Novoideal is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

Today we have another broker in our review, which promises mountains of gold to its clients. Novoideal provides comfortable and safe trading, offers the best conditions and tools on the market. But how true are these words? Let's figure it out together.

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Novoideal. General information

Broker's main website:

Whois score:

Novoideal reviews scam
Novoideal Whois

Site analysis

Black brokers are constantly curtailing some of their projects and opening new ones. Novoideal is another platform that belongs to a large gang of crooks. The sites of such offices are riveted according to one pattern, scammers do not even bother to make at least some variety and not “burn out” so clearly. The web resource of our today's hero is probably already the sixth or seventh site in our reviews, which has identical functionality, structure and history of the company's creation. All that these comrades change is the color scheme and the company logo.

The web resource is multilingual and supports work in 7 different languages, including Russian. All pages are made in a boring and trivial design. Navigation is done using the top menu bar. Even a schoolboy in a computer science lesson can easily create such a platform. There is no useful information on the site. The broker only talks about its advantages, for which there is not a single practical evidence. Users are trying with all their might to hang noodles on their ears and make them go to the registration window faster.

Expertise of legal information, Novoideal licenses

Let's immediately pay attention to the footer of the Novoideal website. It is here that the main feature of the whole clan of fraudulent offices is contained - information about the three Belize-Mauritius-Cyprus regulators and the registration address. And it is no coincidence that the text in this place cannot be copied. This information is specially made as a picture, like some other facts on the site, so that the search engine does not rank them. Otherwise, all organizations with such a footer would simply be banned for plagiarism.

Novoideal reviews scam

To accurately discard all doubts, let's check our friend on the registers of these three regulators.

Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission:

Novoideal reviews scam
Novoideal licenses

International Financial Services Commission:

Novoideal reviews scam
Novoideal licenses

Mauritius Financial Services Commission:

Novoideal reviews scam
Novoideal licenses

Also, let's immediately check Novoideal against the registers of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, without the permission of which no financial institution is entitled to operate on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Novoideal reviews scam
Novoideal CBR

None of the above controllers interact in any way with today's hero. Therefore, all his actions and operations are illegal.

The Novoideal website has a whole section "Accreditations and licenses", in which the broker names a number of organizations that "control" its activities. But even without any checks, we can assure you that none of these reputable companies have ever heard of this office.

Novoideal, talking about its activities, shows all users a success story that dates back to 2018. During these 4 years, our friends were able to acquire 35 thousand customers and bring the turnover of daily operations to the level of 110 million dollars. Well, a very familiar fairy tale and figures, you can easily verify this if you look through our other reviews. Checking the company by Whois will help to break this story to smithereens (screen at the beginning of the article). The office was born on September 27, 2021. All this nonsense about income and assets is a hoax to attract newcomers and naive Pinocchio.

The icing on the cake will be the analysis of contact data. As for a platform that really cares about its customers, Novoideal left too few channels to communicate with themselves: mail, international number, call request and location. The phone number is not valid, and a call back, as well as an answer by e-mail, can not wait. The address just doesn't exist. We didn't even manage to determine what country it was.

Novoideal reviews scam
Novoideal cards

Features of the Novoideal company. Tools and conditions for traders

Traders can trade on the financial markets with the help of Novoideal with the following assets:

  • currencies;
  • metals;
  • stock;
  • indices;
  • goods;
  • cryptocurrencies.

All operations are carried out on the broker's own platform. Therefore, all you need to get started is to go through a quick registration and make your first deposit. Novoideal provides traders with over 200 useful tools. When replenishing an account and withdrawing funds, the company does not charge commission. Among other competitive advantages, the broker highlights:

  • instant execution of orders;
  • licenses from reputable regulators;
  • secure storage of personal data;
  • adjustable leverage;
  • withdrawal of profit at any time of the day.

After analyzing the legal information of this office, it is already clear that all these “dignities” are fiction and empty words.

In total, the project provides for 3 trading accounts.

  1. Amateur - from 150$.
  2. Trader - from 1 000$;
  3. Investor - from 10 000$;

It is noteworthy that the starting account is limited and does not have any functions. Information about swaps, spreads and commissions for trading operations is not presented in the description of profiles.

Real customer reviews Novoideal

We have already found out that the hero of our review appeared on the market less than a month ago. This fact is confirmed by any other references to this office, which date back no earlier than the beginning of August of this year. Even such a short time period was enough for the pseudo-broker to collect dozens of brightly negative comments on the network. If someone thinks that we write revealing reviews for competitors, you can easily find live opinions about those who have collaborated with Novoideal. Here are examples of real reviews that fully convey the essence of this scam project.

Novoideal reviews scam
Novoideal Reviews

If you have become victims of Novoideal scams, leave comments under this article. Perhaps it is your review that will save someone from losing money.

Novoideal User Fraud Scheme

Fake brokers, like ours, are designed mainly for beginners, ignorant people who want to increase their wealth in the shortest possible time. The scam works according to the standard scheme tested on many victims. According to leaked contact information, scammers are looking for their “clients” through advertising or social networks. With empty promises, individual bonuses and offers, users are lured to register on the site and make at least a minimal contribution.

After the first replenishment of the account, events unfold differently. Here the company, as promised, approaches each client individually. Someone’s account can be blocked immediately, and someone will be allowed to withdraw some money if they see that he will be ready to invest more in the project. To get money from a trader, all tricks are used: commissions, fees, debts. Rogues find a lot of reasons, just to simply not pay money. And attempts to somehow contact the swindlers will be absolutely fruitless.


A broker that is not controlled by any of the regulators, gives false information about itself and does not have the correct registration, simply cannot provide adequate conditions for investing and earning. Novoideal is a scam project that is designed only to steal money from its customers. Any income that they try to impose on you through messages or phone calls is a 100% scam. Think twice before joining such organizations.

If you have become a victim of Novoideal or other black brokers and want to get your investment back, leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to take.

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