FastStocks company reviews, exposure

FastStocks company reviews, exposure

FastStocks is a reliable brokerage company. Assures the stability of the activity and the veracity of the proposals.

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Works legally. Proud of his own achievements. Promises to make members millionaires in a limited amount of time.

General info
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FastStocks - innovative trading
FastStocks - online trading
FastStocks - crypto platform
FastStocks are scammers

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Description of the FastStocks project

A company of foreign origin is trying to expand its own influence and opportunities at the expense of Russian-speaking traders. It has been working for several years in the global financial market.

It is in demand in European countries due to profitable financial instruments and minimal risks. Works stably. Promises constant profit over a long period.

A simple registration form, a similar interface does not cause questions for beginners. The project consults around the clock. Instantly conducts transactions. Tries to stay close to each user.

The help of the administrator and specialists helps in building strategies, achieving goals in a short period of time. Risks can be reduced through personal study of news information and permits.

FastStocks company reviews, exposure

Technical part of the project

The current number of users has reached 120,000 people. To use the offers, the project offers to register with the provision of personal information. Compliance with the privacy policy excludes the loss of information.

The minimum deposit amount depends on the chosen investment plan.
beginner - after depositing $500, the 1:20 lever action starts instantly, transactions are executed instantly, technical support is provided around the clock
experienced – after depositing $ 25,000, the 1:50 leverage starts instantly, transactions are executed instantly, technical support is provided around the clock, access to securities, crypto trading and other popular financial instruments is opened
pros - after replenishing an account with $ 50,000, the leverage 1:100 starts instantly, transactions are executed instantly, technical support is provided around the clock, the list of benefits is the maximum possible

The company does not fully disclose plans, prefers to bring them to an individual mode.

FastStocks company reviews, exposure

Signs of fraud in FastStocks HYIP

Experts unanimously consider the office to be fraudulent, the current tariff plans are risky and fraudulent. There are grounds for assumptions. The project is illegal.

To date, I have not applied to the regulator to obtain permits. The anonymity of activity does not add pluses. The credibility of the company has been lost.

Providing advice and technical support by e-mail does not solve problems due to the lack of professionalism among employees. Specialists do not understand the essence of hype, they do not understand economic terms.

It seems that the team was created by students seeking to hit a big cash jackpot and disappear in an unknown direction. The platform is malfunctioning. There are problems with transactions. No one understands how to cash out money. The user agreement was stolen from the websites of other companies.

FastStocks company reviews, exposure


The project lost the trust of former participants due to lack of profit. The promises of the developers were not justified. Fraudsters professionally extort money and block accounts. The speed of blocking depends on the degree of dependence of the participants. If they go along with the company, the money is pumped out to bankruptcy.


FastStocks is a non-working offer. Fake project. Scam proven by experts. Pros recommend putting an end to cooperation with HYIP. It will save capital.

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