MTXPro is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

Today we will talk about the MTXPro trading platform. The trading terminal is made in an aesthetic, concise and pleasant range. There are no aggressive ads or other distractions. However, in terms of functionality, this is the most common terminal that can be suitable for beginners, but not for professional traders. At the same time, it is the beginners who are the target audience of the platform developer. You will find out the reason for this by reading this review. We promise you a real insight and an interesting life hack at the end.

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MTX Pro. General information

Broker's main website:

Whois score:

MTXPro Reviews
MTXPro Whois check

Site analysis

The main part of the window in the terminal is occupied by the graph. Based on how many currency pairs a user works with, he will be able to open as many charts. By default, 4 currency pairs are available, but by clicking on the “+” button, you can add more. The window with graphs can be expanded to full screen, and you can also choose a display method.

Under the chart, there are buttons to "deposit", make a deal in real time or create a pending order, view a report on your trading operations.

Platform tools include:

  • choice of periods;
  • indicators;
  • lines;
  • increase / decrease, etc.

On the left there is a tab with quotes. Trade operations, balance, profit, time, etc. are displayed at the bottom.

In the header of the terminal there is a personal account, an account (with a drop-down menu where the main functions of the platform are duplicated), a choice of language and colors, a “expand to full screen” button and setting the location of the panel blocks.

The personal account window contains the following sections:

  • opening / replenishment of an account;
  • economic calendar;
  • the state of the markets;
  • trading ideas from MarketCheese.

Also, in your personal account after registration, you must confirm the account by entering full data about yourself. There you also need to upload scanned copies of certifying documents in the "Verification" tab.

In the profile settings, you can select the base currency, change / restore the password.

On the left is a drop-down menu with the main sections of the platform, including working with accounts, replenishment and withdrawal of funds. There is also a chat for communication with a broker, company documents, analytical tools.

The main advantage of the platform can be noted - the lack of downloads to a computer, a quick start of trading. But it is precisely in this, as the information below has shown, that the most important pitfall lies.

Features of the work of the company MTXPro. Tools and conditions for traders

To start trading, MTXPro offers to fund your account. This can be done through electronic wallets or blockchain.

There are several deposit packages to choose from:

  • basic/standard/Islamic – minimum deposit 50 USD;
  • bronze - 500 USD;
  • silver - 1000 USD;
  • gold - 10000 c.u.

Among the trading conditions - MTXPro gives a large leverage of 1:100. No other "buns" and explanations are given to the trader.

The payment instructions suggest transferring money to the broker's account, indicating the account number on the platform in the comment, and then contacting the company after confirming the transaction.


But we would not recommend doing this, as well as uploading copies of documents. And why - we will tell in the next chapter, where real insight awaits you.

Due Diligence, MTXPro Licenses

Let's immediately analyze the documents of the MTXPro broker that we managed to find on the platform. The company is registered in the UK, as evidenced by the certificate of the registering authority.

MTXPro Reviews
MTXPro registration information

However, by going to the registrar's website and entering the same number there, we get completely different information. Pay attention to the name of the company and the date of registration on the screen. In this case, the founder is the same person.

MTXPro Reviews
MTXPro Data Recorder

Thus, MTXPro works on fake registration. A company like InvestmentFind LIMITED is no longer known in the UK.

They also do not have any licenses from regulators, including the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, which gives permission to work with users from the Russian Federation and the CIS.

In the main window of the terminal, by clicking on the "Account" button, you can see the "About" tab in the drop-down menu. The name of the platform is indicated there, as well as the broker’s website, by clicking on which we find ourselves on the “502 error” page. Why a serious company does not even have a one-pager - we think it's easy to guess.

Also, after analyzing the data of the domain verification service Whois (the very first screen in the article) we see that the office MTXPro has only been around for a couple of months. But from previous reviews we know that everything that is less than one year old flies by.

That is why the MTXPro broker can do anything with your money and personal - appropriate it for yourself, open a loan using your passport, hack a bank or trader account, etc.

And now the most interesting! In the same place, in the “about the program” tab, the name of the office is indicated: UTIP Technologies Ltd. And this is where everything falls into place.

MTXPro Reviews

UTIP Technologies is a huge kitchen where every father of Carlo can become Karabas Barabas. What does it mean? And what if black brokers on the Internet have already become something common. That company for the production of these brokers, which anyone can now become, is a real know-how.

MTXPro Reviews

Platform exposure

According to the office, UTIP Technologies was opened in 2006 and in a short time developed its first version of the platform, which quickly gained popularity and rapid growth. And today it is the only organization of its kind that opens brokerage firms on a turnkey basis. It makes no sense to check the legal information of this office, because the trick here is different.

In addition to the platform, UTIP Technologies offers offshore registrar services (for example, to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines - the best destination for those who want to "throw" people for money with impunity), a CRM system, a special resource for affiliate programs, consulting. The cost of services of the UTIP Technologies office varies from 3600 to 39 thousand USD, depending on the package of selected options.

The company claims that today it serves more than 200 brokers on the planet. What made her so popular? Guess on the first try.

In a couple of months (and in the case of buying a single platform - in 24 hours) and a relatively small cost, you can become a forex broker. At the same time, you do not need to worry about the necessary documents and permissions. Everything will be done by UTIP Technologies:

  • registration in an offshore zone with unmanaged jurisdiction;
  • development of a “stylish site” (by the way, the UTIP project resource itself has little to do with the concept of “stylish”);
  • broker promotion through an affiliate program (to provide you with positive feedback from referrals);
  • mobile phone application.

And the most important feature is that a plug-in can be built into the UTIP Technologies product that allows you to manage traders' accounts. At the same time, the company proudly announces this literally at the beginning of the presentation of its services. Those. a broker can open any account with open positions through special software and change the entry price to one at which the trader will incur a loss. Moreover, any broker who has bought a license for UTIP Technologies software can simply write a zero on his client's account.

Thus, the MTXPro platform from the developer UTIP Technologies is an online trading simulator that has nothing to do with the real market.

At the same time, it is clearly stated in the UTIP client agreement that they do not bear any responsibility for the claims and other claims of the clients of the user of the software sold by them.

This is direct evidence that the developer does not want to be held accountable before the law for the scammers they themselves create. For them, the main thing is to get a profit for their fraudulent an unprecedented product. Win-win scheme of work!

Real customer reviews MTXPro

We haven't found any reviews for MTXPro. But about the UTIP platform and the office that created it - more than enough.

MTXPro Reviews
MTXPro Reviews

MTXPro Reviews

MTXPro Reviews
MTXPro Reviews

So it doesn't matter what your broker is called. The key here is the name of the platform developer.

If you have become victims of MTXPro scams, leave comments under this article. Perhaps it is your review that will save someone from losing money.

Scheme of cheating users MTXPro

Summarizing all of the above, you can understand that the platform itself, developed by UTIP Technologies, does not deceive you. This makes a dubious broker who bought a license for this platform much cheaper than, for example, MT-4, and also purchased additional offshore registration services.

It is the black broker sitting on the other side of your "blue screens" who is engaged in drawing charts, resetting your balance and other dirty tricks, the possibilities of which are opened before him by the good wizard UTIP Technologies.

Returning to the heroes of the MTXPro review, we see that this pseudo-broker simply installed a platform with “additional functions” on the domain and did not even bother to declare himself and develop his company's website. All that MTXPro forked out for was a software license from UTIP Technologies and registration in an offshore zone.

Naturally, all this is designed for beginners who cannot adequately evaluate a broker and drain their money for a pinch of tobacco.


So, MTXPro is a platform created by the developer UTIP Technologies that allows black brokers to “draw” fake charts and account balances, deceiving investors. UTIP Technologies is a company that offers registration of brokers in offshore zones and other services to start working as a turnkey broker. At the same time, UTIP itself does not bear any responsibility for the actions of black brokers, which it registers and to which it sells its program.

Will you link your investments with a broker who is engaged in cheating charts and funds in your account? The answer is unequivocal.

And now the promised life hack - you see a mention of UTIP Technologies on the broker's platform or website - feel free to close all this obscenity. You won't see anything there but wasted time, nerves, and, of course, wasted money.

If you have become a victim of MTXPro or other black brokers and want your money back, leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to take.

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