MVDeals is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

Let's talk about MVDeals. The broker offers unlimited opportunities for earning in various market segments. The platform boasts years of experience and tens of thousands of customers. But we cannot believe these facts until we have verified each of them. Today we will analyze the activities of this organization and find out what is hidden under the mask of a successful international company.

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MV Deals. General information

Broker's main website:

Trustorg rating:

MVDeals reviews scam
MVDeals Trustorg

Site analysis

After browsing the MVDeals website, we had a feeling of déjà vu. Their web resource is an analogue of many similar fraudulent brokers. The header, the footer with information about the regulators, the trade offer - everything is like a blueprint. Quite recently, a project even with an almost identical design, GG Team, was closed. Probably all these companies belong to the same gang. As soon as one of their projects gets a lot of negative feedback, they close it and create a new platform with a different name using the same template.

Navigation on the site is already carried out according to the sections that are classic for us, located in the top panel:

  • markets;
  • trading conditions;
  • about company;
  • contacts.

The site supports work in several languages, including Russian. The design of the web resource is very primitive and uninteresting. It is also worth noting that the transition between different pages of the site occurs with a certain delay, which indicates poor-quality layout. The information content of the resource is at a very low level. At every convenient opportunity, MVDeals praise themselves and slip “Start trading” buttons on clients. This is not surprising, because all these comrades want is to quickly take your money.

Expertise of legal information, MVDeals licenses

The MVDeals website has a "About the Company" section. By going to it, we expect to find out at least some useful information about the organization that asks us to entrust our money to it. But what we see there is the history of appearance and formation, already hackneyed by a huge number of scammers.

Our friends say that their startup entered the market in 2018 and managed to achieve cosmic success in 4 years: about 200 thousand open accounts, 380 thousand trading operations daily, financial turnover of 110 million dollars per day. Here you can also read other fairy tales about better working conditions, long-term goals, and so on. Maybe someone will allow you to hang this noodles on your ears, but definitely not us. By checking MVDeals by Whois, you can see that the site was created on 09/02/2021, that is, only 50 days ago. Therefore, all the above information that this organization provides us is a blatant lie.

MVDeals reviews scam
MVDeals Whois

In the "Accreditations and Licenses" section, MVDeals states that it cooperates with many reputable regulators:

  • Cysec;
  • ASIC;
  • MFSA;
  • IFSC;
  • MiFID;
  • JP Morgan;
  • Quotix Aggregator;
  • Goldman Sachs.

We have also seen this list more than once. We are not provided with a single scanned copy of a license or other notarized document. The broker also leaves a familiar message in the footer of his site. The presence of these three licenses has already become a kind of feature of a whole group of scammers. It is possible that these crooks, like movie maniacs, leave this mark as a signature painting.

MVDeals reviews scam

In order not to throw words to the wind, we checked this office in the registers of several regulators. International Financial Services Commission:

MVDeals reviews scam
MVDeals licenses

Mauritius Financial Services Commission:

MVDeals reviews scam
MVDeals licenses

No one doubted that none of such well-known organizations had ever collaborated with MVDeals. Since this broker also works with Russian-speaking users, it must be registered with the Central Bank, otherwise its activities will be considered illegal. We were unable to find any information about MVDeals in the registers of the main financial regulator of the Russian Federation.

MVDeals reviews scam

Although everything is clear with these comrades, we will also check their contact details. There is no way to contact the organization directly. All that is provided to users is a phone call request, non-working international numbers, email and location. The address, like all other information on the company's website, is fictitious. We also would not recommend using email, as scammers often use it to collect personal information.

MVDeals reviews scam
MVDeals google maps

Features of the work of the company MVDeals. Tools and conditions for traders

MVDeals offers traders to start earning by trading the following assets:

  • stock;
  • cryptocurrencies;
  • currency pairs;
  • goods for various purposes;
  • industrial indices;
  • precious metals.

The brokerage company provides access to trading using more than 200 financial instruments with market execution. Among its key advantages, the platform highlights:

  • no requotes and slippage;
  • trade 24/7;
  • lightning-fast execution of orders;
  • protection of personal information;
  • simple and intuitive interface;
  • wide leverage.

Traders are offered 3 types of accounts to choose from:

  1. Mini. Minimum deposit: $150. Leverage: 1:100. Instant execution.
  2. Silver. Entrance capital: 1000$. Leverage: 1:500. The conditions of the previous tariff, plus, trading in crypto-currencies and metals, deposit insurance.
  3. Gold. Minimum deposit: 10000$. All the "buns" of previous tariff plans. Additionally - deposit protection and round-the-clock support from a personal manager.

As on other identical platforms, customers are given the opportunity to calculate the "profit" that they can receive by cooperating with MVDeals. Also, our friends do not forget to mention that registration in their office takes only a couple of minutes. All that is required of you is to replenish your first deposit as soon as possible.

Real customer reviews MVDeals

The creators of MVDeals are old scammers who have already managed to light up on the network. To draw parallels between their projects, you do not need to be a professional, everything is visible to the naked eye. Although our broker has only existed for 50 days, this time was enough to get a huge pile of negative reviews. The assessment of the site by Trustorg (screenshot at the beginning of the review) only confirms our words.

MVDeals reviews scam
MVDeals Reviews

It is worth noting that MVDeals took care of the positive feedback about their office. Finding them is very easy. All of them are written according to the standard template and have too laudatory motive. You should not fall for such tricks, otherwise you can be left without pants.

MVDeals reviews scam

If you were scammed by MVDeals scammers, tell us about it in the comments at the end of the review. With your feedback, you can help others not to step on the same rake.

Scheme of deceiving users of MVDeals

MVDeals are experienced scammers who have already scammed hundreds of naive traders for money. The crooks work according to a well-established scheme:

  1. They find potential victims on thematic forums, in social networks. Use ads and pay for positive reviews and testimonials. They can also buy customer contact information from various unscrupulous sites.
  2. Get in direct contact through instant messengers and phone numbers. They hang noodles on their ears, tell success stories and force the user to make the first deposit.
  3. They create the illusion of an increase in the score. Sometimes they allow you to withdraw small amounts. They promote the trader for a new deposit.
  4. Drain investors. Delay payments, accuse of fraud, ask to pay commissions or taxes, simply block accounts.

Independent attempts to achieve justice rarely lead to success. To get the scammers to return the money, you need a wealth of legal experience and knowledge of how to behave in such situations.


MVDeals is a fresh scam that has a clear connection with the old scammers. In a detailed analysis, we were able to identify the following signs of fraudulent activity:

  • copied, low-quality web resource;
  • false information on the site;
  • lack of licenses and official documents;
  • fake contact details;
  • purchased reviews;
  • many negative reviews.

This is a fake broker who lures and robs newbies. Do not even think about getting involved with this sharaga if your capital is dear to you.

If you are a victim MVDeals or other black brokers, don't despair. There is still a small chance to get your savings back. Fill out the contact form at the beginning of the article. According to the specified data, we will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action.

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