Tass is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

Today we will talk about a brokerage organization called Tass. The company offers pleasant trading conditions: zero swap, low commissions, fast withdrawals, various contests and sweepstakes. Only on the Internet there is a lot of negative information about the presented hero. So who is hiding under the mask of TASS - a "scam broker" or a successful financial firm? Let's try to figure it out together.

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Tass. General information

Broker's main website:


Whois score:

Tass reviews scam

Domain Age

Site analysis

The TASS web resource is a common example of a cheap and template site-building. The creators tried to invest in their project to a minimum, they do not need it. All blocks and styling of the platform look very simple and trivial. Images that dilute uninteresting text, as if they were simply copied from Google images. It is not surprising that the resource of our friends was valued at only 58 rubles. Not the most impressive amount for an official, almost state-owned organization.

Tass reviews scam
Website cost estimation

The informative component of the resource is also mediocre. Very little really useful information is provided to clients. But, according to the standard, the company calls itself the best of the best, describes its advantages in every possible way and does not forget to warn that Forex trading is associated with high risks. In general, the monitored site does not inspire any confidence.

Expertise of legal information, Tass licenses

The TASS-broker company was established on May 25, 2020. The country of registration is the Republic of Belarus. The site provides a scanned copy of the relevant document. State registers of the Republic of Belarus are freely available. The audit showed that our friend is a real company that has all the relevant documents and permits. However, this does not protect the 100% from broker fraud. Suffice it to recall the events of 6 years ago, when many “kitchens” with completely legal registration also functioned on the territory of the Russian Federation, until the Central Bank covered them all.

Tass reviews scam

To conduct brokerage activities, you also need an appropriate license, which, oddly enough, the hero of today's review also has. Tass is on the lists of state forex dealers. But this piece of paper does not mean at all that you cannot be scammed for money. Yes, such a project will no longer be able to insolently cheat prices and block accounts. There are dozens of other more subtle ways to rip your customers to the bone without them noticing.

Tass reviews scam

It is also necessary to take into account that without the permission of the Central Bank of Russia, no financial organization can conduct its activities on the territory of the Russian Federation. Although Belarus is not so far away, this also applies to it. As we can see, the TASS broker does not disdain Russian traders. However, in the case of fraud, it will be almost impossible to influence him through domestic government agencies, which means that you can also forget about the lost funds.

Tass reviews scam

The requirements of the Belarusian regulator for the terms of trade are much softer in comparison with Russian or European ones. It is not uncommon for companies that were blocked in the Russian Federation to obtain licenses from the Republic of Belarus.

Before starting cooperation with any financial platform, it is necessary to study such an important section as the user agreement. Relevant documents are also available on the Tass website. But if you carefully read their provisions, you can see that our friend has a lot in common with the classic "scam". With the help of the agreement, the company gives itself unlimited rights and opportunities. The client can be blocked at any time, referring to some unforeseen circumstances.

Tass reviews scam
CBR data

Features of the Tass company. Tools and conditions for traders

TASS-broker has a professional staff, which consists of experienced traders and analysts of the Forex market. Several assets are available on the site at once, which can be used in the trading process: oil, precious metals, foreign currency. The company often holds various contests in which absolutely any user who has reached a certain limit suitable for participating in it can participate.

Tass provides clients with a choice of 4 types of trading accounts with different levels of instruments, as well as available features. The minimum deposit starts from 30$. The maximum leverage is 1:100.

Tass reviews scam

Ways to deposit funds to a real account.

  1. Cash at CJSC "BSB-bank" and OJSC "BelVeb". During the working day.
  2. Visa \ MasterCard. During the working day (instantly)
  3. Bank transfer. 1 to 5 business days.

The currency used is USD. Commission for replenishment 0%

Withdrawal methods: bank transfer, international payments, etc.

Real customer testimonials Tass

There is a lot of information regarding the activities of Tass on the network. It is represented mainly by negative reviews. Although the organization has been functioning for more than a year and talks about legal state regulation, it is not mentioned on any official thematic platforms. But we found our friend on more than one list of black brokers. There are very few real reviews. Apparently the hero of today's review quickly cleans them up. But even those comments that we found are enough to show the true essence of the TASS broker.

Tass reviews scam
Tass reviews

If you have been scammed by Tass scammers, share your story in the comments at the end of the article. You will help others avoid senseless financial losses.

Scheme to deceive Tass users

The TASS broker uses divorce schemes that are classic for many "scammers". You can read about such platforms on our website binarybets.ru. A potential victim is searched for on social networks and on job search or dating sites. The swindler tells how with the help of one company he was able to solve all his financial problems. Then he offers to connect with representatives of a “verified” intermediary absolutely free of charge. And indeed, a novice trader gets a call back in a few days and offers disinterested help. In fact, the task number 1 of the “experienced mentor” is to promote the victim for money and drain her budget. This is far from the only scheme that our friends use.

Charlatans prescribe in the user agreement that they are not responsible for the stability of the platform (untimely execution of orders, bugs and errors). In fact, they will specifically adjust software failures in order to make transactions that are unprofitable for the client. They can disable the site altogether. While the platform is not working, the “scammers” get access to the user’s account and transfer all funds from his balance to their own account. It is impossible to prove that the charlatans put on a show and stole the money. You will be thrown off the provisions of the user agreement and will be told that you need to be more careful. And these scammers have a lot of such tricks.


The activity of TASS-broker LLC raises a lot of doubts. License and registration in Belarus means nothing. But the structure of its site, user agreement, reviews, reviews and many other points clearly indicate that we are not the most reliable company. We strongly do not recommend cooperating with monitored charlatans.

If you have been scammed by Tass or any other black broker, and you have a desire to return your hard-earned money, leave your contact details in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated action plan.

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