TLDFunds is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

Financial independence, unique trading conditions, round-the-clock support is promised to its clients by a professional broker TLDFunds. Today we will check the integrity of this company, according to our classical scheme - a website, legal information, reviews. And in the end, together with you, we will draw conclusions about whether you should trust this company with your investments.

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TLDFunds. General information

Broker's main website:

Trustorg rating:

TLDFunds reviews
TLDFunds Trustorg verification

According to the result of the check, another site is registered on this IP:

Site analysis

No matter how hard we tried, we could not find even a drop of a hint of uniqueness or informativeness in the TLDFunds template. The standard menu at the top of the main page includes the following sections:

  • market overview;
  • trading conditions;
  • about company;
  • contacts;
  • selection of the page display language.

Literally in the last review of the "lohobroker" BCDFunding we saw exactly the same menu and site structure. Only the colors and logo of the office have changed. Everything else - as if rewritten as a blueprint with a claim to reliability and success.

In the header of the page - the main advantages of the "slider" and the call to action button "Start trading".

Below you can drown in a puddle of water, which was poured by TLDFunds in the "Benefits" block. Under the sea of beautiful words, the standard 3-step instruction to start trading follows.

The following describes the benefits of the broker's trading conditions, economic news and the “fork” of account prices.

In the "footer" of the main page, information is provided that the broker's activities are controlled by the Cyprus Commission and other regulators. Nearby is the legal address of the company's headquarters. These are the only official data published on the main page, so we will dwell on them in more detail.

Expertise of legal information, TLDFunds licenses

Let's start with the legal address, which is given in the footer of the main page and duplicated in the "contacts" section. We checked it on Google maps, but it turned out that there is simply no such street in the town of Wiesloch.

TLDFunds reviews
TLDFunds Google data

What happens to those who cooperate with non-existent companies, we think you are aware.

Among other "official" this broker is a phone number. When checking it, we found that it was registered in the town of Bayreuth. Such a discrepancy raises a counter question - is such a serious broker really working remotely?

TLDFunds reviews
TLDFunds phone number verification

And for dessert, we left the most interesting thing - licenses of regulators. There are at least three of them, according to TLDFunds - the Cypriot and Mauritanian Commissions, as well as the IFSC. However, after checking the indicated license numbers on the official websites of the regulators, we found the following:

TLDFunds reviews

TLDFunds reviews

TLDFunds reviews

The “About us” page also lists well-known names of other regulators, but there the broker did not even bother to write fake license numbers. By the way, the St. Vincent and the Grenadines regulator mentioned there recently issued an official warning that from 2021 the FSA will not issue any licenses for doing business in the field of trading in the market.

TLDFunds reviews

The fact that the broker also lacks permission from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation is out of the question.

In the same place, in the section about the company, it is indicated that the broker, which sets an ambitious goal of becoming No. 1 in Eurasia, indicates that it has been successfully operating on the market since 2018. Already in the first year of operation, the company managed to open 40,000+ accounts, and last year the anniversary 300,000th account was opened. All this undoubtedly deserves applause, only the Whois check points to completely different facts.

TLDFunds reviews
TLDFunds Whois

The year of domain registration is really 2018. But, according to the verification data, the site was put on the domain no earlier than July 2021. By the way, there is not a single entry in the web archives dated earlier than September of this year.

TLDFunds reviews
TLDFunds web archive

Features of the work of TLDFunds. Tools and conditions for traders

For their smart and prudent "pinocchio» clients, TLDFunds prepared a whole plate of goodies:

  • remote service;
  • withdrawal of funds without commissions;
  • intuitive, multifunctional trading terminal;
  • fast processing of transactions for replenishment and withdrawal;
  • the ability to start with minimal investment;
  • a huge set of tools in one office;
  • wide leverage up to 1:500 (which will pleasantly impress beginners, but alert experienced traders who study our educational materials and broker reviews).

By the way, here, for example, is a useful article about how to get started for beginners.

All of these promises are nothing more than water or soap, which is used to blur the eyes and brains of unprepared beginners, diluting them for decent amounts.

The minimum deposit to register an account is $150. Particularly "gifted" can invest 1,000 or 10,000, thereby expanding, according to the broker, their opportunities in the market.

To start trading, you need to fill out an application and replenish your account. But we wouldn't be in a hurry. A test shot is waiting for you ahead - reviews of real TLDFunds clients.

Real customer reviews TLDFunds

The network has already published a lot of reviews from traders deceived by TLDFunds. Here is some of them:

TLDFunds reviews

TLDFunds reviews

TLDFunds reviews

TLDFunds reviews

TLDFunds reviews

TLDFunds reviews

TLDFunds reviews
TLDFunds reviews

If you have become victims of TLDFunds scams, leave comments under this article. Perhaps it is your review that will save someone from losing money.

TLDFunds User Fraud Scheme

All these promises of easy money are a pretty worn record. But, unfortunately, the old and proven scheme still works.

Scammers look for potential victims on social media, communities, and dating sites or job search resources. Cold calling is also relevant.

Victims get to know each other and gain confidence. After some period, when the “client” is already “warm”, it is closed for replenishment of the account.

After the money is practically in the broker’s pocket, the client is robbed by the most sophisticated methods, from drawn quote charts to brutal account blocking.

Some act more gracefully, assigning an “expert” to the trader, who methodically gives deliberately unprofitable recommendations, “divorces” for additional payments. Meanwhile, in almost every user agreement of such crooks it is indicated that the trader must be aware of the high risks of trading in the financial markets. And in the case of a deposit drain, the broker has nothing to do with it at all.


On the website of the broker TLDFunds, we found the following violations that are contrary to the requirements performed by decent intermediaries:

  • lack of control by independent regulators, including the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, which gives the right to work with an audience of users from the Russian Federation and the CIS;
  • incorrect contact information;
  • lack of a demo account, training materials;
  • false information about obtained licenses;
  • implausible information about the time of existence of the company;
  • primitive, cheap, uninformative site;
  • negative feedback.

We hope this review has saved someone from a rash decision to invest their funds in the account of the fake broker TLDFunds. After all, the conclusion here suggests itself.

Check the companies you give your money to. Learn materiel. And may profit and common sense be with you!

If you have become a victim of TLDFunds or other black brokers and want to get your hard-earned money back, leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to take.

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