FAST TRADE IS A SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

We recently learned that one of the well-known companies in the United States managed to invest $340 million in a pyramid scheme, and naturally went bankrupt. The cunning bred who wanted to warm his hands on other people's money will now be warmed on the bunk. But, if the powers that be cannot recognize the villains, then what can we say about ordinary people who, in search of the “loot” button, lose their minds. That is why we are writing all these reviews here. We want the financial market to become cleaner and people not to be disappointed in trading and investing, forever closing the opportunity to make good money for themselves just because they got a rogue at the start. And today we will analyze the FAST TRADE investment broker.

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FAST TRADE. General information

Broker's main website:

Whois score:

FAST TRADE reviews scam
Domain Age

Site analysis

The official website of FAST TRADE is a colorful, but absolutely stupid resource. Many sections of the main and other pages are not completed. This indicates the low quality and unreliability of the site.

FAST TRADE reviews scam

FAST TRADE reviews scam

Solidarity with us and the service of independent evaluation of Internet resources.

FAST TRADE reviews scam
Website cost estimation

On the main page, we see blocks typical of any scam projects reviewed on

  • menu (investments, about the company, partners, news, reviews, FAQ, rules, contacts);
  • in the header - a call to gain financial freedom and guaranteed to receive up to 8% from working capital + registration button;
  • advantages of working with the company;
  • review of investment plans for 4-92 days;
  • profit calculator;
  • brief information about the company FAST TRADE with a certificate of registration and a call to get acquainted with the contents of the section in more detail;
  • an overview of the affiliate program;
  • instructions for getting started with the company;
  • reviews;
  • news;
  • logos of eminent developers with whom FAST TRADE cooperates.

In the footer we see logos of famous cryptocurrencies and payment systems. The menu is also duplicated there, contact details are indicated and a link to license verification is published. We will discuss these data in more detail below.

Expertise of legal information, FAST TRADE licenses

The FAST TRADE company, apparently, really wants you to believe in its real existence. Since she constantly mentions that her activities are officially registered in the UK. On the main page there are reduced copies of the registration certificate and some other incomprehensible document. The images are so small that it is extremely difficult to make out their contents. At the same time, when clicking on them, the user is redirected to a 404 page.

FAST TRADE reviews scam
the documents

The number of the registration certificate is also indicated there. However, checking it against the database of organizations in the United Kingdom showed that it is fake.

FAST TRADE reviews scam
Registration data

We got the same result when we clicked on the license check link in the footer.

FAST TRADE reviews scam
Registration data

For whom all this is designed - is unknown. As well as the fact that at the address registered by the office as contact information, there is a hotel.

FAST TRADE reviews scam
Google Maps

Naturally, anonymous people do not have any licenses to provide financial services, including permission from the Russian regulator, which gives the right to work with clients from the Russian Federation and the CIS countries.

FAST TRADE reviews scam
CBR data

By giving your hard-earned money to such organizations, you voluntarily agree that complete strangers can manage your money. And do it as they please. Also, starting cooperation with anonymous brokers, you also sign under their fraudulent service agreements.

FAST TRADE reviews scam FAST TRADE reviews scam

And the last is the age of the broker. According to the Whois domain name verification service (the very first skin), our friends appeared in September 2021.

But every self-respecting investor gives his money only to those companies that have confirmed their viability and integrity with a long period of work and good reviews.

Features of FAST TRADE. Tools and conditions for traders

The main activity of FAST TRADE is the automation and robotization of processes related to trading in financial markets.

FAST TRADE reviews scam

That is why investing with FAST TRADE gives you the following benefits:

  • fixed income;
  • minimal risks;
  • transparent reporting;
  • cooperation with an officially registered company with a reliable reputation.

For its clients, the office has developed several investment options at once:

FAST TRADE reviews scam
Investment plans

The larger the amount and the trading period you choose, the more profit you can get.

To get started, you need to register on the official website of the office, choose a deposit package and replenish the balance. After that, you will receive daily accruals of profit on the account balance and will be able to dispose of it as you like, without denying yourself anything.

Our virtues have not been forgotten about the affiliate program. You can work as a referrer for 2-7.2% of the amount of investment invested by the users you referred.

But we would not invite our friends and relatives to this project. Because the quality of the resource, its content, as well as promises of unrealistic profits, indicate that you will have to answer for your recommendations, if not by law, then with your own jaw.

In addition, no payments to referrals, and indeed to anyone, are not confirmed in any review.

Real customer reviews FAST TRADE

Even though FAST TRADE has developed a generous affiliate program designed to increase the number of acclaimed reviews and that they have tried so hard to build a reputation as a highly experienced service provider, we have not been able to find a single review of them online.

We will be grateful for any comments from those who have already dealt with FAST TRADE. Share your experience below this article. Perhaps it is your review that will save someone from losing money.

FAST TRADE User Fraud Scheme

Like the heroes of our previous review Monk trading, FAST TRADE are not particularly original. Although due to the lack of reviews we cannot describe the exact scheme of divorce, the primitive enticements and non-unique content of the site testify to us that these crooks did not invent anything new.

The classic scheme looks like this.

  1. Search for potential customers in groups of social networks with related topics, SPAM mailing by e-mail, in PM, messengers.
  2. Stories about high passive earnings with fake reviews and examples.
  3. User registration on the platform and making the first deposit.

From this point on, scenarios may vary. For example, you can draw the earned dividends and be asked to pay a commission / insurance for their withdrawal in an amount that almost reaches the amount of the withdrawal. You may also be offered to reinvest the "earned" money and thus take more time to rob other users. Another option is to block the account immediately after replenishing the account, or a little later, for “violating” any rules that can change as many times as you like. After all, it is written in the contract.

Be that as it may, the ending of this movie is the same - the drain of the deposit and complete disappointment in the niche.


On the FAST TRADE website, we found the following signs of fraud:

  • non-unique content, low quality of the resource, lack of filling in many sections;
  • publication of a fake certificate of registration, lack of a license, legal address;
  • lack of mentions of the company in the network;
  • the use of knowingly false information about the operation of the system and the age of the company, which mislead users;
  • a short period of the project's presence on the market.

The facts speak for themselves. All these legends about robotization and automation of trading processes, reliable earning systems and transparent conditions are another lure for naive, illiterate and greedy users who do not want to learn, but want to lie on the couch and wait for gold coins to fall on them. Are you not like that?

If you have become a victim of FAST TRADE or other black brokers and want to return your investment, but have no idea how this is possible, leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to take.

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