Butterprofxtrade is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

We were reviewed by the “most profitable investment company” with the unusual name Butterprofxtrade. The creators of the project promise fabulous profits in a short time. This is not the first time we have heard such statements. Today we will try to find out whether it is possible to make money with the help of the presented organization or whether we have another “scam broker”.

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Butterprofxtrade. General analysis

Broker's main website:


Trustorg rating:

Butterprofxtrade reviews scam
Trust in the network

Site Overview

The Butterprofxtrade web resource is not original. Template pages and blocks look very simple and do not inspire any confidence. The site is originally in English. But Google translator is connected to the site. Due to the lack of normal adaptation, in many places he translates crookedly and with errors. Taking into account all these nuances, there is nothing surprising in the fact that the platform of our friends was priced at only 8 rubles.

Butterprofxtrade reviews scam
Website cost estimation

During the technical analysis of the Butterprofxtrade website, the following negative points were highlighted:

  • the owner of the site hides his personal data using a paid service
  • very recent registration;
  • high Alexa rank at a very young age;
  • lack of references from other resources;
  • lack of optimization for search engines;
  • signs of a HYIP project were found;
  • anonymous payment methods identified.

In addition to all the above disadvantages, the web resource has a very low information content and a minimum level of trust in the network.

Checking legal data and official documentation Butterprofxtrade

Butterprofxtrade, talking about their activities, loudly declare that their company was created back in 2015. The head office of the organization is located in Switzerland. The site also provides quite impressive statistics, according to which more than 3.5 thousand investors are registered on the platform, almost 4.5 thousand have been deposited and more than 21 million dollars have been withdrawn.

Despite all the achievements and long-term operation on the market, there is practically no mention of our hero on the Internet. Strange - isn't it? Smells like divorce. Checking the age of the site confirmed our doubts, the project was launched a little more than a month ago. So, all these impressive achievements and stories about many years of experience are a blatant lie.

Butterprofxtrade reviews scam
Domain Age

In the contact details section, the broker leaves a classic set: email, address, and an online form. These comrades did not even bother to register at least a fake phone number, as many other fraudulent offices do, which you can read about on our website binarybets.ru. As for the location of the real office of the company, as expected, it also turned out to be fake. The address below is the British Consulate General in Switzerland.

Butterprofxtrade reviews scam
Registration data

Butterprofxtrade does not provide any data on state registration or licenses to conduct financial activities. The only more or less official document presented to clients is the privacy policy. However, the creators use it for only one purpose - to relieve themselves of all responsibility for illegal actions. To be convinced of this, it is enough to read a few paragraphs.

Butterprofxtrade reviews scam
User Agreement

Offers and conditions of work with Butterprofxtrade

Butterprofxtrade is an automatic online investment platform - a team of professional traders, specialized mainly in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, trading on several exchanges and markets. The organization considers its key advantages:

  • stable income of clients due to round-the-clock operation of the platform;
  • no hidden fees, users will never be required to pay additional fees;
  • sensitive and responsive technical support service that works 24/7;
  • instant withdrawal of payments;
  • the use of SSL encryption to ensure optimal protection of customer data;
  • registration in the secure jurisdiction of Switzerland.

As we managed to find out, all these words are nothing more than fiction and deceit. The real course of affairs is very different from what Butterprofxtrade promises. Also, all clients of the company are offered a choice of 5 investment plans. The minimum input capital starts from $50, in the best plan, the entry threshold reaches $50,000. The yield level varies from 20% to 50% from the deposit. For those terms that are indicated in the plans, this is an unrealistic amount. Not even one of the most successful financial platforms in the world can afford to pay such dividends.

Butterprofxtrade reviews scam
Investment plans

Real customer reviews Butterprofxtrade

As we said before, there is practically no information about Butterprofxtrade on the net. So there is no doubt that the project has been running for only a month. Those crumbs that we managed to find are represented by several foreign revealing reviews and a couple of comments from real customers. On his website, the hero under review also created a “Reviews” section, but there is not a single message in it. Apparently the crooks did not reach this hand.

Butterprofxtrade reviews scam
Butterprofxtrade Reviews

If you have personally encountered the fraudulent manipulations of scammers from Butterprofxtrade, share your experience in the comments at the end of the review. Any information will help to quickly cover the "scam" and save other people from losing money.

How Butterprofxtrade cheat their customers

Scammers are looking for those who want to earn money without labor and large investments using social networks and various forums dedicated to finance and trading. Attracting potential victims to the site is carried out by experienced managers, who have a lot of cunning manipulations in their arsenal. The crooks quickly swindle the first deposit, and then, under various pretexts, pump out the remaining money from the hooked ones.

Trading on the broker's platform is fake, transactions are not displayed on the markets. The illusion of trade is needed only to keep the victim on the site as long as possible. If the client runs out of funds, scammers impose loans. It is no longer possible to take your money back or drawn income. If an impudent user insists on withdrawal too actively, his account will be banned. However, beforehand, crooks will try to lure commissions from him for non-existent services. At this stage, even threats can often be encountered.

Attempts of robbed traders to apply to some official instances rarely end in success. Indeed, in the user agreement, which the client accepts as soon as he makes the first deposit, it is said in black and white that the broker is not responsible for the loss of money and has the right to change the terms of cooperation or block the account at any time without explanation.


During the analysis of Butterprofxtrade, the following signs of fraudulent activity were found:

  • excessive belief in the guaranteed return on investment;
  • promises of very high returns;
  • use of fictitious investment objects;
  • lack of details of the organization, full contact details;
  • lack of licenses and official documents;
  • opaque scheme for the use of finance, general formulations.
  • the presence of negative reviews and reviews;
  • low quality website.

We categorically do not recommend having any business with monitored comrades. The only ones who can earn by investing in this project are its owners. The rest are waiting for big and not very, depending on the amount lost, disappointment.

If, due to the activities of Butterprofxtrade or any other black office, you have lost your money, we are ready to assist in the return of finances. Fill out a special form at the beginning of the review and a detailed action plan will be sent to the specified contacts.

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