Monk Trading is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

The best and most reliable investment plan is offered to us by the hero of our Monk Trading review. Cooperating with this company, you discover global markets, and at the same time trade in the simplest and most transparent way. That's just who actually earns here, we have to figure it out today.

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Monk trading. General information

Broker's main website:

Trustorg rating:

Monk Trading scam reviews
Domain Age

Site analysis

No matter how hard Monk Trading tries to position itself as the best and most reliable service provider, no matter how hard they try to stand out from the competition, things are still there. All that we see when we come to their website is a primitive landing page with a claim to a full-fledged multi-page resource, stock pictures, and general phrases, somehow translated into Russian. As shown by an independent site appraiser, the red price of this resource is half a glass of coffee at the station.

Monk Trading scam reviews
Website cost estimation

The main page is represented by the following blocks:

  • menu bar (about the company, payments, real estate, about the team, awards, documents, contact details) + authorization / registration / language change buttons;
  • a header with a unique trade offer, buttons for the target action "start" and "log in now";
  • a ticker with current asset prices;
  • company achievement counter and video presentation;
  • investment plans;
  • Benefits;
  • regulation statement;
  • referral program;
  • asset overview;
  • instructions for investing and withdrawing money.

In the footer, the company publishes a few more lines about 100% investment protection, unique design and profitable trading. There is also a link to download a certificate of registration in the UK, which, by the way, is available from bitmeel and other similar organizations that we talked about on On the lower side corners there are two online support chats and WhatsApp.

Expertise of legal information, Monk Trading licenses

In the footer of the main page, Monk Trading provides a scanned copy of the certificate of official registration. The document is genuine. It just confuses the nature of the business. Monk Trading is registered as an agency for the sale of agricultural raw materials, the activities of real estate investment funds and trade unions. What this has to do with cryptocurrencies is a mystery.

Monk Trading scam reviews
Registration data

Yes, there is a real estate section on the office's website. But, probably, it was made to divert especially perspicacious eyes. Because in the section there is only a decoding of the term "real estate" and everything again comes down to the crypt.

The date of registration indicated in the certificate is February 2021, which does not fit in with the number of transactions, the moment of foundation in 2014 and international coverage, which these comrades talk about in the same section on real estate.

Monk Trading scam reviews

The appearance in 2021 is also confirmed by checking the age of the domain (see the very first screen in the article). Therefore, all the achievements and figures indicated by the office on different pages of the project are just a legend.

Monk Trading scam reviews
Achievement statistics

Also, the address of the legal entity is registered in the certificate of registration. But when checking it on Google maps, we found that boxes are located at the specified contacts. Specifically, a charitable organization is registered in the Monk Trading box.

Monk Trading scam reviews
google maps data

It turns out that the registration authority of the United Kingdom does not in any way check the data of economic entities to which it distributes certificates. The main thing is having money. It is no wonder that the bulk of all kinds of sharagas have "British roots".

And lastly, the presence of registration does not yet give the company the right to engage in the provision of financial services. To do this, you need a regulator license, which these crooks do not have in the UK.

Monk Trading scam reviews

Not in Russia.

Monk Trading scam reviews
CBR data

By investing your money in this organization, you become vulnerable. In case of deception, no one can help you. But deception will be necessary, given the fact that using the services of such offices, you also sign under their fraudulent contracts and rules. Monk Trading's client agreement directly states that you are responsible for your money. The office can change any rules of the game, as well as use the data of your bank cards.

Monk Trading scam reviews Monk Trading scam reviews Monk Trading scam reviews Monk Trading scam reviews Monk Trading scam reviews

Features of Monk Trading. Tools and conditions for traders

Monk Trading company is engaged in the resale of the mined cryptocurrency, and offers several investment packages. You can enter the market with $50 and earn 3% of that amount every day for 6 days. Or you can put 15,000 USD into your account. under 20% per annum for 2 months.

Monk Trading scam reviews
Investment plans
Monk Trading scam reviews
Investment plans

In addition to the fabulous profit, you get the following benefits:

  • expert management of your assets;
  • reliable investment platforms;
  • cooperation with a licensed company (do not confuse a certificate of registration of an offshore office with a license from a regulator);
  • instant withdrawal;
  • security of confidential data, protection against DDos attacks;
  • professional online support 24/7.

Additionally, you can earn on investments of referrals that you attract to the project.

Monk Trading scam reviews
affiliate program

The affiliate program is a favorite technique of all kinds of scammers who in this way provide themselves with laudatory odes from referrals in order to block the negative. But it will certainly be, because if the unrealistic interest indicated in the investment plans were true, the office would automatically go bankrupt already in the first trading cycle.

All this was invented for naive beginners or economically illiterate users who have little idea of how the investment market works and are led to the “loot” button.

Real customer reviews of Monk Trading

Although Monk Trading positions itself as a service provider with many years of experience and wide coverage around the world, we found only a couple of comments about it on the net. And those who reveal the activities of this sharaga are not the most pleasant side.

Monk Trading scam reviews
Monk Trading Reviews

If you fell for a Monk Trading scam, share your story below this article. Perhaps it is your comment that will save someone from losing money.

Monk Trading User Fraud Scheme

No matter what they offer plunge into to invest at huge interest in an office like Monk Trading, their scheme of deception is always the same.

  1. Fraudsters look for their victims on pages on social networks, thematic sites, send SPAM to instant messengers and e-mail boxes. The messages usually offer passive income on the Internet with huge profits.
  2. Those who are interested in this "profitable offer" are given a link to register on the site. And then they process their brain, spinning at least for the minimum deposit.
  3. At the end of the trading cycle, no balance changes occur. Rogues are playing for time to grab money from other users and simply close this shop, disappearing from the Internet along with your hard-earned money.

Monk Trading has no mining, real estate and other nonsense. These are typical crooks who have only one goal - to quickly breed as many naive "Pinocchio" as possible with tales of a money tree.


On the Monk Trading website, we found the following signs of fraud:

  • lack of a legal address, licenses of regulators;
  • the activity indicated in the certificate of registration is not comparable with the information on the site;
  • the presence of negative reviews;
  • primitive, low-quality, uninformative site;
  • bringing deliberately false information about the activities of the company, the amount of earnings, the time of existence of the company.

Based on the foregoing, we conclude: Monk Trading is a scam project that has nothing to do with real trading and investing. Stay away from them.

If you have become a victim of Monk Trading or other black brokers and want to get your investment back, leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a free, illustrated plan of action to take.

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