TIMstep is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

The TIMstep trading platform invites everyone to dive into the world of finance, learn the basics of investing and secure a large passive income. The main tasks of the company are to ensure the security of trading operations and expand its activities. Today we will try to find out who and how much can earn with the help of this project.

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TIMstep. General information

Broker's main website:


Whois score:

TIMstep reviews scam
Domain Age

Site analysis

The web resource of the monitored organization is a primitive template platform. The design and layout of the site is as simple and uninteresting as possible. All blocks are monotonous and do not attract the attention of visitors. This platform was deservedly valued at 1 ruble. You can see the real concern for the customers.

TIMstep reviews scam
Site rating

In addition, we have seen an identical arrangement of blocks and site menus in many other similar projects. Fraudsters stupidly copy each other's resources, slightly changing the design, description and name of the company. All these “scams” give out 2 facts: a trio of regulators in the footer of the site and a 4-year history of the formation of a financial institution.

The information component of a web resource has not gone far from the visual one. Clients are provided with a minimum of useful information. They only hang noodles on their ears with the help of loud headlines and unsubstantiated promises.

Expertise of legal information, TIMstep licenses

Talking about their activities, TIMstep claims that their investment platform has been operating for more than 4 years. It also provides quite impressive statistics and the history of the emergence of the platform.

TIMstep reviews scam

However, all these stories turn out to be ordinary fictions. Analysis of the site by Whois (screenshot at the beginning of the article) showed that its real age at the time of writing the review is only 43 days. The domain name of the web resource was registered back in 2009, but it was not used for a long time until our comrades settled on it on 10/24/2021.

TIMstep contact information is represented by a data set that is traditional for most similar projects: e-mail, international phone number and legal address. It is also possible to request a call from the round the clock personal user support. As we can see, there is no direct contact with the broker. Checking the address showed that it was fake. No matches were found. Before us is another anonymous "financial dump".

TIMstep reviews scam
google maps data

In the accreditation section, TIMstep claims to have the support of many of the world's renowned regulators. We are even shown license numbers. But for some reason, the numbers presented in this section do not match the information in the footer of the site. Having copied a web resource from another "scam", the hero under review did not even manage to change the data.

Although it doesn't make any sense, we will check at least a few regulators for TIMstep licenses. UK Financial Conduct Authority:

TIMstep reviews scam

Belize International Financial Services Commission:

TIMstep reviews scam

Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission of Cyprus:

TIMstep reviews scam

As expected, our friends do not have any official permission to conduct financial activities. In addition, the surveyed office did not even hint at registration with the Central Bank, without which it cannot provide any services on the territory of the Russian Federation. Therefore, if TIMstep cheats you for money, there will be no one to turn to for help.

Features of the work of the company TIMstep. Tools and conditions for traders

According to the information on the TIMstep website, the company's trading platform is distinguished by a large pool of tools for risk analysis and forecasting, the absence of an overdraft on the account, prompt execution of orders and a simple history of trading operations. Thanks to the terminal, traders will be able to receive the most accurate and up-to-date quotes from international financial centers. However, the information providers themselves are silent.

All clients can trade assets such as currencies, metals, stocks, commodities, indices and cryptocurrencies. To get started, you only need to follow 3 simple steps:

  • register on the site;
  • open an account on the platform according to the chosen tariff;
  • start trading.

The company offers 3 tariff plans.

  1. Beginner - from 150$.
  2. Trader - from 1 000$.
  3. Premium - from 10 000$.

TIMstep reviews scam

The higher the minimum tariff entry, the wider its functionality. The only trading indicator that is known from the description is leverage. The broker does not report on the size of commissions, swaps and margin. There is no demo account on the platform.

Regarding the deposit / withdrawal of funds, only 2 points are known:

  • you can open a deposit in any convenient way without commissions;
  • Withdrawal of funds is carried out at any time in the shortest possible time without accruing interest.

What payment services the organization cooperates with, what is the minimum and maximum withdrawal amount, on what conditions it is possible to withdraw the body of the deposit - the broker is silent about all this.

Real testimonials from TIMstep clients

Despite the relative youth of the project, TIMstep has already managed to light up on the Internet not from the best side. Reviews from deceived customers are just beginning to appear, apparently the scammers have not yet had time to turn around in full.

TIMstep reviews scam

If you have been scammed by TIMstep scammers, share your story in the comments at the end of the article. You will help others avoid senseless financial losses.

TIMstep user cheating scheme

Divorce of clients at TIMstep is put on stream. To do this, the broker uses its software. The website of the organization states that their trading platform is their own development. In fact, the crooks bought a special program that imitates financial activities from some unscrupulous developers. In fact, this is a professional simulator, an ordinary computer game that simulates trading and listens only to its owners.

The presented "scam" operates according to a knurled scheme. Experienced "fishermen" place their nets on social networks and in various forums. Here they look for interested users and collect their contact information. After that, experienced “swindlers” are connected to the process, who, with the help of psychological tricks and various promises, drive the victims to their site. Then a personal manager is assigned to each client, whose main task is to extort money from a naive trader. They squeeze the maximum out of their clients, and as soon as the victim wants to get off the hook, they are either intimidated or simply blocked.


TIMstep is a classic scam project. It does not have a standard package of documents that every broker must have. His website has a minimum of useful information for potential customers. The project is absolutely anonymous, it is almost impossible to find its owners. If we also take into account the negative reviews of real clients of this financial kitchen, we can safely say that we have another "scam".

If you have become a victim of TIMstep or other black brokers, but do not know how to get your investment back, fill out the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you step-by-step instructions with illustrations to the specified mail. This plan will help you emerge from a crisis situation as a winner.

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