Pocket Option is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

Today, we got to review the most innovative Pocket Option trading platform, which is trusted by millions of customers around the world. This is not the first time we hear tales of huge incomes and better working conditions. As practice shows, such promises are rarely true. Therefore, we will analyze in detail the activities of the presented company and find out what it is.

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Pocket Option. General analysis

Broker's main website:


Whois score:

Pocket Option reviews scam
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Site Overview

The Pocket Option web resource is made in a classic restrained style. The color scheme is chosen very well. Site navigation is carried out using the menu located in the upper right corner. At first glance, the company under review is credible and does not look like a fraudulent project. But this is only a superficial judgment.

The cost of the site was estimated by a special service at almost 700 rubles. On the one hand, in the modern world this is very little money, and on the other hand, our hero has this figure ten times more than many other similar offices.

Pocket Option reviews scam
Site rating

As for the information content of the web resource. Its pages contain a lot of information about the company's activities and trading conditions. Only all the data presented is so general that if you change the name of the organization, they will suit any online broker. We did not find any specifics and really practical information.

It should also be noted that the hero of our today's review is an exact copy of another platform with an identical name, but a different domain name - pocketoption.com. Either the scammers simply stole other people's data, or po.site is an additional branch of the main resource that provides services to traders from Russia. Since pocketoption.com does not work with residents from the Russian Federation, Japan, USA, EEA and Israel.

Pocket Option reviews scam

Checking legal data and official documentation of Pocket Option

It is immediately necessary to clarify the moment that Pocket Option is not the name of an organization, but a trade brand that belongs to the legal entity Gembell Limited. The company is registered in the Marshall Islands. First, it is one of the most closed jurisdictions in the world. If you are thrown by any office registered here, there will be nowhere to complain. Secondly, checking the location of the organization showed that its address is a small semi-inhabited island in the Indian Ocean.

Pocket Option reviews scam
Google Maps

We will consider our friend as an independent financial platform, since there is simply no information about his direct connection with other organizations. Checking the Pocket Option website for Whois (screenshot at the beginning of the review) showed that it is only 39 days old. So all the data about millions of traders from all over the world, rich experience, registration in 2017 and high reliability is a common deception and a fraudulent trick.

In the contact details section, the broker only provides access to a general chat, an online support form and a phone with a UK code. That is, there is no direct connection with these comrades - a standard situation for most HYIP projects.

To conduct financial activities on the territory of the Russian Federation, Pocket Option must have an appropriate license from the Central Bank. Of course, the company doesn't. Instead of an official document, we are slipped a scanned copy of some kind of permission from an organization called CROFR. This is a pseudo-regulator that deals with the trade in licenses. It is often referred to by many "scammers". Any documents issued by him have no legal force.

Pocket Option reviews scam

Before trusting your money to any financial institution, you must definitely study the terms of cooperation with it. The provisions of the Pocket Option user agreement literally scream about the fraudulent intentions of the project. Clause 2.7 gives the company the right to change quotes in its favor and drain the client's budget. And quotes from any other sources will not have any power in resolving the issue.

Pocket Option reviews scam

With the help of paragraphs 2.9, 2.10 and 2.11, the broker reserves the right to block the user's account just for any suspicions in his direction. It is also necessary to pay attention to such a phrase "inside the Client's Cabinet", scattered throughout the contract. In fact, it means that all operations take place exclusively within the platform and have nothing to do with real financial markets, like a regular computer game. In general, the entire contract is a well-thought-out algorithm for deceiving naive traders.

Pocket Option reviews scam

Offers and conditions of work with Pocket Option.

Pocket Option is called its main goal - to provide an innovative trading experience. To do this, the company offers more than 100 working tools, instant deposits and withdrawals, a large bonus program and social trading. For beginners, there is an opportunity for training and assistance for a quick start. It is possible to work on the platform on a free demo account. The minimum deposit amount is 50$ and the minimum withdrawal amount is 10$.

In order for traders to work anytime and anywhere, Pocket Option has created its own application that supports all popular platforms Web, Android, IOS, PC. This is all good, of course, but as practice shows, most of these "goodies" do not go anywhere beyond promises.

The company also offers an extensive referral system. You have the right to independently choose how you will receive income for the referred referrals: account replenishment, profit commission, CPA offer, etc. Also, the amount of payments will depend on their own profile level, which increases as the funds contained in their account grow. However, there is no guarantee that you will actually get something for the given "suckers". Perhaps not the best opinion about you from deceived users.

Real customer reviews of Pocket Option

On the site, the hero under review has its own section with reviews of his work. Well, who would doubt that they are all extremely positive and praise their favorite broker in different ways. All of them are written by the company itself in order to inspire confidence in potential victims.

Pocket Option reviews scam

Reviews of real customers tell a completely opposite course of affairs. They expose our acquaintances not from the best side and clearly indicate the fraudulent inclination of the monitored project.

Pocket Option reviews scam Pocket Option reviews scam

If you have personally experienced the fraudulent manipulations of Pocket Option scammers, share your experience in the comments at the end of the review. Any information will help to quickly cover the "scam" and save other people from losing money.

How Pocket Option cheat their customers

Pocket Option swindle their clients according to the simplest possible scheme. Through aggressive browser and social media ads, they build a reputation as a reliable broker and quickly find new traders. On their website, they promise numerous gifts and bonuses. In general, they bother the victim's head, forcing them to make the first deposit.

While the client is trading, they try to lure more money from him through various manipulations. But as soon as he tries to withdraw his earnings, technical problems will immediately begin, and the support service will not respond. Also, scammers can simply block the account and refer to some pseudo-violations on your part. In any case, you will never see your money again.


During the analysis of Pocket Option, the following signs of a HYIP project were found:

  • clone site;
  • low information content;
  • registration in an offshore zone;
  • fake license;
  • lack of official regulation;
  • the presence of negative reviews;
  • lack of normal contact.

Already one of these points is enough to doubt the honesty of a financial institution, and the hero of our review has collected a complete set. We categorically do not recommend cooperating with the presented brokerage kitchen, at least if your money is dear to you.

If due to the activities of Pocket Option or any other black office you have lost your money, we are ready to assist in the return of funds. Fill out a special form at the beginning of the review and a detailed action plan will be sent to the specified contacts.

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