermediary firm were confirmed by real facts, and working with it did not end with good results for anyone.

Briefly about the main aspects of the official resource of the office

A full review of the reseller in question made it clear that the company was engaged in fraud and extortion of funds from the population, clients could not wait for payments from it, completely disappointed in everything. As for the official website where the Marketiva office provided its services to users, you can tell the following information about it:

Forex Broker Reviews Marketiva

  • the Internet address of the site of a dishonest intermediary firm -;
  • data on the date of the launch of the intermediary resource - there is no data on the time the site began functioning, now this domain is for sale;
  • who is the owner of the platform - at the moment this information is not available;
  • communication with traders on the site and contact information - the office offered users to contact it by e-mail or through an internal form on the site.

If you read all the reviews about Marketiva carefully, considering them from an objective point of view, then you can understand that most customers fell for beautiful advertising, but did not receive decent service, which made them leave negative comments about the office on the network.

Marketiva reviews - what do clients think about the office?

If you find and read real reviews about Marketiva left by users on the net, you can understand that this office was engaged in brazen deception, it was a typical kitchen throwing money at ordinary users. This broker was looking for different ways to lure out finances and drain them, accordingly, it earned a lot of negative reviews from users, it is generally impossible to find comments praising the office on the network.

Forex Broker Reviews Marketiva

The work of Marketiva was aimed at deceiving the client audience, the company did not even think about messing around with its victims for a long time, it just collected money and stopped getting in touch, so it has nothing to count on good reviews. The office received a lot of negative feedback, because all the activities of Marketiva were associated with impudent scammers and deceit, which led many users to lose money.

When working with Marketiva, users were faced with complete disappointment, because impudent robbery and scammers could not be avoided, although initially the stock trader painted everything much more profitable and attractive. Despite the fact that the official resource of the office is no longer functioning, negative reviews are still popping up about it on the network, because many users have lost their finances due to these scammers, without even thinking that this could happen. This company has become an example of stockbrokers who do not deserve attention and trust, respectively, users have received only disappointment from working with it.

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