WQ Broker reviews and review about the project+

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WQ Broker is a new brokerage house offering round-the-clock trading in financial instruments and quick profits. Cooperation with the company is safe for your own wallet - this is how the project developers assure.

General information
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• official chat: https://mb-broker.com/RU/index.html
• offaddress: Grenadines

Description of the WQ Broker project

Acquaintance with the site begins with a legend. The young broker claims to have been working in the financial services industry for over 3 years. This will have to be checked, since there are many disagreements on the Internet. The company is registered in the Grenadines, in an offshore zone, where it received the necessary documents for trading.

Today WQ Broker is aimed at Russian-speaking users. The company offers to enrich itself in the shortest possible time. A little brains, perseverance and obedience, the sixth sense will help replenish your wallet in a matter of minutes.

For its part, the company promises the legality and safety of activities, legal support, minimum risks and the maximum number of orders. Trading is carried out 24 hours a day without days off and holidays. Tech support is similar.

WQ Broker reviews and review about the project+

Technical part 

After registration in the project, participants are invited to decide on the choice of financial instruments. Their number is 450. For beginners, the company offers to work with shares, raw materials or contracts on price difference.

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The bills proposed by the project are as follows:
• demo - for beginners, the account has enough virtual money for training
• live - account for beginners with a minimum deposit of 1 dollar with a minimum order volume of 1 lot, commissions - available, the maximum number of lots - 50, when replenishing the account, the developers guarantee a bonus of 50% from the amount due
• premium - the tariff plan provides for replenishment of the account for 50 thousand dollars, promises no commission, 100% bonus, the minimum transaction volume is 3 lots

The last version of the account for the pros. It is considered risky, but profitable. Pay attention to risks. They are described in the user agreement. It is possible that by agreeing to participate you automatically risk all the money.

WQ Broker reviews and review about the project+

Divorce in the WQ Broker project

An offshore broker starts a divorce after the registration of the participants. WQ Broker psychologically forces you to replenish the deposit, offers to start trading in popular financial instruments.

The first manipulations begin on the weekend, when the broker independently manipulates the quotes. Working with WQ Broker is dangerous. Therefore, traders with experience offer to think several times before taking a step forward.

Signs of a scam are noticeable even to beginners. Here is some of them:
• refusal to provide clients with official contact information
• lack of a license to conduct financial activities in the territory of the Russian Federation
• Assigned air to the company - in fact, the project has been running for several months
• scams with copying
• lack of legal protection - the specified is stipulated in the user agreement, to which no one pays attention

Take a closer look at the legend, in it the lie begins from the moment the company was founded. You are being ripped off! The project extorts money from beginners and pros without a twinge of conscience.

WQ Broker reviews and review about the project+

Feedback from project participants 

Project participants complain about the developers about the rapid loss of money and draining the account. Fraudsters manipulate other people's deposits, do not return money to the account. Communication with developers leads to more scandal.

It turns out that when signing the agreement, the participants agreed on their own to such conditions. Therefore, the project directly robs deposits.


WQ Broker is a scam project with big ambitions. The young hype started a risky game without fear of falling for the bait of law enforcement agencies. Stay away from the company, it is engaged in the robbery of money from the personal accounts of users. Profit in the project is zero.

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