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Planet Invest Limited is a broker who is committed to providing us with a safe and trusted trading environment. But he will not succeed, simply because before us is a scam.

Planet Invest Limited, no matter how hard the local admins try to prove otherwise, is actually another template sharashka office that does only one thing - scams gullible citizens for money. This is a fake broker, and it is a template, that is, far from the first of its kind. It was created on the basis of numerous brothers who did the same thing as he did - they stole money. So, in no case should you contact Planet Invest Limited.

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Pros and cons of Planet Invest Limited

Planet Invest Limited - project overview

Planet Invest Limited is a supposedly progressive company that provides trading services for currencies, commodities, commodities, stocks and cryptocurrencies at a very high level. The company has made its platform extremely comfortable for both beginners and experienced traders.

The broker appreciates that his clients trust him with their funds and develop with him. The offered trading platform is constantly being improved and developed so that traders can get the most out of its functionality.

Here are some of the benefits of the company:

  • New improved trading platform
  • Personal account manager
  • Thoughtful individual bonuses
  • Trade multiple asset classes, cryptocurrencies, currency pairs, commodities, indices and stocks on one platform
  • The latest information and quotes, webinars, reports, analytics.

In general, they offer many possibilities. But only in words.

Planet Invest Limited - reviews and review. Paying? -



We see a standard set of contact information, as for the scams of this series. A traditional British number, because they want to prove to us that Planet Invest Limited is a broker from there, also a Russian number, because scammers are guided by the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet, a fictitious address and email. Nothing new.

Customer reviews and complaints

As befits a scam from these scammers, it is actively acquiring positive reviews and reviews. Given the fact that the project is actually no more than a month old, such an amount of positive, to put it mildly, is unnatural. It is clear that this is all purchased.

Planet Invest Limited - reviews and review. Paying? -

There are also real reviews, and they, of course, are sharply negative. This pseudo-broker will not allow you to withdraw money. All he does is steal from them.

The Planet Invest Limited project is hosted on a cheap and template site.

There is nothing new here, the admins practically do not change anything on their numerous scams, except perhaps the name.

Legal information is predictably missing. A project that pursues exclusively fraudulent goals cannot have it. They show the registration number by which Planet Invest Limited is actually registered, only back in 2010. In addition, this firm has nothing to do with brokerage.

Planet Invest Limited - reviews and review. Paying? -

Planet Invest Limited - money scam

That is, the scammers took someone else's document and named their project under a stolen name. In addition, Planet Invest Limited predictably does not have a brokerage license, so all services here are illegal.

Planet Invest Limited is a dangerous scam. A pseudo-broker from experienced swindlers who will stop at nothing to swindle you for big money. Do not contact under any circumstances.

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