ProfitFife is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

Today we will talk about the ProfitFife company. The ambitious broker has been operating on the market for almost 4 years. Opening a real account on the platform takes only a few minutes, after which you can immediately use the trading terminal with many analysis and forecasting tools. The organizers guarantee the maximum level of financial security. It remains only to check whether this is all true.

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ProfitFife. General information

Broker's main website:

Whois score:

ProfitFife reviews scam
ProfitFife Whois

Site analysis

The ProfitFife website is a primitive resource consisting of simple blocks. Everyone knows that projects that respect themselves and their clients treat their websites with special care. They do not spare money, because they are the face of the company. But our broker does not agree with this statement. The SeoLik service adequately appreciated his efforts.

ProfitFife reviews scam
ProfitFife site evaluation

Moreover, the site has a painfully familiar device and functionality. Relatively recently, when talking about regular scammers, we came across a resource with the same menu sections and an almost identical story. Even some of the descriptions match. Maybe another scam project just borrowed this information from our "honest" friends. Let's not jump to conclusions.

The platform positions itself internationally, therefore it supports work in several languages. Site navigation is carried out using the menu located on the top panel and consisting of the following blocks:

  • markets;
  • trading conditions;
  • about company;
  • contacts.

The content of all sections corresponds to their title. But their information content leaves much to be desired. They only tell how easy it is to work with them, how quickly you can earn money, they boast of a multi-thousand army of clients and millions of transactions. All this is designed for inexperienced, far from real trading people. An experienced person will not find any useful information here. None of these facts can either be verified or does not correspond to reality.

Expertise of legal information, ProfitFife licenses

In order to operate legally, an agent must obtain a license for financial intermediation. Our hero claims that he has permissions from such regulators:

  • FMA;
  • Goldman Sachs;
  • MiFID;
  • ACFMP;
  • ASIC;
  • IFSC;
  • FSC Mauritius.

Solid "roof". Only not a single scanned copy of documents or any other confirmation other than verbal evidence. Let's check the registries of at least a few reputable regulators.

Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission:

ProfitFife reviews scam
ProfitFife licenses

International Financial Services Commission:

ProfitFife reviews scam
ProfitFife licenses

Mauritius Financial Services Commission:

ProfitFife reviews scam
ProfitFife licenses

As we can see, none of the regulators has anything to do with ProfitFife.

Now let's talk about the company's success story. If you believe the information on the site. The broker has been operating on the market for 4 years and during this time has managed to achieve simply incredible results: 36,100 open trading accounts, 372,000 transactions per day, 230 trading instruments, 150 million dollars of daily turnover. But why is there practically no information about such a large project on the network? We found the answer to this question by checking the site for Whois (screen at the beginning of the article). This domain was registered in 2018, only after that time it was idle for a long time. And ProfitFife settled on it only on August 1, 2021. So there can be no talk of 4 years of successful work, as well as of all other facts.

To communicate with him, the broker leaves only the mail and the address is not clear what. The location check ended the same as all the other checks. The hotel is located at the given address.

ProfitFife reviews scam
ProfitFife google maps data

Features of the work of ProfitFife. Tools and conditions for traders

ProfitFife offers its clients earnings on CFDs on currencies (fiat and digital). We also work with stocks, commodities, precious metals and indices. Among its key advantages, the company highlights:

  • free access for all clients;
  • work and support 24/7;
  • instant execution of orders;
  • absolute security of funds and personal data;
  • intuitive interface;
  • a complete set of tools for making a profit.

There are 3 types of accounts for users to choose from:

  1. Beginning. Minimum deposit: $1 000. Leverage: 1:20.
  2. Amateur. Initial capital: $25 000. Leverage: 1:50
  3. Account for VIP clients. Minimum deposit: $50 000. Leverage: 1:100.

ProfitFife reviews scam

Without registering, traders can use a convenient calculator. With which you can predict possible profits and adjust your working strategy. Also, regardless of how you replenish your account in ProfitFife and how you withdraw funds, the company will not charge you a single percent of the commission. These comrades are ready to work at a loss, if only you invested your money in them.

Real customer reviews of ProfitFife

As we managed to find out, ProfitFife scammers entered the market quite recently. Two and a half months is too short a time to make a statement. Mentions about this broker are just beginning to appear, and they all make it look bad.

ProfitFife reviews scam
ProfitFife reviews

There are no positive comments at all.

If you have become victims of ProfitFife scams, leave comments under this article. Perhaps it is your review that will save someone from losing money.

ProfitFife user fraud scheme

ProfitFife uses social networks, usually Instagram, to find and lure clients. This approach greatly simplifies the collection of information and communication with a potential victim. As soon as the necessary user is found, under the pretext of acquaintance or some general idea, they begin to ingratiate themselves with him. After that, the scammers accidentally blurt out that one of their friends or they themselves make good money through trading. A person interested in a large income is forced to contact the trading platform. He is promised help and assistance for a certain percentage of the production. At the same time, they will tell you that investing the minimum amount is pointless, you need to throw at least a couple of thousand dollars.

As soon as the money gets into the account of the organization, the scammers disappear under some pretext. Here the user understands that the case smells unclean and wants to withdraw his funds. He receives a message in the mail that you can pick up your money only after 20 days. This is done on purpose so that the deceived client does not immediately start writing negative reviews. In 20 days, you can breed a bunch more people. No one else will see the money.


We can safely say that ProfitFife is a scam. All facts point to outright fraudulent activity:

  • copied site;
  • fake address;
  • lack of normal feedback;
  • falsified information;
  • lack of legal regulation;
  • negative reviews and testimonials.

Despite all attempts by ProfitFife to pretend to be a reliable broker, we managed to unmask him. Do not mess with these scammers, otherwise you will never see your hard-earned people again!

If you have become a victim of ProfitFife or other black brokers and want to get your hard-earned money back, leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to take.

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