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Today we will talk about an unusual project GRAME, which combines investment in crypto and the development of digital visualization technologies. GRAME is a startup created by two ambitious young people who invite investors to develop the project and launch a new cryptocurrency on the exchange. Let's figure out together what kind of project it is and whether it is realistic to make money on it.

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GRAME. General information

Broker's main website:

Trustorg rating:

GRAME reviews scam
Trust in the network

Site analysis

The GRAME website has a minimalistic, "clean" design, but very poor content. This indicates that the project is still, to put it mildly, in development. The resource is a one-pager, where not only is nothing clear, but there are also grammatical errors.

GRAME reviews scam

The independent site evaluation service gave a completely fair result:

GRAME reviews scam
Website cost estimation

The landing page includes the following sections:

  • a header with a USP and an inactive “learn more” button;
  • description of the know-how introduced by the project developers;
  • information about the GRAME project;
  • table of mining pools;
  • instructions on how to start earning;
  • company development plans;
  • advantages of working with GRAME;
  • feedback form.

When you clicked the "Ask a question" button, which, in theory, should be transferred to some form of feedback or chat, we were shown an error.

GRAME reviews scam

This once again confirms the low quality of the monitored resource.

Since we were unable to communicate with the project team, let's try to figure out the information that can be obtained from this poor resource.

Expertise of legal information, GRAME licenses

GRAME does not give any official information about itself. They do not even have an address or data on registration with the tax authority. It remains either to guess about everything, or to break through the data on other resources, moreover, literally bit by bit.

The office has its own YouTube channel, but there is also very little information on it that tells about the startup and the goals described on the site.

We learned that two citizens of the Russian Federation won the Accelerate startup competition in Skolkovo. Their entry was an augmented reality image generation application and an online community.

We verified this information by finding the list of Accelerate finalists. At the same time, our reviewers were almost at the end of this list.

GRAME reviews scam

And it is not surprising if their site still looks like an abandoned page to this day.

GRAME reviews scam

Obviously, the developers have no time to deal with the application itself, because there are only two of them and all their efforts are thrown into the promotion of the GRAME cryptocurrency, by buying which investors will support the startup itself and at the same time make a profit.

In addition to YouTube, there are several other resources on the net that call for investing in GRAME. But even there it is impossible to understand almost anything. Everywhere solid water and not an ounce of essence.

Naturally, the activities of these crooks are not regulated by anyone. After all, information about the legal status, the creators of the project and even the name of the legal entity is nowhere to be found.

The whole project is based on word of mouth, where all kinds of barkers tell how to buy or sell GRAME coins. This interest of bloggers is due to the presence of a multi-level affiliate program, but we will talk about it in the next chapter.

Features of the work of the company GRAME. Tools and conditions for traders

GRAME is a cryptocurrency backed by a developed augmented reality technology. The project participants invest not only in the currency, but also in the development of the technology itself.

The company offers its investors the following earning opportunities

GRAME reviews scam

To get started, you need to install a wallet application and buy a certain amount of crypto coins.

While the crypto has not yet entered the market, it is impossible to sell it. You can buy tokens and keep them in your wallet, receiving passive income. There are no clear explanations on the GRAME website exactly how and how much you can earn. But in advertising articles from referrals, we found information that the more you buy and the longer you keep tokens in your wallet, the higher your profit will be.

The minimum entry threshold for the project is $25. For them, you can purchase 1000 coins. For every thousand, you will receive income in the following proportions:

  • month of mining – 25+19%=29.75 c.u.
  • three months - 25+21% (monthly with capitalization) - 44.48 c.u.
  • six months - 25+23% every month for the amount of the balance;
  • nine months - 26% monthly (or 234% for the period);
  • 1 year - 31% (or 372%).

Of course, all this looks like a fairy tale. Because even pawnshops and microloan offices do not earn 228-372% per annum. What can we say about a half-dead project.

Also in the application, investors can receive rewards for completing tasks that come daily.

In addition, the office offers a multi-level affiliate program, which is designed to ensure a stable growth of investors, as well as positive feedback and reviews, at the end of which, of course, there will be a referral link. We managed to find the conditions of the affiliate program only on a third-party site.

GRAME reviews scam
affiliate program

Real customer reviews GRAME

Like other information about GRAME, we had to search for at least some intelligible reviews about the activities of the company under review. What we managed to find clearly indicates that it is not worth investing in this project.

GRAME reviews scam GRAME reviews scam

GRAME reviews scam

If you have been a victim of GRAME scams, share your story below this article. Perhaps it is your feedback that will save someone from a rash decision or help to understand what we are dealing with.

Scheme to deceive GRAME users

The image recognition project itself actually exists and continues to develop. At the same time, it seems that the team is made up of the same 2 people that we mentioned above.

However, the investment direction of the GRAME project at the moment has all the signs of a pyramid. This is a passive income from investments, and a referral program, and the presence of an introductory bonus. When a cryptocurrency enters the market, those who bought it in large quantities are likely to quickly collapse its value. After all, the development of the crypt requires professional marketers who provide their services for large sums of money, measured in hundreds of thousands of dollars.

At the same time, the handling of money is carried out only through a smartphone. No other version of the software exists.

The development of the IT project, which supposedly won the competition, has been going on for more than a year. At the same time, many complain that the application works out of the ordinary badly.

It turns out that you are encouraged to invest in a pig in a poke, which can be bent at any moment, because not everyone can master all this.


On the GRAME website (if you can call it that), we found the following signs of fraudulent companies:

  • lack of clear information about the earnings scheme, the use of information that misleads users, in particular about unrealistic interest;
  • lack of registration, licenses of regulators, contact details;
  • the presence of negative reviews;
  • crooked, cheap, uninformative Internet resource, made with errors.

Signs of a financial pyramid run like a red thread through the entire GRAME project. At the same time, if at least the first investors can earn something in the classic HYIPs, which we often talk about on, in this case, you get only virtual candy wrappers that cannot be withdrawn, exchanged, or sold. But the organizers of all this disgrace receive quite real sums, and considerable ones.

It can take years, or even decades, to profit from this ridiculous sharaga.

If you have already realized that you are a victim of the GRAME scam, Easyfobit or other scammers, and want to get your hard-earned money back - leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated action plan that will increase your chances of recovering your costs.

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