IcryptoFund is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

Not every broker has enough patience, experience and perseverance to achieve success in trading. Trading is a long game. But most novice traders are simply not ready to scrupulously gain knowledge and go to the result in small steps. It is precisely this weakness of newcomers to the financial markets that scammers have studied very well, who offer high earnings “here and now”, subtly playing on human psychology. Today we will talk about the IcryptoFund HYIP project, which kindly offers traders trading using artificial intelligence - one of the best solutions for achieving their financial goals as soon as possible.

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CryptoFund. General information.

Broker's main website:



Whois score:

icryptofund reviews
IcryptoFund Whois Verification

Site analysis

To be honest, the color scheme of the IcryptoFund site scared us a little. Acid turquoise on a contrasting black and white background may have been designed to captivate users at first sight. But such a “design” seemed to us not only aggressive, but also cheap. But by the way the site is laid out, you can immediately judge the seriousness of the intentions of the company that ordered it.

We conclude that the IcryptoFund website is built on a standard, most likely free template. The top menu has several sections:

  • selection of economic news;
  • about the company, and the benefits section is completely duplicated from the main page;
  • investment plans (by the way, IcryptoFund, unlike guys like FNDeal, which we wrote about last time, have as many as 12 depository packages);
  • questions/answers;
  • Contact Information.

And nothing more. Nothing at all, Carl! No one bothered to upload even a fake license number, it's normal to write a legal address. But for some reason they loaded a huge map. And, of course, a “convenient” feedback form so that no one can ever get through to our most secure broker.

And these unscrupulous charlatans also provide a service for the return of lost funds from fraudulent projects. You can read about this and be touched in the "About us" subsection.

Going down the Main page, we see a strange picture with a robot serving as a background for a large inscription with the name of the office and the "Invest" button.

Following is a bit of water about who IcryptoFund are. If you click on the "Details" button below the text of the section, you will be redirected to the "About Us" section. A huge sheet has been published on the page with the information that IcryptoFund has been operating since 2017 and is a transatlantic corporation that offers its clients an advanced and secure asset management service based on crypto trading.

The text also provides information that the company has developed two crypto-robots that are able to profitably trade instead of you.

Returning to the main page, we can observe the financial table, where the amounts of deposits made to the platform in Bitcoins are published in real time. By the way, there is no talk of withdrawal amounts.

The footer is a form of subscription to news and contact details, by which it is unlikely that you will be able to find anyone from this team, even if you go to Amsterdam.

 Expertise of legal information, IcryptoFund licenses

We diligently searched the IcryptoFund website for at least some hints of official information. But we could not find anything more serious than the address "Amsterdam, the Netherlands" and a phone number. We did not meet any licenses from regulators and even an offer agreement on the site.

There is also no information about the company in the CBRF database.


icryptofund reviews
IcryptoFund CBRF data


And, of course, the loud statement that the office has been operating since 2017 is a complete lie. We look at the screen with the result of the Whois check above.

Features of the work of the company IcryptoFund. Tools and conditions for traders

For its clients, the office offers many "goodies", including:

  • the use of ultra-modern and heavy-duty servers that save your money even in difficult, force majeure situations;
  • the use of a cryptographic blockchain that provides secure transactions;
  • the maximum margin among all existing platforms operating in the field of crypto trading;
  • expert support 24/7;
  • many depository packages that allow you to customize your trading by choosing the services and cryptocurrencies that are right for you.

This list can, of course, continue. But we did not find the most important on the IcryptoFund website. What distinguishes a conscientious broker from a rogue who profits from someone else's ignorance. These are educational materials - videos or at least articles.

Real customer reviews of IcryptoFund

It so happened that we found only one review from a broker that has existed since 2017, and far from the most positive one. What it says - guess for yourself.

icryptofund.comru Reviews
icryptofun reviews


If you have become victims of IcryptoFund scams, leave comments under this article. Perhaps it is your review that will save someone from a stupid loss of money.

IcryptoFund user fraud scheme

Everything is simple here. You register on the site, make your deposit, and then an animation is activated for you, which clearly shows how the amount of your investment decreases.

Another option is that an “expert” adviser invites you to participate in deliberately losing trades, and later offers to bet a large amount in order to recoup and stay in profit. How it all ends, if your broker works without a license, we think there is no need to explain.


Summing up all of the above under the denominator, we outline the most important "BUT" that should protect you from investing in the IcryptoFund project:

  • “deshmansky”, the most obscure template, which even a high school student can cut down for you for 3 rubles;
  • when you go to the account registration page, we get to the insecure http protocol;
  • lack of an official legal address;
  • lack of a license from regulators, a certificate of registration;
  • no license from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, which gives the right to interact with investors in Russia and the CIS;
  • false information about the time of existence on the market;
  • lack of training.

Our conclusion about IcryptoFund is unanimous and fair: we walk past this office together and learn how to trade adequately in the financial markets.

By the way, if you didn’t know, we not only post articles about who not to mess with and how not to do it… we also publish useful articles on how to start making money in trading and achieve results. All materials are published in the public domain. You can see them, for example, here.

If you have become a victim of IcryptoFund or other black brokers and want to get your hard-earned money back, leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to take in your situation.

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