TradegainFX is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

Today we have TradegainFX as our guest. The company appeared on the market quite recently, so there is very little information about it. But this will not prevent us from checking the novice broker for honesty and finding out for ourselves what the organization really does.

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TradegainFX. General information

Broker's main website:

Trustorg rating:

TradegainFX reviews scam
TradegainFX trustorg

Site analysis

The TradegainFX website is a simple one-page site. The web resource is made according to a primitive linear pattern. You can make such a page easily and quickly in any constructor. After checking the cost of the site, we see that it is 3 rubles. Apparently our friends decided not to bother much. Maybe they are guided by the principle: the main thing is not outside, but inside. But we will check this.

TradegainFX reviews scam

The site menu is located on the top panel and consists of the following items:

  • "about Us";
  • services;
  • prices;
  • reviews;
  • contacts;
  • Beginning of work.

When you click on the icons, the user simply flips to different places on the main page. But even those are made in a low-quality and uninteresting form. The informativeness of the presented sections is equal to zero. All that we can see is the positive qualities of the company, fictitious reviews, tickers of changes in the exchange rate of various currencies and business plans. There is simply no correct information about the organization itself or regulatory documents. This broker does not even offer any additional trading tools. It is hard to believe that someone would voluntarily want to invest their funds in the platform.

Expertise of legal information, TradegainFX licenses

Let's start the analysis by checking the site by Whois. Here we immediately find out an interesting fact. The web resource was created only on 10/07/2021. It's 10 days, Carl! Now everything immediately falls into place - and the lack of information on the network, and the poor quality of the site, and many other facts. It is clear that none of the brokers immediately came into the world with many years of experience and seniority. But here it is worth noting that among professional traders there is an unspoken rule - do not get involved with companies that are less than a year old.

TradegainFX reviews scam
TradegainFX reviews whois

Let's move on to contact information. All you can see here is an incomprehensible address, an international phone number and e-mail. This is a standard set for most of these organizations. The company's physical location is North Carolina. Checking the address on Google maps did not show us anything. Although no, she showed that he was fake.

Rock Capital reviews scammer
TradegainFX google map data

There is no section with legal information and legal regulation of the broker's activities on the TradegainFX website. There is no question of any scanned copies of documents or at least a user agreement. But if you scroll to the end of the company's web resource, you can see an interesting message on the left. In it, the organization states that its activities are regulated by FINRA and SEC with license numbers CRD#: 124245/SEC#: 8-65649. It was not difficult for us to go to the regulator's website and check this fact.

TradegainFX reviews scam
TradegainFX licenses

As expected, no one there knows anything about our friends. These licenses exist, but a completely different company works on them. As a result, it turns out that all the information that TradegainFX provides is fairy tales and deceit.

Features of the TradegainFX company. Tools and conditions for traders

What do TradegainFX offer to their clients:

  • stable high income;
  • guaranteed security of all transactions and assets;
  • work with a large number of payment systems and various types of currencies, including crypto;
  • 24/7 technical support;
  • individual approach in the implementation of financial activities.

TradegainFX reviews scam

The company offers 3 business plans, each of which, depending on the minimum input capital, has its own characteristics.

  1. Beginning. Minimum deposit: 200$. Maximum deposit: 1000$. The minimum yield is 2500$. The maximum yield is 6500$. Gift bonus in the amount of 10$.
  2. Golden package. Minimum deposit: 1000$. Maximum deposit: 10 000$. Minimum profit of 6000$. Maximum profit of 60,000$. Gift bonus in the amount of 35$.
  3. Platinum package. Minimum deposit: 10.001$. Maximum deposit: 100 000$. Minimum profit of 65,000$. Maximum profit of 500 000$. Gift bonus in the amount of 75$.

TradegainFX reviews scam

The platform also provides its users with a "profitable" referral system. Clients are offered to invite their friends to the system and receive a percentage of their transactions. However, the broker does not provide any figures or more detailed information.

Real reviews of TradegainFX clients

Since the TradegainFX platform appeared less than two weeks ago, there is practically no information on the Internet about these comrades. But reviews like ours have already appeared. And everyone agrees that this organization is another scam project. After a lot of searching, we were still able to discover a real message about TradegainFX activity.

TradegainFX reviews scam
TradegainFX Reviews

The broker's website has its own "Reviews" section. No wonder every comment here is positive. All messages are simulated, made in the same style and template. Most likely, they were written by the same person.

TradegainFX reviews scam
TradegainFX Reviews

If you have been scammed with TradegainFX money, tell us about your experience in the comments below this article. Your mistakes can help someone avoid the same fate.

Scheme of cheating TradegainFX users

Why invent a bicycle – thought TradegainFX and decided not to go far from their comrades. The divorce scheme of this broker is extremely simple.

The first stage is to find people, these should be novice investors or those who want to earn easy money. Since there is enough such a contingent, the search does not take much time. Given that now there are all the necessary tools for this: spam mailings, contextual advertising, phone calls, etc.

The second stage is to make a potential client believe in you and invest their money. To do this, the site clearly signs the success and benefits of the company. This is done in such a way that it cannot be verified.

The third stage is to lure out even more finances. To do this, an individual approach is applied to each client: small success, blackmail, intimidation, “advice”, etc. As soon as the scammers realize that they cannot extract more money from the “trader”, they immediately send him out and block all contacts with him.


Despite the fact that TradegainFX appeared quite recently, there are more than enough signs of fraudulent activity:

  • false information on the site;
  • fake positive reviews;
  • the presence of negative reviews and reviews;
  • lack of legal regulation and licenses;
  • low quality web resource.

This broker is just getting started. We categorically do not recommend investing in it. Let's stop the activities of the scammer in the bud. Hello fight for fair trading!

If you have been scammed by TradegainFX or other similar organizations and want to get your money back, please fill out the contact form at the beginning of the article. We will send you an illustrated action plan and provide you with the assistance you need.

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