Barlamo is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

Barlamo is a company that develops innovative products for professional traders and investors, facilitates the sale and purchase of major cryptocurrencies, provides tools for market research and making winning deals. The broker also offers Forex software that protects traders' trading accounts. The head office is located in Moscow, but there are representative offices in the EU countries. Let's see how easy and reliable it is to trade stocks with this company.

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Barlamo General information

Broker's main website:

Whois check:

Barlamo reviews scam
Domain Age

Site analysis

The broker's website is so simple that a specialized service estimated its cost at 4 rubles. Agree, not so much for a company that trades in cryptocurrencies and has representative offices in the EU countries. By the way, the Internet resource is focused only on Russian-speaking citizens, because there is no opportunity to choose a foreign language.

Barlamo reviews scam
Site rating

The main page of the site is simply filled with all sorts of pathetic phrases about what kind of broker Barlamo is cool and specialized financial terms. Immediately repels a large number of pictures from photo stocks, because it creates a feeling of some kind of artificiality.

The site consists of 6 sections:

  • tools;
  • about Us;
  • trade;
  • FAQ;
  • contacts;
  • education.

The “About Us” section is interesting, because the creators did not hesitate to write the history of creation and mention that they have entered into successful cooperation with leading Russian banks: VTB, Sberbank, Tinkoff, Rosselkhozbank. Also, the company did not forget to say that it works with serious partners in the field of oil and gas processing. Apparently, they did not raise their hand to write that they are cooperating with Gazprom, so they modestly generalized to the name of the industry.

In general, the creators of the resource were not too lazy to compose a lot of texts, most likely, they wanted to take their eyes off the simple design in this way. That's just because of the abundance of common phrases - "the company's value has increased several times", "key partners", "serious partners" - trust in Barlamo is rapidly slipping to zero.

Barlamo reviews scam

Expertise of legal information, Barlamo licenses

The first thing that may immediately catch your eye is that the company is registered in the state of Saint Vincent and Greenadines at the address that most scammers often indicate based on information in Yandex.

Barlamo reviews scam

The lack of documents for the right to provide financial services in Russia is also a strange fact. It is curious how this is possible if the broker claims that it cooperates with leading Russian companies, and indeed the head office is located in Moscow? The question is rhetorical.

Barlamo reviews scam
CBR data

The site also says that transactions are processed by a certain company Dotwallet OÜ, registered in Estonia. There really is such an enterprise, but it does not work in the financial industry, but in the field of computer technology.

Barlamo reviews scam

It is also very interesting that contact information is missing from the word "absolutely". No Moscow office address, no phone, not even email. Just a feedback form that looks so crooked that you immediately get the feeling: my appeal simply will not reach.

The files about the privacy policy, which are made in two languages (Russian and English), and the deposit and withdrawal policy (for some reason, it is completely in English) look very funny. In the first document, it is alarming that the client automatically agrees to provide many personal documents with registration (copy of passport, financial documents, payment card details). If you haven't read the privacy policy, you don't even realize that you have to provide just a pile of papers about yourself.

Separately, we mention the age of the project. On the site, we have repeatedly told that most sites are not even a year old. Barlamo is no exception. The domain was created just a couple of months ago - on October 5, 2021, although the creation history says that the company has been operating since 2018. In addition, over this short period of time, more than 12 thousand traders have already registered on the site, who have made 363,234 successful transactions.

Barlamo reviews scam

Features of the work of the company Barlamo. Tools and conditions for traders

The broker claims that he has a separate investment strategy that takes into account all the criteria for minimizing risks. The client can choose one of five investment periods - 1,14,30, 60 and 90 days.

Barlamo promises that trading will be very profitable, as among the advantages: a small initial deposit, bonus program, low spreads. You can also trade shares of the world's leading companies without commission, negative interest payments, hidden deductions.

In addition, the broker offers financial market reviews from leading analysts, educational videos, books, and ready-made expert solutions to improve your own results.

To start working with the platform, you just need to register, verify your account, and then replenish your account.

Real customer reviews Barlamo

In the reviews, investors say that they face difficulties in withdrawing funds, or money is debited from the deposit in some incomprehensible way, while the managers claim that this happened due to the negligence of the trader.

Barlamo reviews scam Barlamo reviews scam

Barlamo reviews scam
Barlamo Reviews

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Barlamo user fraud scheme

Fraudsters act not only as a broker, but also as a specialized investment platform. This is done in order to lure more people into their networks.

When the investor receives the first profit and wants to withdraw it, difficulties with the withdrawal of funds begin, as well as mythical violations of the rules, followed by blocking the account. It can be unfrozen, but for this you will have to pay some more money and, of course, the account will still remain inaccessible.

Barlamo also uses the following scheme: calls people and offers earnings on investments. Using various psychological methods, luring users to the platform. When clients earn income on the platform, the problems described above arise.


Barlamo is a real scam. The site does not contain contact information, registration certificate and license of the regulator. Fraudsters do not disclose information about who they work with, what trading conditions. They just use common pathos phrases, because their goal is to attract and deceive as many users as possible using various methods.

If you have suffered from the activities of the "black" broker Barlamo, be sure to leave your e-mail at the beginning of the article, and we will send instructions on how to return your money.

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