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The popularity of trading is growing exponentially. This is because this type of income allows you to work without being tied to a place and a strict schedule. And trading opens up new horizons for increasing income, including passive ones. But, along with serious brokers, every day we get offers from scammers, which are sometimes difficult to distinguish from successful projects. Today we will talk about the financial broker FNDeal, which offers safe trading, backed up by cooperation with well-known regulators. At the end, you will find a conclusion about whether it is worth giving them your hard-earned money.

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FNDeal. General information.

Broker's main website:


Whois score:

FNDeal reviews
Whois verification

The project has another site:


Site analysis

The FNDeal resource is a cheap website made up on a standard template. The menu includes the following sections:

  • information about the markets in which trading is carried out (Forex, metals, raw materials, securities indices, crypto);
  • conditions for working with the platform, where a beautiful calculator is laid out that calculates your margin, which depends on the selected service package;
  • "About the company", with drawn statistics figures, high goals of the company, history of development and promises of the safest trading;
  • contact details, including mail only, an address in Sydney and a callback form.

By the way, the developers of the English site have carefully translated it into other languages, including Russian.

Under the menu there is a slider, where the main advantages of working on FNDeal are announced. They are duplicated and supplemented in two whole sections below.

Next comes the instructions for registering to start trading and information about the types of deposits (broker service packages).

Latest economic news is published at the end of the main page.

The footer duplicates the menu and contains information about the registration address of FNDeal and that its activities are subject to the requirements of the Cypriot and Mauritian commissions.

Expertise of legal information, FNDeal licenses

There is no official information on the site, except for the legal address in Sydney. We checked this data and found the site of a real estate agency, which published that at the indicated address there is a huge business center, with cafes, shops, a children's complex and parking. It also has commercial premises for rent. There are a huge number of organizations in Google maps at the specified address, but FNDeal is not among them.

FNDeal reviews
FNDeal Google data

Otherwise, no information about licenses (even fake numbers), including the Central Bank of Russia, is given on the site. Already at this stage, you can safely close the page, because the office does not have the right to work with users from Russia and the CIS countries.

FNDeal reviews

But FNDeal proudly claims that their activities are controlled by eminent regulators and liquidity providers:

  • association of certified financial market participants providing independent information about brokers (ACFMP);
  • the Australian regulator providing control over the work of brokers (ASIC);
  • the Maltese state regulator (MFSA), acting as a guarantor of the fulfillment of financial obligations by those companies that have received their license (FNDeal naturally does not apply to them);
  • South American IFSC;
  • EU anti-money laundering directive MiFID
  • automatic aggregator Quotix, JP Morgan, etc.

At the same time, the broker did not bother to provide evidence of partnership with such influential organizations.

Also, after analyzing the date of the last domain update by Whois, it becomes clear to us that the site has existed for only the third month and there can be no talk of any work since 2018, announced by FNDeal. From all this it is obvious that the rest of the information on the site is a lie.

Features of the work of the company FNDeal. Tools and conditions for traders

FNDeal provides traders with more than 200 trading tools, as well as many other benefits:

  • simple investments in financial markets;
  • partnership with reputable regulators and liquidity providers, which is the key to the security of transactions;
  • mobile version of the trading platform even from the restroom;
  • low spreads;
  • no slippage, instant execution of orders;
  • high-precision quotes from the largest international centers;
  • minimum initial deposit;
  • no commissions for replenishment and withdrawal;
  • expert advice, 24/7 support.

To enter the financial market with the FNDeal broker, it is tedious to go through three standard steps.

  1. Filling out the application form with contact details.
  2. Choice of starter package.
  3. Deposit replenishment.

The number of services provided depends on the amount of investment. In total, FNDeal offers 3 types of accounts, with a minimum amount (no more, no less) of 1000 USD. and maximum 50,000 c.u.

Real customer reviews FNDeal

Unfortunately, we were unable to find real reviews about the FNDeal broker. This again confirms the fact that the company has been unable to operate since 2018. During this time, and even more so if they are so cool, there would already be a lot of information about them.

I would like to believe that traders are becoming smarter, in particular, thanks to the information that we publish, and are not led by the offers of “scam brokers”.

If you have been scammed by FNDeal or just want to express your opinion, leave a comment below this article. You may have already received a call from this office. Tell us how they introduce themselves, what they promise, how they communicate. Maybe it is your review that will help someone save their money.

Scheme of deceiving FNDeal users

The “divorce” scheme is typical for such projects. As soon as you register on the FNDeal platform and make your first deposit, you are shown a show with drawn charts, trading on which you drain your entire budget very quickly. Next, a personal operator calls you and strongly recommends that you make a large investment of several thousand dollars in order to start playing seriously. But in the end, everything will end in failure and the loss of all investments. You may also be called and demanded to pay for insurance, commissions or other non-existent services.

At the same time, you will not be able to reach anywhere on your own. Operators call from generated non-existent numbers.


The FNDeal project is a classic “lohobroker” that does not have any rights to conduct its activities. Despite beautiful promises and lofty goals, he wants only one thing - to fill his pockets with your money as soon as possible and disappear.

The main signs of fraud that we noticed on the web resource of the office:

  • low-quality site, made on a standard template with a free SSL certificate;
  • lack of data on licenses, including from the Central Bank of Russia;
  • false information about the registration of the company;
  • lack of confirmation of payments.

Given the above - feel free to close the tab with their site. The best alternative to working with such a platform is to make yourself a cup of tea and be glad you read this review before you throw your money away.

By the way, last time we talked about another scheme for “divorcing” investors. If you haven't read it yet, you can check it out. here.

If you have been deceived by FNDeal or other financial scammers and you don't know what to do - write your e-mail in the form at the beginning of the article or in the pop-up window. We will send you a specially designed illustrated refund action plan.

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