Easyfobit is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

Safe trading for traders, global tools and entry into the international community are provided to Easyfobit clients. Today we will analyze how much you can trust these guys and issue a reasoned verdict at the end of this review.

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Easyfobit. General information

Broker's main website:


Whois score:

Easyfobit reviews scam
Domain Age

Site analysis

Easyfobit's site is a pleasant resource in terms of color, but completely miserable in content, which does not differ from other scams reviewed on binarybets.ru. An independent resource assessment service again gave us a "ruble" result.

Easyfobit reviews scam
Website cost estimation

The main page is represented by the following sections:

  • menu (account types, products, platform overview, about the company, contacts, login/registration buttons and page display language selection);
  • a header with a unique selling proposition, a target action button;
  • a ticker with current asset prices;
  • product overview – educational center, analytics, platforms;
  • another call to start trading/register;
  • risk warning;
  • block with logos of payment systems and data protection companies.

The footer duplicates the menu. There is also a more detailed risk warning and a statement that all rights are reserved.

The site has been translated into three languages, including Russian. And everything seems to be fine - you are taught, a manager is assigned to you, you are provided with two trading platforms to choose from, pleasant registration bonuses, profitable deposit packages and a lot of additional services. But something is clearly missing here. We will try to deal with this in the next chapter.

Expertise of legal information, Easyfobit licenses

Eureka! Of all the possible official information on the Easyfobit website, we managed to find only e-mail, a feedback form, and several standard privacy documents, etc. which are thoughtlessly copied by various sharagas.

Easyfobit reviews scam
Contact details

But the client-user agreement seemed interesting to us. More specifically, outrageously interesting. After all, some provisions of this document directly indicate that the company is not responsible for anything at all, it can close your account for any jamb not detected in time, and also change any rules of conduct at its discretion. Clamped these crooks even bonuses.

Easyfobit reviews scam Easyfobit reviews scam

Easyfobit reviews scam
Terms of use

Easyfobit reviews scam

Easyfobit reviews scam
bonus program

As for other information, the company does not mention any legally significant points, whether it be registration, licenses, achievements (even fake ones). That is, nothing at all that could confirm or disprove their reliability.

The only thing we know for sure is that the office does not have a license from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. And this is already a big cross on your trading career with these swindlers.

Easyfobit reviews scam
CBR data

We also found out the real age of the project. Despite the fact that the office chose a domain with experience (see the first screen), we could not find any information about it in the web archive. This means that the name has been idle for a long time without attention and Easyfobit scammers carefully hide the data from copying it to the archive. One way or another, the real period of the office's presence on the market is less than a year. This is evidenced by the inscription in the footer of the site.

But every user who reads our reviews is aware that contacting companies that are less than a year old is fraught with a complete drain of the deposit and subsequent disappointment in this whole undertaking with trading and investments.

Features of the Easyfobit company. Tools and conditions for traders

Easyfobit is delicately silent about its advantages, unlike many similar projects that stick out their “successful success” literally on every page.

By cooperating with the company, you can use a wide range of assets:

  • 45+ currency pairs;
  • 26+ world indices;
  • over 180 companies for investment in securities;
  • commodity trade.

To start trading with Easyfobit, you need to fill out the registration form and, after its confirmation, make the first deposit to your account. The size of the invested amount depends on the selected package. The minimum entry threshold is 250 euros. The maximum is from 250 thousand euros.

Easyfobit reviews scam

The only pity is that all this is just a beautiful legend. There can be no talk of any profit, huge leverage and other “goodies”.

Real customer reviews Easyfobit

We were unable to find any comments regarding the activities of Easyfobit. This once again confirms the young age of the company, which is still in search of its "Pinocchio".

However, our friends in the "about the company" section paint themselves in all their glory as the most reliable broker in the world.

Easyfobit reviews scam

No, even the most reliable, brokerage house would have lasted on the market next to serious financial giants for more than a few months if it had the same meager resource. The website is the face of the company. And by the fact that it contains, you can already say almost everything about a potential counterparty. Serious brokers invest millions in the development of their web resources. But our reviewers decided to take the path of least resistance - appear out of nowhere, pick up the dough and sink into the past along with the hopes and money of their clients.

If you have fallen victim to Easyfobit scams, share your thoughts below this article. Feel free to share your bad experience. Your feedback can save someone from losing money and help push crooks out of the market.

Easyfobit User Fraud Scheme

Naturally, Easyfobit is not a broker. This is a typical scam that will never fulfill the circumstances assigned to it. All trades are fictitious pictures and animations that demonstrate losing trades and smooth draining of the trading account.

The main goal of scammers is to make the victim believe that she can only succeed next to them and force her to invest as much money as possible in the project.

That is why the second strategy is often used - to draw as much profit as possible in order to stimulate new replenishment. And when a decent amount has already accumulated on the account, the account is stupidly blocked or they are required to pay a commission / insurance in an especially large amount.


On the Easyfobit website, we found the following signs of a scam:

  • primitive, cheap resource, non-unique design, text content;
  • fraudulent user agreement without essential conditions (company name, details, legal address, etc.);
  • lack of licenses, registration documents, intelligible contact details;
  • young age of the project;
  • lack of mentions on the network, despite positioning itself as an international platform.

The conclusion about Easyfobit today will sound like advice: never, under any circumstances, mess with this scam. These are typical scammers, whom we expose dozens of on the site binarybets.ru.

If you have been scammed by Easyfobit, Q-IQ or other brokers, and you do not know what to do to get your hard-earned money back - leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to take.

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