EXXACapital is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

One of the best brokers that provides endless investment opportunities is EXXACapital. These swindlers are not shy about writing laudatory odes to themselves. They assure traders of their reliability and the absence of risks when working with them. But if you study this organization, everything turns out to be the opposite. To verify this, read our review.

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EXXACapital. General information

Broker's main website:


Whois score:

EXXACapital reviews scam
Domain Age

Website evaluation

To get to the site of the pseudo-broker EXXACapital, you need to get a special code that is known only to employees (see the screen at the beginning of the article). Why such a conspiracy? This is necessary for scammers to weed out unwanted users - reviewers and law enforcement officers. At the first encounter with such a strange broker, you need to run away from him.

The very resource of this company looks scarce. And after registration, it will not get better. Primitive design, a lot of pathos words and lack of sensible information - that's what awaits the user. The site evaluation service only confirms our words.

EXXACapital reviews scam
Site rating

For smartphones, the site is adapted in a very interesting way - no one even bothered to align the pictures in the center, so you have to enjoy the image fields.

If you want to learn more about the services of a scammer, you will have to try hard, because the resource does not have a translation into Russian. Copying information and asking for help from a translator will also fail - this function is limited. Have you already noticed that EXXACapital is acting too suspicious?

Expertise of legal information, EXXACapital licenses

Let's look at the Whois score again, you can see the screen at the beginning of the article. The site was created in 2021, but began to function normally a little more than two months ago. This fact does not inspire any confidence in the broker.

It is expected that the scammer does not share information about himself. For communication there is only e-mail. And why ask unnecessary questions and bother employees if they themselves will find and process you in order to get your money.

It is not surprising that EXXACapital does not have documents confirming the right to carry out brokerage activities. The Central Bank of Russia also did not issue a license to swindlers.

EXXACapital reviews scam
CBR data

The purpose of a broker is to act as an intermediary. A private person cannot buy shares; for this, an agent with a license is needed. If there are no documents, then there is no right to work as a link. That is, you give money to someone who, in fact, cannot use it to trade on the market. EXXACapital is an obvious scam, designed for lack of knowledge in the field of investing.

Features of the work of EXXACapital

The broker does not offer any clear tools or terms of cooperation. All phrases are built in a streamlined way to attract the attention of visitors. Judge for yourself, here is a list of scam services:

  • unique tools for traders;
  • bonuses for both new and active old customers;
  • referral program to increase income;
  • convenient platform for trading on the market.

The referral program is a clear sign of scammers. Typically, such an attraction scheme is used to catch as many people as possible in their networks. We have already written about similar organizations many times on binarybets.ru

EXXACapital guarantee their clients profitability. But no normal broker can do that. First, this is not always possible. And secondly, it is considered a violation of federal laws "On the securities market" and "On advertising."

What clients say about EXXACapital

There are very few reviews about EXXACapital. This is not surprising, because the scammer perfectly hides information about himself. And besides, there is a company only a couple of months. But something nevertheless managed to be found.

EXXACapital reviews scam
EXXACapital reviews

If you fell for the tricks of EXXACapital scammers, write about it in the comments below. Your feedback can save others from losing money.

EXXACapital User Fraud Scheme

With a conspiracy of this level, it is difficult to analyze in detail the scheme of work of scammers, but in general terms it looks standard.

  1. The pseudo-broker finds the victims himself. Getting to the site by accident, as we have seen, is impossible.
  2. A person is probed for the level of gullibility. If you approach, they begin to process you. You will be given a code and will be given such a rare chance - to register on this resource. They are likely to disguise their excessive caution as exclusivity.
  3. After registration, the client is told about the fictitious benefits of cooperation, they describe how much profit they will soon be able to get.

When a person decides to transfer money to an EXXACapital account, problems begin. First, the trader will be fed breakfast, then they will stop answering his questions. And he simply will not be able to withdraw his deposit.


On the EXXACapital web resource, we found the following signs of fraud:

  • lack of free access to the site;
  • there is no contact information for communication with employees of the organization;
  • lack of a license from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation;
  • domain created in 2021;
  • cheap and clumsy website;
  • referral program designed to lure more customers;
  • profit information that misleads customers.

Our conclusion is simple - stay away from this and similar offices and learn to recognize normal brokers among the husks.

If EXXACapital or other scammers have deprived you of money, but you intend to return them, enter your email address in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step algorithm of actions to help solve the problem.

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