Q-IQ is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

Trading for pleasure, a convenient way to increase your capital without interrupting work, study or leisure, as well as an inexhaustible source of additional profit and good mood is offered to us by a brokerage company with the “smart” name Q-IQ. Let's take a look at their website and legal information together, and then we will conclude what kind of mood cooperation with these guys will actually bring.

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Q-IQ. General information

Broker's main website:


Whois score:

Q-IQ reviews scam
Domain Age

Site analysis

Right away I want to focus on the very dumb design of the Q-IQ website, which they did about 8 years ago. In addition to the typical and already rather boring template, the low quality of the image in the header also repels. Moreover, this part of the site is necessary to capture the attention of visitors. No wonder an independent appraiser showed such a low cost of the resource.

Q-IQ reviews scam
Website cost estimation

The main page of the Q-IQ website has the following structure:

  • a header with registration/login and language selection buttons, as well as a running line with current prices and a unique selling proposition;
  • company benefits;
  • an overview of payment systems through which you can transfer / withdraw money;
  • Benjamin Franklin's quote about money multiplying.

The main menu (contacts, documentation, login registration buttons) is located in the footer of the site. Judging by the number of sections and their content, we can safely say that we have a cheap landing page with a claim to a multi-page resource.

In the same place, in the “basement”, the company placed a risk notice, which is an attempt to disclaim responsibility for your investments. Like, "in which case we warned you."

At the very bottom, the office indicates the address and year of registration. We will check this and some other information in the next section.

Expertise of legal information, Q-IQ licenses

As a registration, Q-IQ indicates: Vesta Future OU, Harjumaa, Tallinn linn, Majaka tn 26, 11412. Allegedly, Q-IQ is a subsidiary of the Vesta Future group. However, these comrades have already managed to light up on the network as unscrupulous service providers. And in the Central Bank of the Russian Federation it is generally written that these are illegal immigrants.

In addition, no one has ever heard of any Vesta Future in the Estonian company register.

Q-IQ reviews scam
State Register data

Also, having hammered this address into the search, we found out that several more fake broker offices are “based” on it.

Q-IQ reviews scam

From all this, one can judge that all these are projects of one “team of professionals”, which multiply like mushrooms and rob honest citizens.

Q-IQ's contact details indicate only an e-mail, by writing to which you open your personal information for sending SPAM. At the same time, important questions are unlikely to be answered clearly.

Another point is the age of the project. Despite the fact that next to the fake address, the company indicates the registration date of 2019, the real date of the project’s creation is September 2021. And this site began to fully function in October 2021. In addition to the fact that the office allows itself to expose false information, on our site binarybets.ru we constantly repeat that cooperation with organizations that have been on the market for less than a year most often leads to losses.

Naturally, the offshore sharaga does not have any licenses, including the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

Q-IQ reviews scam
CBR data

It is worth mentioning the User Agreement, which our heroes have is completely fraudulent, freeing them from any responsibility for your money, and shifting it onto your shoulders. Also in the document there is a direct indication that the service provider has the right to change any rules of the game and block you whenever he pleases.

Q-IQ reviews scam Q-IQ reviews scam

Q-IQ reviews scam
Terms of use

Features of the work of the company Q-IQ. Tools and conditions for traders

Q-IQ offers its partners the following benefits:

  • flexible financial policy, support for different types of payment cards;
  • highly professional customer support service 12/5;
  • a convenient trading platform that is suitable for both beginners and experienced traders;
  • large selection of assets.

In addition to independent trading, in cooperation with Q-IQ, it is possible to invest free funds to receive passive income with the help of a professional manager.

We did not find any other information about trading conditions, deposits and other important points on the site. This indicates the low quality of the resource, which was created in order to quickly cut the dough from inexperienced beginners. This idea is confirmed by the reviews we found.

Real Q-IQ customer reviews

For a couple of months of existence, Q-IQ managed to acquire a whole army of haters who do not skimp on "a worthy assessment of their activities." Here are some of the current reviews.

Q-IQ reviews scam

Q-IQ reviews scam

From all this, the conclusion follows that no matter how hard you try to make money on this project, there can be no talk of any profit here. All this is a one-sided game. You will simply feed the ever-hungry beast, which, without sleep and rest, is looking for new victims and devours their capital.

If you have experience with Q-IQ - leave comments under this article. Perhaps it is your review that will save someone from losing money.

Scheme of cheating Q-IQ users

After analyzing the reviews, we realized that the Q-IQ office is characterized by almost all types of fraudulent activities, ranging from extortion and theft of banking data, ending with a brutal account ban.

At the entrance, polite technical support managers communicate with you, tell you about the innumerable treasures and the fabulous profit that awaits you after you invest in the project. Words can be backed up by fake success stories, fake reviews.

But as soon as you bring real money to the platform, the situation changes radically. They can draw fake profit indicators for you, and then demand insurance for the withdrawal in an amount that is almost equal to the withdrawn amount. They can simply close access to the site as soon as the money falls into the account of these crooks.

But no matter how much the rope twists, it will have an end and far from being the happiest for you.


After analyzing the Q-IQ resource, we identified the following signs of illegal activity:

  • primitive, cheap site, meager content and design;
  • fake registration address, lack of registration, licenses, including the Central Bank of the Russian Federation;
  • lack of adequate contact details;
  • giving false information about the time of existence of the company;
  • fraudulent cooperation agreement;
  • the presence of negative reviews.

All this together or separately allows us to conclude that Q-IQ is a typical scam that has nothing to do with real trading or investing. Therefore, it is better to stay away from them.

If you fall for the tricks of Q-IQ, Center Legal or other black brokers, and want to return your hard-earned money - leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to take.

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