iqOptex FRAUD reviews and withdrawal of money

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As you know, thanks to previous reviews on the website, a huge number of brokerage projects are currently operating on the market that specialize in trading binary options, or rather, they only talk about the fact that they are professionals in this field, in fact , they are trying in every possible way to provide their fraudulent project with investments in order to maximize its existence in the future. In this review, we will consider the activities of the office, which is a prominent representative of the aforementioned companies, in particular, a cheap swindler who attributes his project to one of the really noteworthy services, without any reason. We are talking about a project called iqOptex, which for a relatively short period of time scored a fairly significant amount of negative feedback in his address.            iqOptex Contacts

On its site, the broker left not many options available for contacting him. All that is available on the web resource of the represented office is an international telephone number: +442035192532, e-mail E-mail address is being protected from spambots. Javascript must be enabled in your browser to view the address, as well as the location of the central office of the broker, though quite relative and generalized, because the company indicates only the island of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines as its place of residence, but does not mention the specific address with which it would be possible to contact the submitted project live if desired.

Site review

The company places all the information about its project on a rather simple and not very rich site, which is divided into several cells, where there is data on trading services, all the intricacies of cooperation with the site presented, as well as some organizational issues. As for the informativeness of the data presented, already at this stage, the office begins to have some problems, because from the available information it is quite difficult to recreate a complete picture of all the trading services of the site, as well as to fully understand all the intricacies of its work.

iqOptex FRAUD reviews and withdrawal of money

Broker conditions iqOptex

Speaking about what the presented office offers its users, it is worth mentioning the following list, which reveals the capabilities of traders, as well as the positive qualities of the office itself, namely:

  • round-the-clock support from experienced and professional specialists of the presented market;
  • automated trading process;
  • the presence of an extensive list of trading accounts that are offered to clients, ranging from inexperienced traders to already professional clients;
  • the most simplified interface of the trading platform, as well as the procedure for registering clients, which takes only a few minutes;
  • an extensive bonus system, which includes both permanent and welcome bonuses, thanks to which you can improve your trading situation quite well;
  • the presence of a clearly defined ratio of profits, as well as risks in the option;
  • the absence of a clearly defined deposit threshold in one of the accounts, which will allow clients to start trading with any amount convenient for them;
  • a multi-stage withdrawal procedure that will not allow unverified users to withdraw their funds, thus ensuring maximum security for invested funds;
  • advanced trading products that will provide customers with the highest quality and speed of the trading process;
  • expanded affiliate program.

All the conditions of the company presented above are not confirmed by any provision, in addition to the own words of the mentioned site, which says a lot about its quality and professionalism.

iqOptex FRAUD reviews and withdrawal of money

 Exposure of iqOptex

As we mentioned earlier, this project is a representative of brokerage projects that specialize in binary options trading, only now, iqOptex does not officially recognize this fact on its web resource, apparently due to a number of negative provisions related to this area, for example about the complexity of the regulation of the presented area, which leads to the blocking of a huge number of such sites. In the process of getting acquainted with the activities of the presented project, quite a few significant provisions appeared that prove the fact that the office iqOptex scammer. These provisions include iqOptex office reviews, as the most banal, but at the same time one of the most illustrative examples of iqOptex fraud. In the responses left, users repeatedly mention the complete disregard of traders when they try to contact the site, as well as the lack of real understanding by representatives of the office of the area in which the presented project allegedly provides its services. It is also worth remembering the location of the office, which only confirms all the doubts that exist regarding its activities. The thing is that the office is located in the most popular offshore zone, which is known for the number of scammers living on its territory. We are talking about the islands of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, which, most likely, you have heard about in a not very positive way. They are another proof of not the most reliable and safe service provided by the office iqOptex.  

How to withdraw money from iqOptex

We think, taking into account all the previously mentioned provisions, questions regarding the fact that iqOptex does not withdraw money, should not occur. Despite the fact that the broker assures clients that their investments will be as safe as possible, it does exactly the opposite of these promises, namely, it drains all the funds of its clients into its offshore accounts, leaving them in losses, as well as debts.         


Considering all the previously mentioned provisions regarding the reliability and quality of iqOptex, one can come to a completely logical and obvious conclusion regarding the fact that iqOptex is not really that professional project, among which it ranks its cheap and absolutely unpromising platform, therefore, to advise this project as profitable and quite an effective project for further profits is just stupid.    

Possibility withdraw money with "iq Optex" not confirmed.

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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