S300 Club: reviews of the investment project

Review and real reviews of S300 Club (s300.club) - a new investment project that offers passive income. Investors are promised up to 300% profit per month. A very tempting offer, but the site looks very cheap, more like a pyramid scheme than an investment fund. Ponzi schemes are constantly appearing, as many people think that they can make money quickly and reliably. Statistics show the real facts that all investors in such projects simply lose their savings. Our audit only confirmed concerns about defrauding investors.

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Overview of the investment project

The founders of S300 Club are successful crypto traders who have been earning money for over 10 years. The project was created to help ordinary people receive guaranteed passive income. Investors transfer their money to trust management, and the founders trade on them. At the same time, 100% is guaranteed income and no risks. All risks are assumed by the S300 Club.

The minimum deposit is from 1 ruble. Project statistics show that almost every hour people invest 15,000-40,000 rubles and get their profit. With a certain deposit amount, you can get from 100% to 300% of net income. The body of the deposit is returned at the expiration of the contract.

Design check

The S300 Club project was completed in just a couple of days. They didn’t invest a lot of money, they took a template legend about crypto traders who successfully trade and earn money. To begin with, there is no information on the site about these successful organizers. For some reason, everything is anonymous, there are not even contacts for quick communication.

The minimum profit is 100%. No one in life can guarantee even 7% per annum from real investment funds. In this case, they offer very fabulous returns “without risks”. Thus, only gullible people who believe that by investing a little money you can just get 100% profits are lured into the financial pyramid.

Successful traders who do not provide any legal data or contract. Investors simply transfer their money to unknown persons, rather than invest in a real organization. Thus, such transfers cannot be canceled or returned. Money can only be returned to receive. As we know, scammers never return deposits.

If you look at the rules of the S300 Club, you will find the following:

  • The administration is not responsible for possible losses as a result of system shutdown. The resource does not accumulate the money supply, it redistributes it among the participants, if the flow of newly incoming money decreases, then the payments to the participants will automatically decrease.
  • This website, including all information and materials provided on this site, is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or no errors.

This paragraph indicates that the organizers themselves say that there is no crypto trading. The project works on the principle of a financial pyramid. No one ever guarantees a refund, let alone a profit.

S300 Club: reviews of the investment project

The S300 Club operates in the usual scam pattern. Fake statistics are posted on the main page to make people believe that the members are investing big money and earning. New investors will make a contribution, receive approximately 110 of the deposit amount. After the project will stop making payments. There will be any reason, but after a couple of months the project will restart or simply close. Accordingly, all deposits will remain with the owners of the S300 Club.


The project is more than 40 days old, but only now the feedback has begun to appear. Investors write that nothing can be returned. All contributions were appropriated by the organizers of the project. Some investors received only 10-50 rubles each, despite the fact that they invested 500-1000 rubles. Every day there are new revelations and negative reviews about the S300 Club.


S300 Club is another cheap pyramid scheme. With this project, you will never earn, but only lose. According to the template: false legend, no legal data, no contacts to contact, everything is anonymous. The rules say that the project works on the principle of a financial pyramid, there are no guarantees. Therefore, it is best to never invest in such projects.

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