Malonex is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

Malonex promises to help you start making money on investments right now using special analytical tools. You can create your own strategies by trading securities, cryptocurrencies, metals. Sounds tempting, especially for novice traders. Is this offer really worth it? Let's study in detail all the ins and outs of this organization.

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Malonex. General information

Broker's main website: and

Whois score:

Malonex reviews scam
Domain Age

Resource rating

In the first screenshot, you will see that the scammer's site began to function normally only this year. Malonex often change domains to make them hard to track. The project once again scammed, the scammers bought the old address on which they launched their website.

I would like to talk about it in more detail. The resource of a fake broker is a standard one-pager. Adapted for smartphones, often lags from a personal computer.

The site is filled with various animations, which does not help to make it at least a little original. Design, layout, content - everything is too typical. Therefore, the specialized service rated it accordingly.

Malonex reviews scam
Site rating

The website looks too simple for such a large project as Malonex positions itself. There is little specific information about the company's activities, as it should be for scammers. There are figures to attract attention, documents that do not inspire confidence. And a lot of water.

Sections of the site:

  • about the company (subsection with accreditations and licenses);
  • trading conditions;
  • markets;
  • contacts.

Would you like to know more about the service you will be working with? The figures will tell about the activities of Malonex on the site: 35,000 traders, 250 million - daily dollar turnover, 4 years on the market. Let's take a closer look at this and other information.

Expertise of contact details, legal information, Malonex licenses

The Whois score (see first screenshot) shows that the domain is 15 years old, but was only updated in 2021. And the monitored company, as it claims, is 4 years old. Inconsistency. It turns out that the company is lying about its age. We have repeatedly written about sites with suspicious domain names on

The company indicated the strange location of the office. The Cypriot address itself does not inspire confidence, but one thing is clear when studying the map - Malonex are scammers. The designated place is difficult to find on the map, but even if it is found, we will be disappointed - there are no scammers' offices there. The area is home to a hospital, a construction company, a club, a hotel, anything but Malonex.

Malonex reviews scam
Google Maps

Maybe something will tell us a contact phone number? No, apart from the fact that it is registered in Cyprus, no data has been found on it.

Malonex reviews scam
number check

You can contact Malonex employees by mail, but in general you are offered to register immediately and start earning - why waste time.

The company has a separate section of the site, where licenses are provided for public viewing, which turn out to be fake for verification. Neither the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, nor the Financial Services Commission of the Republic of Mauritius began to contact the scammers and issue documents to them.

Malonex reviews scam
Malonex reviews scam

And even more so, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation did not issue permission for such a suspicious organization.

Malonex reviews scam
CBR data

There is no information on the terms of cooperation on the site. A great way to avoid responsibility for your actions.

Features of Malonex. Tools and conditions for traders

After registration, a trader can choose three options for cooperation. The first is the investment of small amounts, in which case you will lose 150$. Rather, it is the amount of your deposit. But you will be tempted to choose a more interesting tariff, because this lacks a number of features: cryptocurrency trading, insurance and deposit protection, as well as round-the-clock support from Malonex employees.

The second option involves a deposit of 1000$, but some features are still not available. For example, your deposits are insured but not protected. To get the whole package of goodies, invest 10000$. And at the same time forget about them. Do you know what betrays scammers? Leverage.

Malonex reviews scam

Leverage is a broker's insurance against losses. Malonex offers conditions that are too unprofitable for itself - a leverage of 1:500. Under such conditions, the company would quickly go bankrupt.

Real Malonex customer reviews

Better not to know about this scammer at all. But the reviews in Runet indicate that at one point you may stumble upon its advertisement. Or they just call you. And apparently, Malonex employees are convincing, easily rubbed into trust and take away other people's money.

Malonex reviews scam Malonex reviews scam Malonex reviews scam Malonex reviews scam

Malonex reviews scam
Malonex Reviews

Fell for the Malonex bait? Share your story in the comments below this article. Your feedback is important, it will help save other people from loss.

How Malonex cheat inexperienced traders?

They promise you a profitable investment of money and good bonuses, they persuade you to deposit a round sum into your account in order to start making money on investments. Then you will be strongly encouraged to transfer even more money. As long as you have the patience.

As soon as you guess about the deception, the scammers will start playing for time. Withdrawing funds will not work, you will most likely be blocked. At the same time, at the very beginning, you may be allowed to receive a small amount allegedly earned on the exchange. But this is done only to lull attention, in some cases the trick works. Since the name of the company is already a rumor, the scammers who manipulate you may deny the connection with the Malonex broker.


We found many signs of fraud on the Malonex website:

  • non-adaptive web resource layout, primitive design and content;
  • lack of a real legal address and contacts;
  • fake licenses, there is no permission to conduct activities on the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • use of false information about the organization's working hours;
  • a losing Malonex position is an implausible amount of leverage.

There are no reviews on the company's work on the site, but the assessment of its activities on the Internet speaks volumes. This is a clear scam designed for inexperienced traders.

If you have become a victim of Malonex or other scams and don't know how to get your money back, leave your email address in a special form at the beginning of the article. We will send instructions to the mail - a step-by-step, illustrated plan of actions that need to be completed.

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