Garantoption FRAUD reviews and withdrawal of money

Garantoption FRAUD reviews and withdrawal of money

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At the moment, on the market, which is also proved by the abundance of negative reviews on the website, there are very few really high-quality and profitable trading services that would fully satisfy both the trading and financial needs of their users, and also allow them to carry out the most successful activities that would bring the appropriate profit, as well as reveal the potential of traders. In reality, which will be a vivid example of the hero of today's article, namely the Garantoption office, the market is dominated by extremely primitive and absolutely ineffective scammers who are trying to create the appearance of reputable and status trading projects, but in fact they are not even guided by what the trading market has features and how you can earn money with it. We will talk about all the indicative fraudulent aspects of this service in the mentioned project, but first you should pay attention to a number of basic provisions that relate to the fundamentals of the functioning of the Garantoption company.

Garantoption Contacts

On its website, this project does not present absolutely any available opportunities that would allow you to contact the employees of this service, as well as find out all aspects of cooperation that are of interest to them.

Site review

The site of this project looks far from being of the highest quality, which clearly does not correspond to the status of an experienced, as well as authoritative trading service, which this office ascribes to itself. To be more specific, the mentioned company designed its resource in an extremely primitive and cheap style, apparently completely forgetting about what characteristics it is trying to match. In addition, as for the informational content of this project, it clearly leaves the best, since the specified office only described a number of non-services and opportunities in general terms, but did not specify them in any way.

Broker conditions Garantoption

  • a sufficiently high-quality trading terminal that will be available on any device;
  • a fairly quick and simple registration procedure;
  • fully automated process of processing trade requests, which will significantly save both user time and their funds;
  • an abundance of fairly professional instruments and assets, the list of which includes: stocks, indices, currency pairs, cryptocurrency, and a number of others;
  • systematic user support by experienced specialists in the economic field represented by traders, as well as market analysts;
  • an abundance of available payment services, as well as methods of withdrawing funds, which will allow you to quickly and safely carry out various kinds of trading processes;
  • affordable professional market analytics;
  • the presence of an extensive educational program that allows you to train not yet the most competent and experienced employees of the company;
  • an affordable referral program that allows customers to earn additional income, as well as developing their marketing skills.

Exposing Garantoption

Firstly, in order to be convinced of the obvious incompetence and poor quality of the mentioned service, it is necessary to pay attention to the reputation of the site, and more specifically, to Garantoption reviews, in which there are quite a few rather revealing references to how poorly the hero of this review carries out his activities. In more detail, for the most part, users turn their attention to a rather negligent and absolutely ineffective support service, an extremely illiterate staff of the company, a systematic increase in commissions without warning, as well as a rather cheap and inefficient trading terminal, which causes many technical problems, as well as systematic delays in the trading process.

Secondly, it should also be pointed out that there are no legal provisions in the form of a license or a certificate that could fully confirm that the company has such characteristics as reliability, efficiency, as well as transparency and legality, in which, especially after of all the previously mentioned provisions and there are the most doubts. It is also worth emphasizing the fact that Garantoption also ignored the need to submit a client agreement and privacy policy, which are no less significant for clients and allow you to get acquainted with all the main legal aspects of cooperation with the office.

How to withdraw money from Garantoption

Since the trading results are extremely negative, and also do not convince that the specified project does present a number of profitable opportunities, it is quite obvious that the company Garantoption does not withdraw moneytrying to concentrate solely on their own income.


Based on all the provisions that were mentioned earlier, including paying attention to the abundance of yet undisclosed fraudulent activities of this project, for example, with regard to its systematic deception about his real age and the experience that he allegedly possesses, although on actually Garantoption scam and scam, which started its work less than a month ago, we recommend that you reconsider your decision regarding the functioning of this service and turn your attention to a number of safer and more reliable projects.

Possibility withdraw money with "Guarantee option" not confirmed.


Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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