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Trading in the financial markets has become a trend for a long time, so many people are concerned about finding an intermediary they can trust. GCM YATIRIM is one of the largest brokers in Turkey and is a money management platform. Among the interesting features are reports and analytics from experts, a trial account and the ability to copy trades of other traders. In general, it does not sound bad, but let's see if this organization can actually be trusted.

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GCM YATIRIM. General information

Broker's main website:


Whois score:

GCM YATIRIM reviews scam

Resource Analysis

At first glance at the site, it is striking that it is made somehow clumsily. It seems that there are design elements, thoughtful blocks, but it all looks tasteless and cheap. No wonder a specialized resource estimated its cost at a minimum.

GCM YATIRIM reviews scam

The GCM YATIRIM domain is old, but it started working normally only in 2021, which can be seen in the first screenshot at the beginning of the article. On the main page of the site, we immediately see the license numbers so that no one has a desire to doubt the broker. You are promised profitable investments in stocks, precious metals, currency pairs. And they even give a free trial account, with which you can practice trading on the stock exchange.

The web resource has the following structure:

  • the likelihood of risks;
  • investment products;
  • trading platforms;
  • GCM exchange;
  • platform;
  • education;
  • analysis;
  • corporate information.

For such a large company, the site is too badly laid out. There are broken blocks, slow loading pages, and horribly outdated non-unique designs.

GCM YATIRIM licenses

The GCM YATIRIM broker has several offices in Turkey, which, of course, inspires even more confidence in traders who want to start making money on the exchange as soon as possible. The company is well-known, can you find them, see them, feel them, and therefore entrust them with your money? Do not rush to such conclusions. These scammers work much more carefully than the rest.

The organization has permits issued by the Turkish Capital Market Board. Trading operations are provided by GCM Forex and Other brands. But the Central Bank of Russia did not issue a license to the company to work with clients from the Russian Federation and the CIS. This is fraught with the fact that you will have to clarify any questions and challenge the illegal actions of the fraudster in Turkey.

GCM YATIRIM reviews scam

Features of the work of GCM YATIRIM. Tools and conditions for traders

GCM YATIRIM offers to use the following market trading terminals: GCM Trader, GCM MT4 and MT5. According to the assurances of the fraudster, they are the most convenient, control is carried out from a smartphone or PC. The site lists the following company benefits:

  • support provided by the company's agents (we will talk more about the GCM YATIRIM service, due to which traders lose money, in the "Reviews" section);
  • convenient software for trading in the browser;
  • free trial account;
  • training and educational support.

GCM YATIRIM reviews scam

However, with all this, the scammers forgot to mention the significant shortcomings that threaten every trader with losses when working with them:

  • no account insurance;
  • deposit and withdrawal of funds is carried out only by bank transfer.
  • unprofitable leverage (up to 1:10). Suitable for experienced traders only.

The minimum deposit is from 50,000 Turkish Lira. At the time of writing this review, it is 4000$.

The broker offers traders several options for analysis: analytics and forecasts for the Forex market, expert assessments presented on the website, reports and various studies. To understand the situation in the market, financial video tutorials, posts and educational seminars are provided.

Reviews of GCM YATIRIM broker clients

It is difficult to find data about a scammer in RuNet, but Turkish sites are flooded with reviews of deceived traders. They were translated from Turkish into Russian using Google translator, so the text is clumsy, but you can catch the essence.

Sometimes among them there are detailed descriptions of how a scam broker works. Due to the incompetence of employees and errors in the operation of the terminals, traders lose large sums of money. There is also a problem with the withdrawal of funds.

GCM YATIRIM reviews scam GCM YATIRIM reviews scam GCM YATIRIM reviews scam GCM YATIRIM reviews scam GCM YATIRIM reviews scam GCM YATIRIM reviews scam GCM YATIRIM reviews scam

GCM YATIRIM reviews scam

If GCM YATIRIM refuses to withdraw funds, blocked your account or you lost money as a result of the incorrect work of the support staff of this scammer, then write comments under this article. Your feedback can save other traders from losing money.

GCM YATIRIM user fraud scheme

What awaits traders in cooperation with GCM YATIRIM scammers? Hiding behind the image of a successful company, the organization profits from gullible people. For starters, you will be enveloped in false information. The broker's many years of experience, all kinds of awards, licenses and flattering reviews of investors are designed to make you believe that it is safe here, you can not be afraid to lose money.

GCM YATIRIM may write off your money. Or by listening to the advice of "experts", you simply lose them. There are too many options for errors that destroy your funds. You can verify this if you return to the reviews again. The most interesting begins when you want to withdraw funds. This is not possible for everyone. We often talked about such divorce schemes for depositors on binarybets.ru.


On the GCM YATIRIM website, we found the following signs of fraud:

  • a web resource, the cost and content of which do not correlate with the image of one of the leading brokers in Turkey;
  • lack of customer deposit insurance, which is also mandatory if the company works honestly;
  • reviews on the Internet indicate that the software is not as stable as the broker claims, which leads to losses;
  • lack of a license from the Central Bank of Russia.

Despite the positive image that GCM YATIRIM almost managed to create, a detailed study of all the data clearly shows that this is a scammer. But a fraudulent broker is much more careful, so many are being led and pouring money into the pockets of the founders. After analyzing all the information, it is difficult to draw another conclusion - you should not trust your money to GCM YATIRIM. You are unlikely to return your deposit and even more so earn at least a couple of dollars there.

If you have experienced the insidiousness of the GCM YATIRIM broker or other scammers, and now you don’t know how to get your money back, leave your email address in the form at the beginning of this review. We will send you instructions with specific procedures to follow.

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