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Assistance in selecting stocks for an investment portfolio, theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of trading, as well as the absence of risks, is promised by the BIG SHOT training office. All who fall into their hands, scammers promise to lead to wealth literally by the hand. They will fill the portfolio with stocks and help you trade - a paradise for a novice trader. But what is really behind these promises? Find out in our review.

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BIG SHOT. General information

Broker's main website:

Trustorg rating:

BIG SHOT reviews scam
Trust in the network

 Web resource analysis

The BIG SHOT website began to function normally only in 2021. On a cursory glance, it seems like a solid resource. There are various blocks and even web animation. Although the website has been rated quite highly by a dedicated cost checker, it's hard not to see a number of significant shortcomings. With all the clutter of the interface, designed to distract the user, slow page loading, building blocks and a simple design are clearly evident. This is a hastily tailored one-pager with a crooked layout.

BIG SHOT reviews scam
Site rating

In the header of the site there are buttons by which you can go to the following one-page blocks:

  • our trainings (do not wait for a detailed description of the training program - there is solid water here);
  • professional tools (also a lot of beautiful words, but no specifics);
  • contact us (feedback form and fake data);
  • vacancies (another way to get your contacts through a special form);
  • about us (this block contains reviews);
  • sales team (a set of strangely identical photographs of unnamed employees).

The main page includes many blocks that can confuse a gullible visitor. There are reviews here, from which you will understand absolutely nothing. The site functions in Hebrew, reviews, respectively, on it. Only the content can be translated into Russian, but what BIG SHOT's alleged clients are talking about is unknown.

Separately, there are video tutorials about cryptocurrency, stock trading and creating a profitable portfolio. The scammers tried to blur their eyes, for this they even created a block with clever articles about investments.

The BIG SHOT organization seems so serious and trustworthy. But if you analyze the information posted in the footer, rose-colored glasses fall off. We'll talk about this in the next section.

Evaluation of legal information, official documentation BIG SHOT

The address of the company's office is indicated in the footer of the site. Upon verification, it turns out that this is a complete swindle. The founders of BIG SHOT decided to refer to the mall that houses countless businesses. However, the fraudster himself is not among them. Cunningly.

BIG SHOT reviews scam
Google Maps

A phone number for communication is also indicated, but disguise as a real number was not even taken care of.

BIG SHOT reviews scam
Phone number verification

But you can contact the representatives of this fraudulent organization via WhatsApp. True, there is no data on the phone number in this case either. Fake mentors of traders are encrypted well.

BIG SHOT reviews scam
Phone number verification

Contacting scammers is difficult. There is e-mail, strange phone numbers, but the emphasis is on the feedback form. Just leave your contacts, and you will fall into the hands of caring scammers who will start to go over your ears. This scheme is also used by other scammers, which we have repeatedly talked about on

Official documents confirming the legality of the work of the BIG SHOT scam cannot be found on any of the blocks of the site, they are not even in the basement. The Central Bank of Russia also did not issue a permit to conduct activities on the territory of the Russian Federation.

BIG SHOT reviews scam
CBR data

How BIG SHOT works. Tools and conditions for traders

The scammer promises students training in various options for trading in the market, professional training and a ready-made portfolio. However, for this you need to pass a credit check. To use BIG SHOT services, you need to have 33,000 shekels (almost 10000$) in your account. This scam is clearly designed for wealthy clients.

BIG SHOT reviews scam

Scammers assure that such a large amount will go exclusively to compiling a trading portfolio. Judging by the reviews that you can see below, your money will simply transfer to the accounts of scammers. BIG SHOT's goal is to make you a professional trader. By all indications, they would rather bankrupt you by at least 10000$.

What they say about BIG SHOT on the net

The site contains colorful video reviews with which scammers are trying to draw more people into their scam. However, in Runet, reviews about the company are scary, I want to run away from such a training office. How can you leave a few thousand dollars to scammers?

BIG SHOT reviews scam

BIG SHOT reviews scam
BIG SHOT reviews

If BIG SHOT scammers have already reached your wallet, write about your experience in the comments. Perhaps this will be an excuse for other traders to save their money.

BIG SHOT User Fraud Scheme

Employees of the company promise to teach everyone who wants to trade in the stock market without the risk of losing money. Allegedly, they will provide you with a ready-made portfolio, teach you how to trade, put everything in your mouth and even chew it. But in fact, you will give a fabulous amount, and you will be beautifully merged. There are no guarantees, working conditions and withdrawal of money on the BIG SHOT website.

The scammers are doing a great job. They have a YouTube channel with lots of packaged videos, website testimonials, investment articles. All this is intended to prove to a person that he is facing a serious organization that trains traders.

Register through the feedback form on the web resource, and you will be processed, pouring water into your ears about how much you can earn with the support of BIG SHOT. When you risk giving away your hard-earned money, your accounts will be blocked.


On the BIG SHOT website, we found the following signs of fraud:

  • lack of licenses and documents confirming the legality of the organization's actions;
  • false office address;
  • uninformative site;
  • lack of mentions in the network, which is strange for a training company;
  • checking for solvency and the need to inject 10000$ into the trading portfolio;
  • lack of information about the withdrawal process.

There is no specific data anywhere on how trading training is built, what responsibility BIG SHOT bears, what rules govern their work. It is safe to say that this is a scam capable of extracting a large amount of money from you.

If you have been scammed by BIG SHOT or other scammers and you want your money back, please enter your email in the form at the beginning of the review. We will send you a step-by-step algorithm to help you solve the problem.

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