TRBInvest is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

Today, our guest column on financial brokers is an unusual investment project from Russia with good interest rates and great prospects. The main feature is investments in a real business in the production of ultra-modern skateboards and other sports vehicles. However, some other points are not at all unique. Which ones - we'll talk in this review.

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TRBInvest. General information

Broker's main website:

Trustorg rating:

TRBInvest Reviews
TRBInvest Trustorg verification

Site analysis

The site of the Russian broker is in complete disarray with the "successful success" that is repeated in each of its sections. Standard, non-unique template, lack of specific legal information. All this suggests the idea that the layout customer did not care much about allocating decent money for the presentation of his project.

The top menu of the site has the following sections:

  • about company;
  • planning;
  • investment packages;
  • reviews;
  • contacts;
  • Personal Area.

At the same time, the sections of the site are placed on one page (except for the personal account), representing a cheap landing.

In the header there is a big picture and basic information about the income that you will receive by investing in TRBInvest. Under the call to action button is a list of the benefits of cooperation with the office. Next comes the timeline, starting from 2003, from each of which a window pops up with information about how the project has developed over the course of 18 years. Below the scale is a counter with the exact figure of 1325925 units of manufactured products (I wonder if TRBInvest has a special person who updates these numbers every day?).

Below are published articles from popular media about the founder of TRB Group - Nikita Ryabin. Moreover, the fact that literally in the last block it was written that the entrepreneur bought the already existing TRBGroup brand is no longer important here.

Under the links to articles in the press, there is a presentation of the project, indicating your opportunities for financial growth. Next, a step-by-step profit generation plan is prescribed, including 5 points.

Below is a "fork" of investment packages. For clarity, an online profit calculator is also installed there.

At the end of the one-page is a 3-step registration instruction, as well as information that your investment is under reliable protection. The company loudly declares that it is liable under the contract with all its property, has completely white accounting, constant income growth and colossal assets. It also indicates completely legal activities in the field of investment and the most transparent scheme of cooperation with investors.

A little lower is a block with reviews and FAQ.

The site menu is duplicated in the footer. The form of the investment loan agreement that the company allegedly concludes with each client is also published there.

Expertise of legal information, TRBInvest licenses

Let's start with the main thing - data from the State Register of Russian Organizations (EGRLE).

A certain Nikita Ryabin from May 2009 to January 2021 was an individual entrepreneur with the main activity of retailing sports equipment and sports goods in special. stores.

On September 9, 2021, Nikita Valeryevich became the founder of TRB Invest LLC, and with the same type of activity as being an entrepreneur. Both entities - IP and LLC are registered in the department of the Federal Tax Service No. 46 for Moscow.

If you wish, you can download all this information on the website of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation in the section "Providing information from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities / EGRIP". We will publish only one screen from the For Honest Business portal, where it is indicated that Nikita Ryabin is the current founder of TRB INVEST LLC, which specializes in retail trade. About any investments, productions, etc. there is no talk.

TRBInvest Reviews
TRBInvest for honest business

Moreover, we did not find any data on the TRB GROUP holding in the State Register.

We can also compare the dates specified in government documents and on the TRBInvest website.

The website of the project states that in 2003 the TRB Group brand was created, which specialized in the production and sale of sports equipment (as we recall, this company is not listed in the State Register). After 3 years, the brand was acquired by entrepreneur Nikita Ryabin (the registration authority did not know about such an entrepreneur until 2009). In the same year, the first production line for fingerboards was launched in the capital of the Russian Federation (on what basis is unknown).

In 2020, based on the website data, a subsidiary investment company TRB Invest is being created (2021 is indicated in the register, and the type of activity is retail trade in sporting goods).

Are we the only ones who think that all these data do not fit together? That is, it turns out that at the time of the launch of the investment program in the declared year 2020, IP N.V. Ryabov continued to sell his skateboards and acted illegally towards investors? Or was the project created a few days ago, as indicated in the official documents of the Federal Tax Service? We are leaning towards the second option. And yes! Investment activity is carried out illegally.

Let's go further. The creators of the project do not provide any reliable contacts, except for an online telephony phone, an email address and an online chat button.

We were also embarrassed by the fact that the investment activities of TRBInvest are not controlled by anyone. The office did not bother to obtain licenses from regulators, including the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

TRBInvest Reviews
TRBInvest CBRF data

Another alarming fact is the size of the authorized capital of a successful company formed in a huge holding - only 10 thousand rubles. This is the minimum possible threshold for registering a legal entity in the Russian Federation. For financial companies, this amount should be different.

Features of TRBInvest. Tools and conditions for traders

There are as many as 5 investment packages from TRBInvest, starting from a deposit amount of 10 thousand rubles. and ending with 6 million. The pricing principle is simple - the more you invest, the higher your profit will be.

The average period for which the packages are calculated is 1 year, and the body of the deposit can be withdrawn separately from the accrued interest. At the same time, the investor will not be able to do this for the first six months due to the “special profit generation system” developed by the company.

Among the advantages:

  • passive income;
  • fixed rate of interest paid;
  • cooperation with market leaders - the world's largest manufacturers of fingerboards;
  • transparent investments and regular reporting.

All this undoubtedly stimulates the desire to invest money and get a profit. But common sense, as well as an analysis of legal information and reviews, tell us otherwise.

Real customer reviews TRBInvest

We did not manage to find a large number of real reviews, such as it was in our last review, but what we found once again confirmed and supplemented our words.

TRBInvest Reviews
TRBInvest Reviews

TRBInvest Reviews

TRBInvest Reviews

If you have become victims of TRBInvest scams, leave comments under this article. Perhaps it is your review that will save someone from losing money.

TRBInvest User Fraud Scheme

According to legend, in 2003 the company TRBGroup was created, which by 2021 was a major manufacturer of sports equipment, releasing more than 1.3 million sales units. Today TRB Group has several production lines in the Russian Federation. The founder of the investment project - a subsidiary for scaling production TRBInvest - Nikita Ryabin. He is a successful entrepreneur and has been working in the project since 2006.

The investment portfolio provides for a fixed, high percentage of the profits received by the company.

Nikita Ryabin is a very real, former IP. Client confidence is boosted not only by beautiful words and the incredibly high return on investment in TRBInvest, but also because of the mentions of the company by authoritative media. The fact that these articles are paid for or published fraudulently - no one admits the thought.

But even if you just include common sense, it becomes unclear how the sports equipment manufacturer will provide its investors with 84% returns per year. This is possible only in the financial markets of securities, and then - a big question.

It is also not clear where you can see the production facilities of the TRB Group itself, financial statements and other stated points.


Despite the excellent idea, the TRBInvest project has the following violations:

  • lack of control of activities by independent regulators;
  • inaccurate information about the opening hours and company registrations;
  • false data on the type of activity;
  • non-unique site;
  • negative feedback.

Based on the foregoing, we came to the conclusion that the TRBInvest investment broker simply used data from the public domain about a successful entrepreneur, his details and even a photo from social networks. Another version is the successful entrepreneur himself, who managed to bring his product to the world stage, turned onto the slippery slope of fraud in the financial markets and at the same time showed one of the worst examples of "lohobroker" projects.

But be that as it may, investing in such fake offices is fraught with a loss of money, nerves and time. It is better to spend all this on trading with licensed companies and training. By the way, our website regularly publishes useful information for traders of all levels and experience. Use on health.

If you have become a victim of TRBInvest or other black brokers and want to get your hard-earned money back, leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to take.

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