Investment Amsterdam reviews about a SCAM!

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Investment Amsterdam - an investment fund offers users great offers. Cooperation promises a dream come true with minimal risk.

General information
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• official website:
• phone: +7 (495) 205-18-19
• address: Moscow

Project description 

The company has been operating in the financial markets for over 19 years. Registered in the Russian Federation. Years of work have allowed us to improve technically, to select a team of professionals who can attract customers and provide professional advice. The main office is located in the center of Moscow. The company also has several offices in the cities of the Russian Federation.

Invest Fund promises honesty and integrity in cooperation. The legal protection of customers and the confidentiality of saving information are confirmed in practice and by numerous reviews of grateful customers.

Acquaintance with the site and developers creates positive emotions. There is a slight psychological pressure, suggestion, but this is observed in all HYIPs.

The developers warn about the risks. Insist on a careful study of permits and user agreement. They do everything possible so that customers are not disappointed in the project.

Investment Amsterdam reviews about a SCAM!

Technical part Investment Amsterdam

The company offers a wide range of financial instruments. At the same time, the conditions for investing are not prescribed, they are not advertised anywhere. It is possible that the developers work with each client individually.

The high level of project service allows for 1-10 years of cooperation to make a profit of 3 thousand rubles. - 30 thousand dollars. Profits are impressive, make you seriously think about cooperation.

Pay attention to commissions. The interest rate on the loan is 4% per annum. From the assurances of the developers, bidding is simple and does not cause problems for beginners. If such arose, the pro team is always ready to help, to make it possible for the client to understand the terms of transactions.

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The company is interested in every client. Promises qualified help and support. Participation in the project will help you become a financially independent person, forget about the needs of money.

Investment Amsterdam reviews about a SCAM!

Signs of a scam 

Acquaintance with the project leaves behind conflicting thoughts.

The reason for this lies in the visible signs of a scam:
• the site contains a minimum amount of information about the company, its founders and activities, it seems that the copywriter has thoroughly worked on the available information
• a solid age is attributed by the developers deliberately, in order to attract additional new investors
• investment conditions of Investment Amsterdam are hidden, not specified, or they do not really exist
• no mention was made of the minimum yield and the threshold, there are proposals, the rest of the information is missing

The office does not inspire confidence. Developers do not make contact, perhaps they do not know economic terms and skills in the financial market. The number of negative comments on the network rolls over.

Investment Amsterdam reviews about a SCAM!

Feedback on participation in the Investment Amsterdam project

The company is represented by swindlers who can breed for big money. Participants complain about divorces up to 5000 bucks. When making claims, users are blacklisted and do not answer phone calls.

Appeals to the prosecutor's office do not lead to a positive result. The reasons are unknown. After all, the main office of Investment Amsterdam is located on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Comments from other users state that the reason for the failures lies in the acceptance of the user agreement, where the failures fall on the shoulders of the project participants. In other words, clients knowingly intervene in the scam.


The unpleasant and dishonest Investment Amsterdam project is playing a bad game. Offends novice traders, steals accounts of pros. Contacting Investment Amsterdam is dangerous for your own wallet. Try to forget about the project forever.

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