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Today we will talk about the EVIDOX investment platform, which specializes in cryptocurrency mining. The creators of the project promise daily interest payments on deposits from $15. And how realistic can you draw a conclusion at the end of the review.

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EVIDOX. General information.

Broker's main website:


Trustorg rating:


EVIDOX reviews
EVIDOX verification by Trustorg


Site analysis

The website of the company EVIDOX.LTD is an inconspicuous, primitive, and non-adaptive template, which are usually found on scam websites. The top menu has sections:

  • about Us;
  • to begin;
  • frequently asked Questions;
  • certificate;
  • banners for referrals;
  • a section with a video, where a video is posted with a smiling barker, speaking against the background of a “painted” office.

Below the menu is a big statement that you are on the best cloud mining platform in the world (I wonder what the antitrust committee would say to that?). The information from the "Video" section is duplicated below. Nearby is a block with "advantages" about the best technologies, official registration of an office in the UK, and, of course, highly profitable investments.

Below is a detailed reasoning why EVIDOX should be chosen. This is followed by a "fork" of deposits. You can enter the "best platform in the world" with 50 USD.

Under the block with investment packages there is a profit calculator with fabulous percentages and a registration button.

Next, you can read the instructions for the standard 3-step registration.

These "miners" also have their own affiliate program with a 3-level depth.

At the end, there is a slider with logos of famous companies that are supposedly EVIDOX partners. They are the ones who ensure the safety and efficiency of your investments.

The menu is duplicated in the footer and contact information is published. Here you can see 2 links to the team's messengers, legal address, phone and email.

Expertise of legal information, EVIDOX licenses

In a separate section of the website of the EVIDOX office, a certificate of registration in the UK, the famous offshore zone, is published. We have already written in past reviews that in order to receive such a certificate, you do not even need to get up from your couch. All issues are resolved remotely and at an affordable price.

Going to the Registrar's website, we see a completely different legal address. We drive it into the search and voila! A bunch of companies are registered at this address, including fraudulent projects.

EVIDOX reviews EVIDOX reviews EVIDOX reviews EVIDOX reviews

How all these offices managed to fit into one address, we think there is no need to explain. By the way, Traders Home, which we wrote about last time also practices such "sharing".

In fact, the office of the Companies House registrar is located at the indicated address, and the certificate registered on the EVIDOX website and published there was deleted due to inaccuracy.

EVIDOX reviews


It turns out that we are dealing with a team that, in which case, cannot be found.

And our favorite thing is that there are no licenses, including permission to work with investors from Russia and the CIS, either on the EVIDOX website or in the database of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.


EVIDOX reviews
CBRF data

Features of the work of EVIDOX. Tools and conditions for traders

For their "Pinocchio" EVIDOX has prepared a whole set of advantages for its customers:

  • instant daily payouts from $15;
  • issuance of loans up to 25 thousand c.u. under 1% per month (for those who invest $2,000 or more in the project);
  • regional representatives in dozens of countries;
  • expert advice for beginners;
  • protection from cybersecurity market leaders;
  • round the clock support.

To enter the "profitable niche" and receive from 8 to 24% from the deposit daily, you just need to make a deposit from 50 to 6000 dollars, respectively. And for the referred referrals, you will additionally receive up to 5% from their investments.

Here is such a simple scheme of divorce. You deposit money and silently watch as your money flows into another uncle's pocket your profit grows.

Real EVIDOX customer reviews

The review of the company published below just confirms our words that EVIDOX is a fake project designed to fill its accounts with other people's money.


EVIDOX reviews
EVIDOX reviews


If you have become victims of EVIDOX scams, leave comments below this article. Perhaps it is your review that will save someone from losing money.

EVIDOX user fraud scheme

The project allegedly specializes in cloud mining, which is carried out at the expense of user deposits. But in fact, this is a cover for banal, like a banana scammers who simply collect money from inexperienced investors. There are no confirmations of payments, as well as their mining of cryptocurrency.


So, on the website of the EVIDOX investment project, we found the following signs of fraud:

  • lack of licenses, including from the Central Bank of Russia;
  • invalid legal address;
  • lack of confirmation of payments;
  • "Curve" non-adaptive template, non-informative resource;
  • chat number in the messenger instead of a work phone;
  • short period of existence on the market;
  • false information about partners;
  • almost complete absence of real reviews.

And, of course, none of the creators of the project took care of educating investors. But educational materials on websites are one of the criteria for the integrity of investment companies.

By the way, we have a section with useful articles where we talk about how to make money on trading and investing. For example, it will be useful for beginners this material.

If you have become a victim of EVIDOX or other black brokers and want to get your hard-earned money back, leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to take.

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