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Hundreds of different companies appear on the financial markets every day, which offer users profitable investments and the opportunity to have a large income. However, the main problem is that most of these organizations are fraudulent projects that cheat their customers for money. In order to get their funds back, deceived users turn to legal platforms that are ready to provide assistance for a certain percentage, but they very often turn out to be ordinary “scammers”. Today, one of such companies, which is called Center Legal, came to our review. We will analyze its activities in detail and find out what is hidden behind the mask of a successful law firm.

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Center legal. General information

Broker's main website:

Trustorg rating:

Center Legal reviews scam
Trust in the network

Site analysis

The Center Legal website has a fairly simple interface that doesn't stand out from the crowd. Too primitive platform, as for a popular and successful project with many years of experience, which our friend positions himself to be. A specialized service estimated the efforts of the represented organization at only 4 rubles.

Center Legal reviews scam
Website cost estimation

The web resource of the office consists of only one page, navigation through which is carried out using a classic menu consisting of the following sections:

  • about Us;
  • we practice;
  • results;
  • team;
  • cooperation;
  • form.

All the information presented on the platform is not aimed at revealing the real course of affairs and explaining to customers the algorithms for returning stolen money, but at the usual praise. The creators of the organization only do what they sing laudatory odes to themselves and in any convenient place slip the “Leave a request” button to users.

Expertise of legal information, licenses Center Legal

Talking about their activities, Center Legal states that their company has been operating for 10 years. During this time, a lot of information about a “successful” law office should have accumulated on the Internet. But when we try to find at least some useful information, we find nothing. This is not surprising, because the site of our hero appeared only on April 14, 2021, and began to work normally even later. We received the corresponding confirmation using the Whois service.

Center Legal reviews scam
Domain Age

Center Legal also demonstrates its TIN, as if indicating the conduct of official activities. After checking the number, we find out that such an office with the name "Legal Services Center" really exists.

Center Legal reviews scam
Unified State Register of Legal Entities

But it has nothing to do with the company we are reviewing. This is a completely different project that has its own website. Like many other scammers described on our resource, they simply stole someone else's name and registration in the hope that the average user would not dig so deep. This legal services center even left a corresponding warning on its web resource and indicated that a statement was sent to law enforcement agencies in order to stop the illegal activities of our mutual friend.

Center Legal reviews scam

The icing on the cake was a team of lawyers. Of course, the "swindlers" will not hang their photos there. They just took and copied them from an absolutely leftist organization and signed them with made-up names.

Center Legal reviews scam

All Center Legal specialists are real employees of Aquaecology. We showcased one person as proof, but they have all the others on their site.

Center Legal reviews scam

Peculiarities of work of Center Legal. Tools and conditions for traders

Center Legal return funds to their clients from black brokers, fraudulent exchanges, including Forex, as well as funds lost on fake crypto investments.

A professional team works with losses from 200,000 rubles. By signing an agreement with a client, the organization undertakes to return the lost funds within 14 days from the date of signing the agreement without any prepayments. The commission for the return is paid only after the successful transfer of funds to the user's account. The size of the commission is not specified.

The main advantages of Center Legal are:

  • control by experienced employees who will support customers in any matter;
  • the presence of a platform with the function of constant monitoring of the process;
  • almost 2.5 thousand successfully closed cases;
  • cooperation with such reputable financial regulators as CitiBank, Goldman Sachs, Blockchain, ECtHR.

Of course, this is all a blatant lie, like all other information provided by the monitored office.

Real testimonials from Center Legal clients

We were unable to find any reviews from real clients of Center Legal. Perhaps the creators of the project are cleaning up objectionable information or, due to low popularity, they have not yet managed to deceive a large number of users. In any case, our friend has already managed to collect a lot of negative reviews. And what about the message about the illegal activities of Center Legal on the official website of the Center for Legal Services.

If you have become a victim or found signs of fraud in Center Legal's activities, please tell us about it in the comments below this article. Any information can save someone else from losing money.

Center Legal User Fraud Scheme

To find potential victims, scammers use proven methods. The most popular way is aggressive advertising on the Internet: in search engines, banner ads, social networks. Often swindlers use databases of financial pyramids that have already collapsed, calling their clients directly. Sometimes scammers even use such primitive methods as spam mailings or street advertisements. It is not uncommon to buy ads and reviews from popular bloggers on various platforms.

Center Legal states on their website that they only charge after the case is successfully completed. Then how do they manage to deceive their victims? It's simple, the scammers indicated for a reason that they work with amounts from 200 thousand rubles. A person who has lost such money is ready to do anything to get it back.

By creating an imitation of work, fake reports are sent to the client. Then, at a certain point, he is asked to pay for some additional services, usually these are small amounts, but scammers can demand them several times. Of course, a desperate client has no problem paying the required money to get his funds back. The crooks will "milk" the user until he realizes that he has been scammed again. After that, the scammers block any contacts and disappear.


Center Legal is a classic scam project that rips off its clients by offering them help with getting their money back from other fraudulent firms. In the course of our analysis, we were able to detect the following signs of a traditional "scam":

  • low quality website
  • false information;
  • theft of other people's data;
  • having negative reviews.

We categorically do not recommend cooperating with the presented office. Avoid such projects and do not see simple tricks that can be checked in a couple of minutes.

If you have been scammed by Center Legal or any other black organization, we can help you get your lost money back. Fill out a special form at the beginning of the article and we will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to be taken using the specified contact information.

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