Vlom - SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

Over 2000 trading instruments. Over 300 thousand registered traders worldwide. Huge leverage, complete security and expert support. This is how the project for trading in the financial markets Vlom positions itself. Is this really so - we understand in this review.

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Vlom. General information.

Broker's main website:


Whois score:


Vlom Reviews
Whois verification data


Site analysis

After we entered the address of our broker into the Yandex.Browser search bar, the following surprise awaited us:


Vlom Reviews
Vlom access denied


But we did not give up and went to the site from Opera via VPN.

The vlom.com site has a nice, albeit cheap, template. The top menu contains the following sections:

  • "about company";
  • Questions and answers;
  • support;
  • selection of the site display language;
  • social media buttons.

Below is a drop-down list with instructions on how to start trading, a list of markets that you can work with, as well as the "More" tab. In it, the company publishes legal information, which, in fact, includes the Client-User Agreement divided into several files.

Below is a slider with the main advantages of working with a broker. Below it is an overview of the markets: currency pairs, stocks, indices.

Next comes a section with a presentation of the VlomTrader trading platform running on a PC, in a browser and any type of mobile device. Below the platform image, we see a beautifully scrolling counter of the number of trading instruments, registered users, leverage and the minimum initial deposit.

Now, according to this counter, 300 thousand traders cooperate with the broker. However, given that the office began to work actively in 2020 (see the screen of the Whois check), about 1000 people should have registered on this young site per day. Personally, it seems to us an absolute fantasy. Especially considering that the starting deposit is 100 USD.

Moreover, after analyzing the number of subscribers and their activity on Vlom social networks, we can conclude that the office, to put it mildly, fantasized about thousands of active clients. Indeed, in this case, the audience of subscribers would be much larger than we see in the screenshots below.


Vlom Reviews
Vlom social networks


Vlom Reviews
Vlom Twitter


Vlom Reviews
Vlom Instagram


Another point - in the header of the registration form on the site it is indicated that 100,000+ users have registered on the broker's site. Where the other 200,000 have gone is anyone's guess.

Under the false counter we see a block with economic news, as well as a loud statement that Vlom has an award as the best online broker according to AtoZ Markets, a well-known information, educational and business platform in the world of trading.

By clicking on the link provided in this section, you will be redirected to the AtoZ Markets page, which provides a detailed overview of the broker. And everything would be fine, only even in this laudatory article there are indications of such disadvantages as limited reports, lack of regulators and MT4 (comprehensive software for trading in financial markets). The company also does not allow citizens of the United States, Iran, Korea, and Syria to trade.

In the extensive footer, menu sections are duplicated, as well as a contact phone number and social media buttons. We will talk about this in more detail below.

Expertise of legal information, Vlom licenses

We look at the Whois verification data (the first picture in the review). The Vlom.com website domain was registered in Panama, a well-known offshore zone. The company itself is headquartered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. At the same time, the specified address belongs to the hotel and the yacht club, which can be verified by entering the specified address into the search bar.


Vlom Reviews
Vlom search result by legal address


We will not delve into thoughts about what such a serious office does in a hotel - rents a room there or rents a yacht. Most likely - neither the first nor the second.

Another fat minus that we mentioned above is the lack of information about licenses. We could not find them in any section of the site. The same applies to registration with the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.


Vlom Reviews
CBRF data


And this means only one thing - the broker does not have the right to work with users from the Russian Federation and other CIS countries.

The company indicates the registration number #25468BC2019. But if you go to the website of the regulator of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines or the register of registered organizations and enter the specified number or the name of the Vlom company into the search, you will not find any data about it.

Vlom Reviews
Vlom foreign company registry data


As for the specified phone number, it is registered in the Dominican Republic. The broker does not provide any other official data.

We also translated some of the rules of the client agreement and found there a huge number of signs that Vlom are still scammers:

  • an indirect ban on the dissemination of negative reviews on the network in the event of disputes and conflicts under the threat of compensation;
  • the right to block any account without warning in case of suspicion of inaccurate information indicated by the trader about himself;
  • no liability for losses incurred by a trader using the Vlom platform;
  • a ban on the withdrawal of all money from the trading account.

Thus, the broker has endowed himself with exclusive power over the accounts of his clients. At the same time, most of the registrants do not know about it. Few people read long sheets of contracts, and even more so if they are written in English.

Features of the work of the company Vlom. Tools and conditions for traders

The broker positions itself as an intermediary and one of the leaders in Forex, offering its clients the following benefits:

  • fast execution of trades with low delays;
  • over 2000 markets;
  • secure replenishment of deposits;
  • professional support;
  • transaction encryption;
  • its own high-tech platform.

However, the activities of the office are not regulated by any financial commission or regulatory authorities.

To start working with the site, you need to choose one of the deposits, the prices for which are set according to the principle “the more you put in, the more you get”. The minimum entry threshold is $100. At the same time, the next package of services already costs 20 thousand USD.

The reseller's website lacks any training information for beginners. But a decent broker always teaches his clients how to earn, and not drain money.

By the way, if you don't already know, our website has a lot of useful information, in particular for beginners in trading. For example, here is an article about how to start earning as a trader.

Real customer reviews Vlom

Vlom is very careful about its reputation. And negative reviews are either not allowed through or removed at an incredible rate. However, we managed to find several reliable reviews about the work of the broker.

Vlom Reviews
Vlom Reviews


Vlom Reviews
Vlom Reviews


Vlom Reviews
Vlom Reviews


Vlom Reviews
Vlom Reviews

If you have become victims of Vlom scams, leave comments under this article. Perhaps it is your review that will save someone from losing money.

Scheme of cheating Vlom users

The broker gracefully convinces people to replenish their deposits. And after that, the accounts are simply blocked, because by registering on the Vlom website, you give this right to attackers with your own hands.

Another variant of deception is advice and recommendations that lead to loss of money. At the same time, the manager insures himself against any claims, indicating that there are risks. Therefore, in case of failure - it will be possible to blame only yourself.

The situation is aggravated by the number of positive reviews on the network, which are written by order of the office. Many indicate that they have been successfully trading with a broker for many years. At the same time, the dates of these reviews are approximately the same - summer-autumn 2020.


If you have read the review up to this point, all the flaws of the project called Vlom are already obvious to you. But let's summarize what has been said. So, the Vlom broker has the following signs of fraudulent companies:

  • lack of licenses, including registration by the Central Bank of Russia;
  • unreliable legal address, phone number;
  • false data about working hours and the number of customers;
  • lack of regulators;
  • registration in an offshore zone;
  • clauses of the client agreement that are contrary to financial legislation;
  • lack of a demo version to get acquainted with the site;
  • there is no information about the management and history of the company;
  • purchased reviews, including from reputable resources.

The conclusion suggests itself - if your money and nerves are dear to you - close the Vlom.com tab as soon as possible and learn healthy trading with adequate brokers.

In order not to fall into the clutches of scammers, always check their contact details, license numbers, reviews. you should also not mess with sharashkas who are registered offshore and have a term of operation of less than 10 years.

If you have become a victim of Vlom or other black brokers and want to get your money back, leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated algorithm for getting out of your situation.

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