R24 Capital is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

Today we will talk about the trading and investment company R24 Capital, which positions itself as a reliable service provider that provides the opportunity for safe and profitable trading in the financial market. The slogan of the organization is “we trade in trust”. But whether they actually justify it remains to be seen.

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R24 Capital. General information

Broker's main website:


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R24 Capital reviews scam
Domain Age

Site rating

The R24 Capital site is quite massive in terms of the amount of information, the number of pages, which distinguishes it from other projects reviewed on binarybets.ru. However, it is extremely difficult to find something necessary and useful in all this mess. Most of the pages are filled with all sorts of beautiful stories, water of success, used to grab the attention of new clients. It will be difficult even for experienced users to understand all this cacophony. Not to mention newbies.

Perhaps that is why, despite all the efforts, an independent appraiser put a very modest price tag for this resource.

R24 Capital reviews scam
Website cost estimation

The resource is divided into several sections, which in turn have subsections on different topics:

  • about company;
  • terms of trade and products;
  • educational materials and support;
  • eminent partners of the office;
  • service (questions and answers, risk warning, documents, login and registration in the system, replenishment / withdrawal of funds), etc.

The main page is also divided into blocks. However, in almost every one of them, the office praises itself at every opportunity. On the main page, you can see an overview of the markets, the benefits of trading with R24 Capital, a presentation of educational materials, instructions for getting started, reviews. At the very bottom are logos of famous brands that allegedly collaborate with the heroes of our review. There is also a list of awards, contact information, several documents. We will discuss these data in more detail below.

Checking registration, licenses, legal data R24 Capital

I immediately want to take to the mountain the information that our friends R24 Capital put in the "basement" of their site. This is official information about the registration of the office, its licenses, headquarters and other information that plays the most important role when choosing a brokerage company.

R24 Capital reviews scam
Registration and license information

So, R24 Capital report that they are an officially registered organization and even provide their number. However, we were unable to find such a company in either the US database or the North Carolina registry.

R24 Capital reviews scam
US Registration Data
R24 Capital reviews scam

There, in the footer, obviously trying to hide this information from an overly inquisitive eye, the office indicates the license numbers. One of them was issued by the NFA regulator, the second MSB. However, when checking the first one (by document number) in the regulator's database, we found out that R24 Capital is not a member of the NFA.

R24 Capital reviews scam

We did not check the second license, because in order to obtain it, the company must be registered in Canada. And R24 Capital, as we know, is based in Delaware.

R24 Capital reviews scam
Requirements for MSB licensees

It is noteworthy that the R24 Capital website is not adapted for Russian-speaking clients. There is no Russian in the list of language options for displaying pages. Although, however, these guys would not be able to legally trade with traders from the Russian Federation and the CIS anyway. After all, they do not have a license from the main Russian regulator.

R24 Capital reviews scam
CBR data

As for contacts, the guests of our review indicate a really existing address. There is a large office building along it, where all kinds of scams like to be based. Today's hero also did not disdain to use the "rubber" address and hide away from his clients. His name is missing in the company directory.

R24 Capital reviews scam
google maps data

The user agreement, if it can be called such, also raises questions. So, in one of the paragraphs, the office indicates that it can cancel withdrawal requests if the client has not provided the necessary payment data. But we all know how these "companies" often ask for data that should not be shared with anyone under any pretext. It turns out that most likely you will not be able to withdraw money.

R24 Capital reviews scam
Terms of use

The highlight of all this is the loud statements about the huge number of awards that the R24 Capital office has received literally every year since its inception. And this happened, for a minute, in 2015. The most reliable broker, the best robot, the best trading conditions... our friends have been in all nominations.

R24 Capital reviews scam R24 Capital reviews scam R24 Capital reviews scam

But if you paid attention to the first screen in the article, you probably noticed that according to the data of an independent domain age check, the project was created last year. And, if you believe the information from the web archive, then the whole movement here began to take place only at the end of October 2021.

R24 Capital reviews scam
Web archive

We think comments are unnecessary here. The office is trying in every possible way to give the impression of a reliable company, but all its attempts are broken like waves against a stone as soon as we connect logic and independent services.

Terms of work with R24 Capital for traders

R24 Capital sets itself ambitious and lofty goals. This is social protection, the fulfillment of obligations to society, as well as assistance in the development of enterprises and all of humanity.

Working with R24 Capital you get the following competitive advantages:

  • over 60 types of assets;
  • low entry threshold;
  • interaction with the world's leading liquidity providers, execution of transactions on the international market;
  • isolated storage of customer funds in the most famous banks in the world;
  • the ability to work from anywhere in the world, with an individual support service 24/7;
  • work on the popular MT4 platform from a PC or phone;
  • benefits and bonuses;
  • holding face-to-face and online events, personal communication between members of the large R24 Capital community.

To get started, you need to register and open an account, replenishing it with the amount of the selected tariff plan. The office has developed several types of accounts, which include basic and additional services. Pricing is based on the principle “how much you give, so much you get”.

R24 Capital reviews scam
Account types

R24 Capital has developed educational materials for traders of different levels, which can be found by going to the appropriate section from the main page or menu bar.

Everything would be fine, only the data we collected in the previous subheading completely cover all the advantages offered by this scam.

Real opinion about R24 Capital

Naturally, only positive reviews are published on the R24 Capital website.

R24 Capital reviews scam
Reviews on the site

Moreover, the first of them says that with the money earned, thanks to our broker, the client was able to purchase an expensive electric car, the photo of which is posted on his profile picture. It was only by applying the “search by photos” function that we found out that the presented image is stock and quite popular on the network.


From this we can conclude that other reviews presented are fake, made to order or written by the developers themselves.

It is noteworthy that we could not find other mentions of R24 Capital, except for devastating reviews.

Have you been scammed by R24 Capital? Share your story in a comment. The more real reviews about the activities of this sharaga, the faster it will be possible to cover it up.

How R24 Capital cheat users

The R24 Capital user deception scheme is not much different from the algorithm of actions of other scam broker projects. You are lured into this garbage dump with beautiful promises of easy money, comprehensive support, caring attitude. It just continues until you deposit real money into your account.

After that, the situation changes. And you will be lucky if your account is banned immediately. Most often, such rogues continue to milk the client for even greater expenses, arguing this with “serious trading on a normal account” or the need to pay any commissions, verification, insurance for withdrawing money. This can continue until the user realizes that he will not see the money, both his own and earned.


On the R24 Capital website, we found the following signs of fraud:

  • lack of registration, license, including the Central Bank of the Russian Federation;
  • fake addresses, no full contact details, details;
  • the presence of customized reviews, in the absence of mentions of the company from real users on the network;
  • misleading customers, in particular with information about the time the company has been on the market.

From all this, only one conclusion can be drawn: R24 Capital is a scam project that has nothing to do with real trading or making money in the financial markets. Bypass them.

If you fell for the sweet promises of R24 Capital, Cryptofylimited or other black brokers, and do not know how to return lost investments - fill out the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you detailed instructions on how to get out of this situation.

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