Copyingfx FRAUD reviews and withdrawal of money

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The activity of the company that we will consider in this article, namely the Copyingfx project, is to provide traders with the opportunity to copy the already proven and working strategies of the best traders, which allow users who are not yet self-confident to achieve better results. Company copyingfx - a bright representative of those offices that are trying by all means to draw attention to their project, so that in the future they will be able to appropriate the funds of their naive traders. Despite the fact that Copyingfx does not function in the market in this way, negative feedback in its direction is spreading every day, worsening its reputation and creating no small field for giving rise to doubts about the company's beliefs in its professionalism and quality.            Copyingfx company contacts

On its site, the office left only a few possible options for contacting its representatives, namely:

Support e-mail: com, as well as a feedback form, which consists of several fields, where traders need to specify their personal information, as well as the request itself, to which they want to receive a response. Moreover, the company does not offer any other ways to contact users.

Website review

The presented site looks quite cheap, and so much so that it gives the impression of not the most professional and high-quality project. The existing web resource consists of several sections that contain information about trading signals, the main services of the company, and also reveals the most popular questions of traders regarding the activities of the presented platform. It is difficult to call this web resource high-quality and informative, since all the available data do not allow us to fully assess the current situation on the presented site, as well as get acquainted with all the intricacies of working on the platform.  

Copyingfx FRAUD reviews and withdrawal of money

Terms of broker Copyingfx

As we mentioned earlier, Copyingfx specializes in copying already proven trading strategies that are popular and profitable in the market. copyingfx allows clients to display in their trading activities all the steps that successful and experienced investors would take, who are the developers of the presented strategies. The company as a whole promises its users a profit of 18% per month, when adding one of the presented strategies to their portfolio. In addition to strategies, the office also promises clients to provide the most accurate and high-quality trading signals, thanks to which traders can achieve maximum performance in the trading process.

Also, in addition to the above services, the company offers the following list of opportunities available to traders:

  • an extensive selection of trading tariffs for both novice traders and experienced users;
  • fully automated trading process;
  • the availability of an experienced support service that can help users around the clock in solving a specific problem;
  • multi-level referral program, thanks to which you can get additional profit;
  • the presence of a demo account, which will allow traders who are still green and absolutely not confident in themselves to gain the necessary experience, without any investment;
  • the absence of any additional fees for the use of certain functions on the trading platform.

This list can be continued for quite a long time, but the main problem is that the presented company does not fulfill even half of all the promises that are given to customers, which means that it is simply pointless to fully describe its activities, knowing that this is an ordinary cheap lie.

 Exposing Copyingfx

Despite promising guarantees and promises from the presented office, it intends to achieve positive results exclusively for its own project, but not for its clients, since Copyingfx is a scam and a scam, which does not even consider the possibility of fulfilling all its promises and guarantees, that is, fully implementing all its functions as a brokerage project, which proves its real intentions.

Speaking about those provisions that are obvious proof of all the previously mentioned facts, it is worth remembering the reputation of the company represented, namely, pay attention to reviews about Copyingfx office, in which the ex-traders of the presented project mention quite a few negative points that are associated with its activities, for example, the obvious negligence of Copyingfx representatives, as well as their incompetence in relation to users. It is also worth remembering the real age of the mentioned project, which, according to him, is more than 4 years, but in fact, which the site domain can prove, the presented project began to fully function only on 10/04/2021, that is, less than a year ago, so anything talking about his experience and professionalism is simply silly.   

How to withdraw money from Copyingfx

It is not difficult to guess that the hero of our today's article does not perform those actions, according to the previously mentioned facts, that would bring at least some profit to clients, and not to the office itself, which means that we can make a completely logical conclusion regarding the fact that Copyingfx does not withdraw money, which completely devalues the work of users and deprives any sense of cooperation in Copyingfx.         


Considering such reviews on the site, we can conclude that the office is not the only one of its kind and there are a lot of similar companies with an identical algorithm of fraudulent actions. As for the reliability and quality of the presented site, it is worth taking into account all the previously mentioned facts and provisions that directly affect the activities of clients, as well as its effectiveness. In the case of Copyingfx, it is simply at zero, due to the absence of any or real intentions to help their customers, which once again confirms its poor quality and fraud.     

Possibility withdraw money with "copyingfx" not confirmed.

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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