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Color-Win are the most winning lotteries. We need to register, get a bonus of three rubles, choose a room, place a bet and press a button, after which we can win good money.

All this is complete nonsense. In fact, Color-Win is a very simple scam, and a template one at that. He previously had a huge number of analogues, which, of course, were exposed, and therefore quickly disappeared.

The same fate awaits this project. Its essence is as simple as possible - under the guise of winning lotteries, the admin collects money, which he then, of course, simply steals.

You can’t make money here, even if you are drawn with a win, you won’t be able to take anything until you pay a lot of your money. Basically a divorce.

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Color-Win - project overview

Since the project is a template, there is nothing strange in the fact that it looks the same as its many brothers, that is, predecessors.

It is obvious that the admin uses the same template, only slightly modifying it. Therefore, Color-Win in its current version is very similar to what it was before. Almost nothing has changed here.

Color Win Reviews

All the same video, ordered from professionals, but very short, because the admin spared money for a longer one. All the same absolutely inadequate numbers, which, apparently, should indicate the incredible popularity of Color-Win.

Of course, this is all a lie. The age of the domain, by the way, is quite solid, as for such a project, because it is about a year old. But in reality, Color-Win works much less, it was only recently launched.

As for legal information, it is, of course, not here, and never was. This is a completely anonymous project, there is also no data about the admins, and the domain registrar is predictably hidden.

[email protected]

There are serious problems with contact information. Firstly, there is very little of it - in fact, we are given only this email box. Well, let it be, especially since the project is as anonymous as possible.

But, secondly, this mail, as shown by a simple check, does not even exist. Accordingly, you will not be able to write anywhere, and no one is even going to communicate with you. This is 100% evidence of a scam.


Before starting the game, the user has two buttons: blue and red. You need to specify the bet size and click the button of the color you want to bet on.

When there are bets on both sides, the game starts a timer counting back to zero. While time is running out, other players can also place bets on either side.

Color Win Reviews

Also, each player who made a bet can increase it. When the game timer reaches 0, the prize drawing begins.

The chances of each side to win is calculated as the ratio of the amount of money that is bet on that side to the total pot.

That is, the more you bet, the higher the chances of winning.

Color Win is a fake lottery

Naturally, in reality, nothing like this will happen. The admin encourages you to invest as large amounts as possible, so that later you can steal all this money.

He will draw a win for you, but not always, but you still won’t be able to take away from here at least what you yourself have invested.

So any money on the Color-Win website is out of the question. This project was created solely for one purpose - to enrich the admin. And everyone else should give him money.


Do not under any circumstances contact Color-Win. This is a scam, a scam and a guaranteed money scam.

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Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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