Borrica FRAUD reviews and withdrawal of money

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Borrica is a company that is ready to offer opportunities for financial growth to everyone. She is ready to provide all her forever in full for those who are interested in their financial well-being. Is it really so simple and accessible, we have yet to find out.            Borrica contacts

The employees of the office do not spoil their investors with contacts for communication, they hide from them, they only offered the address of their place of residence 12 Grigori Afxentiou, 6023, Larnaca, Cyprus and phone numbers with Moscow and London codes: + 442081571451 and + 74950453791.

Website overview

The site footer has the legal address of an offshore zone in Cyprus, having come up with a left registration number in addition, we thought that not every client would check it. The scammers did not translate it into Russian, they wanted to give it a foreign solidity. But despite this, the project is still scorched like a scam at every turn. Reviews about Borrica are available in small quantities, therefore, it is clear that employees brag about their experience in vain. The scammers did not think to advertise their activities, therefore there are no positive reviews.

Borrica FRAUD reviews and withdrawal of money

Broker conditions Borrica

Trading is done through the MT5 terminal, but do not forget that scammers can customize the platform for themselves, since there are no links to the real software manufacturer on the office’s website. Clients will get access to the terminal after registering a personal account.

 Exposing Borrica

Already by the huge leverage of 1:3000, we can conclude that this is a kitchen. The office has no legal status, no certificate, no registration. In the register of legal entities, our hero does not appear, the office is lying insolently. Not only is there no work permit, but the documents from the regulator will change little. At the indicated address there is a residential two-story building, of course there is no such office there, the coordinates are fake. The phone numbers do not belong to our hero, they were specially acquired by fraudsters for themselves. This is how scammers behave and they have nothing to do with a brokerage company. We want to take a few minutes to check the age, so that you can get a more detailed picture of the activities of this project, so let's go. The Internet resource of the project began its activity back in 2007, but this does not mean experience. It is possible that the scammers bought the domain for a penny. Our hero began to fully work on the market only from 11/10/2021, therefore, as you can see, he is not experienced at all, and even more so not reliable, all such moments are perfectly highlighted in such reviews on the website. The office does not have official documents available, as well as contracts. The whole trading process resembles animation instead of reality. The software is under the close control of scammers, so they manipulate user accounts and people themselves.  

How to withdraw money from Borrica

Company Borrica does not withdraw money, scammers can easily pocket all the money for themselves on any transaction. And they are also able to draw a profit, creating the client's confidence in his own abilities, so that more money will be brought into this garbage heap. Fraudsters, without hesitation for a long time, then appropriate them to themselves.         


We have a company Borrica scam, which is ready to leave customers with nothing to live on. There is no legal trade with deals here either. It is not the first time for scammers to come up with such a money scam scheme and use it all the time.    

Possibility withdraw money with Borrica not confirmed.

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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