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Experienced traders know that before investing in a new platform, it is worth checking the broker, studying the legality of his work, analyzing reviews and transactions. However, beginners are still "led" to the promises of countless treasures, which are so generous with one-day brokers. Today we will consider the broker Traders Home, which also does not skimp on beautiful phrases. And in the end, you yourself will be able to draw a conclusion about whether they should be trusted.

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Traders home. General information.

The main website of the broker in Russian:

Whois score:


Traders Home Reviews
Traders Home Whois check

Site analysis

Just like browsing the website of the Vlom broker we talked about last time, work with a web resource in our country is possible only through VPN.

It is worth noting that the reasons for blocking broker sites may be related to the recent revocation of licenses of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation from forex brokers. So not only scoundrels, but also adequate companies can get blocked. Therefore, we use either Opera with a VPN built into the browser, or plugins for other web browsers. But keep your ears open.

The Traders Home website is made on a regular template. The top menu has the following sections:

  • “about the company”, which contains a “watery” text “torn off” from other fraudulent sites about how Traders Home protects the interests of clients, providing the best services for trading;
  • tools, deposits, platforms and applications for trading;
  • market analysis, including economic calendar;
  • support service, answers to the most frequent questions, client-user agreement, feedback form;
  • selection of the site display language;
  • transition to the web platform.

Above the menu, next to the company logo, there are current prices for currency and crypto, as well as a counter of active users. At the time of writing the review, their number was about 232 thousand. This means that during the year of the office’s existence, more than 600 people registered on their platform every day. Given that the minimum deposit is $250, this information is, to put it mildly, embellished.

In the header of the site there is a slightly curved slider with the main advantages of working with the Traders Home broker and the “Start trading” button. Below is another block with "goodies", which is duplicated in the section with trading conditions. By the way, in the same place we are talking about 500 financial instruments. While on the main page this figure is 250 points less.

What follows is a bold statement that Traders Home is the only way to access the global stock markets. There you can also read information that the office has representative offices in more than 100 countries and many more beautiful phrases designed to increase the confidence of a potential client.

This is followed by a block with popular assets, a bitcoin calculator.

The footer duplicates the menu and publishes contact information. Below it are the buttons of social networks, by clicking on which we are once again convinced that Traders Home does not have any 230 thousand active traders. Otherwise, the company would have significantly more subscribers than it currently has.

Traders Home Reviews
Traders Home Facebook


Traders Home Reviews
Traders Home Twitter


Traders Home Reviews
Traders Home Instagram


And even 24+ thousand followers on Instagram, for the most part, are half-dead fakes bought for a penny.

Expertise of legal information, Traders Home licenses

Having driven in the address of the office in the search, we see that other “loho-brokers” are also “registered” on it.

Traders Home Reviews

Traders Home Reviews
Traders Home search result at

The thing is that the indicated legal address in St. Vincent and the Grenadines can be bought by any rogue for three rubles.

Let's go further. The company claims to have been attracting traders since 2018. While the domain registration falls on 2019 (see the screen of the Whois check).

Well, and, of course, we did not find any licenses, including permission from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, we did not find evidence of work with regulators on the site. The broker operates illegally, and therefore is free to do whatever he wants with your money. You won't be able to find it.

Peculiarities of work of the company Traders Home. Tools and conditions for traders

For traders, the desk provides the following benefits:

  • fast, secure ways to replenish;
  • multi-assets - the ability to trade crypto, securities, currency pairs from one account;
  • trade in the market with a daily turnover of 5 trillion USD;
  • more than 250 financial instruments;
  • huge leverage 1:400;
  • mobile version of the platform;
  • complete elimination of risks associated with trading in volatile markets;
  • protection of personal information;
  • separate storage of clients' money from the broker's funds;
  • no fees for deposits/withdrawals.

At the same time, in the footer of the site it is indicated that trading is associated with a high level of risk and is not suitable for every investor. It also states that you yourself are responsible for the compliance of the services of an intermediary with the laws of your state. This office relieves itself of any kind of responsibility for your money.

But if you are ready to take a risk and register, 6 service packages have been developed for you with a minimum deposit of 250 USD. The principle of pricing here is based on the concept of "how much you paid, so much you got." Those. set of services, spread size, etc. depends on the chosen type of deposit.

All trading is carried out on a single MT5 platform. Also in the "Trade" section, several types of software are offered, including an application for a smartphone.

Real customer reviews Traders Home

We found just a huge number of reviews confirming the Traders Home scam. Those of them that sing laudatory odes to the broker were most likely created to order to attract newcomers.

Traders Home Reviews
Traders Home Reviews
Traders Home Reviews
Traders Home Reviews
Traders Home Reviews
Traders Home Reviews
Traders Home Reviews
Traders Home Reviews

If you have become victims of Traders Home scams, leave comments below this article. Perhaps it is your review that will save someone from losing money.

Traders Home User Fraud Scheme

Like other similar projects, Traders Home lure "Pinocchio" with the good old "loot" button. But this button works in one direction. "Bablo" is received exclusively by the broker.

The office allegedly developed a magic program that is able to predict the future and beat millions out of the financial markets. It was created on the basis of a formula discovered by a brilliant scientist from NASA. But really, it's all nonsense. A person who has never been bred in his life can believe in such a thing. Because it is impossible to predict the future, and in order for $1 million to appear in your pocket, it must first disappear somewhere. And if such a program really existed, the world economy would collapse on the same day. In addition, judging by the negative reviews from experienced "predictors", the project of a brilliant scientist was not successful.

Another variant of "divorce": office employees, posing as expert analysts, promise to help in trading. But in reality, they are just pulling money from you.

Everything is bad with these guys and with the conclusion. The broker returns only a part of the invested funds so that the trader makes a larger investment. There can be no question of any profit or even work at 0 on this platform.


On the Traders Home website, we found the following signs of fraud:

  • false information about working hours, number of clients;
  • "fake" legal address;
  • lack of registration, licenses, regulators;
  • "Curved" site template, which may not display correctly on some devices;
  • a lot of negative reviews, the purchase of fake ones.

We draw a conclusion. The good old loho system, run in for years, still works. And Traders Home, as well as reviews about it, just confirm this fact.

If you have read our review up to this point, you know what to do. If you do not know, we suggest:

  • A - close the Traders Home tab and never open it again;
  • B – let's go learn how to trade normally.

By the way, we have a huge collection of articles on the topic of trading. For example, how to start making money on binary options, see here.

If you have been a victim of Traders Home or other black brokers and want your money back, leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article or in the pop-up window. We will send a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action in your situation to it.

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