NEWBIZWAY - SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

The review will focus on the NEWBIZWAY broker, which offers to build a personal business by gathering a team of investors and creating its own platform for earning. At the same time, it is absolutely not scary if you do not know how to attract partners. The company guarantees the receipt of participants not involved in other structures in your team. Thus, we have a networker offering “successful success”. Well, well, let's figure out who he is and what he eats or spit out.

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NEWBIZWAY. General information

Broker's main website:

Whois score:

NEWBIZWAY reviews scam

Site analysis

The website of the NEWBIZWAY company is a brightly colored "under-landing", which has only three blocks on the main page:

  • a menu that includes a login / registration page, an overview of the marketing plan (aka “about the project”), FAQ and a counter of the current number of participants / payments / days of work;
  • a colorful header with a button to go to the YouTube channel, where reviews of referrals are published;
  • a presentation of the NEWBIZWAY earnings system with very vague content, which basically says that you get the opportunity to earn passive income, change your life radically and other blah blah blah.

Pages have a low level of adaptability. When the browser window is resized, half of the blocks disappear. In addition, all this is similar to the usual MLM pyramid. But let's try to deal with everything in order.

Expertise of legal information, NEWBIZWAY licenses

It is noteworthy that the office did not leave absolutely no official data about itself. Neither on the main page, nor in any of the sections, or even in the footer, we found anything but water. But we tried to extract at least some official data from this puddle.

In the "Basement" of the site, we found the "contacts" section, when you go to which, we are thrown into the window of answers to the most common questions. It roughly describes the scheme of cooperation, and also gives postal addresses. We would not recommend contacting these comrades by mail. After all, you will expose your personal data and subsequently you will receive a huge amount of SPAM from such offices.

NEWBIZWAY reviews scam

The only place where we could find at least some figures and facts is the statistics section. In it, the company claims that 31+ thousand people are registered in the system, of which more than 18 thousand users are activated. The company has already paid them almost 60 thousand USD. The project has been in existence for over a year. By connecting simple arithmetic, we come to the conclusion that for almost a year of work, each of the users received an average of 3.33 USD. on the nose (60000/18000=3.33333…).

Whether it is worth spending time on such projects is everyone's business. But we would pass.

There are also payout schedules for 7 days with very strange values \u200b\u200bof the amount and quantity (what remains a mystery). Below is a financial table, which shows modest numbers that once again prove the correctness of our calculations.

As for legal information, registration, licenses from regulators, the office does not mention anything of this. Of course, you can play investors. But this organization does not have the right to work with users from the Russian Federation and the CIS countries, which confirms its absence in the database of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

NEWBIZWAY reviews scam

And this scam carefully hides most of its location (see the first screen). The main data remains under a veil of anonymity, which is also alarming.

And for dessert - even with a cursory review of the user agreement, we found several points in it that indicate that the NEWBIZWAY office does not bear any responsibility for your investments and can block your account at any time without returning the invested funds.

NEWBIZWAY reviews scam
NEWBIZWAY agreement
NEWBIZWAY reviews scam
NEWBIZWAY agreement

Peculiarities of work of the company NEWBIZWAY. Tools and conditions for traders

NEWBIZWAY offer a rather dreary earning scheme with different business levels. You can invest from $10 to activate the platform / withdraw funds and receive partner transfers from the system. From each partner and users brought by him (depth - 3 levels) you can receive from 60 c.u. (provided they purchase the 1st and higher business levels).

For the largest investments (from 800 USD) you will receive up to 6720 USD. from all users of your affiliate network. And with the amount of investment in the platform from 1500 c.u. - Your income will be unlimited.

For every $1, 5 cents will remain in the system. Therefore, the office is allegedly interested in attracting an increasing number of users and their earnings.

Real customer reviews NEWBIZWAY

We could not find a large number of reviews about NEWBIZWAY, much less real confirmation of payments. But what we saw in the user comments, and the information obtained during the analysis of the resource, is enough to understand that we are facing a primitive financial pyramid that is not responsible for your investments and stupidly fills your pockets while you frantically rush about on the Internet in search of "Suckers" who will be interested in such dubious earnings.

NEWBIZWAY reviews scam

If you have become victims of NEWBIZWAY scams, leave comments under this article. Perhaps it is your review that will save someone from losing money.

NEWBIZWAY User Fraud Scheme

Each of those who are at least a little versed in investing and making money in Internet projects knows that all financial pyramids collapse sooner or later due to a conflict of interest.

In such systems, money, in fact, flows from one pocket to another. But one day there comes a moment when the office is no longer able to provide payments to all participants in the system and disappears from the Internet just as it appeared.

And given the fact that the activities of NEWBIZWAY are not controlled by anyone, you will not receive any compensation.

In addition, judging by the reviews, you begin to receive income only when you attract other “pinocchio” to the office. But this amount will be so miserable that it will not even pay for advertising.


Perhaps the office is still paying its pennies to naive lovers of easy money. But experience suggests that such projects do not last long and are blown away like a leaky balloon. In addition, we found the following signs of fraud on the NEWBIZWAY website:

  • lack of a license from regulators, permission from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, adequate contact details;
  • primitive, uninformative site;
  • dubious system of earnings, lack of confirmation of payments;
  • the presence of information that misleads users;
  • the presence of negative reviews;
  • the absence of a clause on responsibility for clients' investments in the user agreement.

If you are a victim of NEWBIZWAY, mediatrade or other black brokers, and want to return your hard-earned money - leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to take.

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