Crazy mining - reviews and review

Crazy mining is a company that offers to earn good money on cloud mining. Here we will be promised very large profits. In reality, there is no profit here. This is an ordinary financial pyramid that works like a typical scam. And he is not going to pay money to his clients. Let's understand and consider the project in more detail.

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Crazy mining - project overview

So, this project promises its participants a big profit with the help of cryptocurrency mining. In reality, this company sells equipment at very inflated prices. She is not going to fulfill her obligations to clients. Many users were interested in the offer from Crazy mining. After all, the project promises high profits and a quick payback. But in reality, the situation will be quite different.

Crazy mining - reviews and review

In order to start cooperating with the project, you will need to purchase expensive equipment. But after the purchase, many users began to notice that all the promises turned out to be false. And the profit is very different from the withered one. An important aspect is competent technical support after the purchase of equipment. But in the case of this project, the clients are simply abandoned. And they have to solve their problems on their own. Initially, the project promises to set up equipment and provide consultations. But as soon as the clients' money gets into the project, all these promises turn into dust.

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Reviews about Crazy mining

There are a lot of reviews about the project. The main complaint of customers is that the prices are too high, the profit turned out to be in fact not significant at all. And technical support refuses to get in touch and solve problems. One of the users reports that he managed to withdraw a small amount. But as soon as he wanted to withdraw his finances again, applications began to be rejected for technical reasons.

His expenses did not even pay off by one tenth. Another client reported that she could not withdraw money from here. She contacted tech support with this issue. But for the place of a real person, the bot began to answer her with monosyllabic phrases that the problem was being solved. In the end, she didn't make up her mind. And the money could not be withdrawn. These reviews confirm the fact that it is not worth working with the project.

Crazy mining - scam

There is no doubt that this is an ordinary financial pyramid that lives only at the expense of the money of new users. You will never be able to recapture even half of your finances here. Fraudsters draw such a large profit on purpose. To attract more gullible people. Please note that this is a completely anonymous project.

Crazy mining - reviews and review

It is absolutely not clear who created the project and to whom it belongs. There is no information about the developers on the site. Legal information, by the way, too. It is not known where the project was registered and when. We checked the real date of domain registration. The project is not even a month old. He does not have a license for investment services. This is an ordinary scam that will burst in the near future. Do not look for in this project, a reliable way to earn money.


Crazy mining is another trap for investors. This project is not going to pay you anything. It has negative reviews and a bad reputation. In fact, he does not mine cryptocurrencies. All your money at first just hangs in the project, after which it is transferred to offshore accounts of scammers. Fraudsters deliberately draw a large profit, but it is not justified. Cooperation with this project will lead you to big financial losses. Warn your friends and always check real reviews.

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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