Bitmeel is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

The economic situation in many countries is pushing people to look for new sources of income, this problem is especially acute in the post-Soviet space. Today, the Bitmeel investment project came into our review, which just offers its customers a good and stable income. We will conduct a detailed analysis of the platform and try to find out who actually earns with it.

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bitmeel. General information

Broker's main website:

Whois score:

Bitmeel reviews scam
Domain Age

Site analysis

The Bitmeel site is a simple and uniform web resource made according to a template scheme. All information and pictures are presented to the user in primitive rectangular blocks. As for a platform that positions itself as one of the first in Europe, the design and presentation are at a very mediocre level. The cost of the site was estimated by a special service at only 119 rubles. This, of course, is many times more than that of most offices described on the website, but it is still very far from the level of an international broker.

Bitmeel reviews scam
Website cost estimation

The site supports work exclusively in English. Web resource navigation is carried out using the classic menu bar, which consists of the following sections:

  • trade;
  • market instruments;
  • investment platform;
  • wallet;
  • news;
  • support.

Traditionally, the main page for many such projects begins with a loud slogan and a call to get started. Scrolling down, you can see feeds with changes in the rate of popular cryptocurrencies. They are followed by a description of the company's benefits and a simple profit calculator. On this, all the information that the organization provides about itself ends. Agree - very informative.

Viewing other pages of the site does not make sense. They either transfer to the registration window, or open incomprehensible tools to clients, which in fact are ordinary pictures. It makes sense to visit the news block, but it simply contains links to other people's articles from other resources. There is simply no information about the activities of the project, methods of depositing and withdrawing funds, tariff plans. Either you register and give the scammers your personal data, or you don’t know anything.

Expertise of legal information, Bitmeel licenses

Bitmeel is loudly claiming to be the most advanced and secure trading platform in the world. The organization also claims that it has been recognized as the best cryptocurrency broker in 2019 and 2020 and will soon be in the first positions of the European market. But for some reason, there is practically no information on the Internet about such a well-known and large-scale project. After checking the company's web resource using Whois (screen at the beginning of the article), we saw that it appeared less than two months ago. Therefore, stories about international markets and big awards are blatant lies.

Bitmeel does not provide any legally useful information on the pages of its site, not even contact details for normal feedback. Carefully studying the presented platform, we found a user agreement in the site footer, which clarified the situation to a certain extent.

Bitmeel reviews scam

Here it turns out that our friend has a completely different name - "CRYPTO FINANCE SOLUTIONS LTD". At the very bottom of the agreement, you can see the registration of the company in the UK and its address. In the public registries of the United Kingdom, this organization is indeed listed under this number. Its registration is active, but the nature of the business is a dormant company. At the indicated address is an ordinary residential building that has nothing to do with financial activities. Most likely, Bitmeel indicated other people's data in the hope that ordinary users would not check anything.

Bitmeel reviews scam
google maps data

In addition to invalid registration and a fake address, there are many other interesting provisions in the user agreement. Below are screenshots from the user agreement translated using Google translator. If you read them carefully, you can see that in some points the company explicitly declares that it is not a financial platform and does not bear any responsibility to customers. It turns out that if these scammers will throw you for money, they will simply say that you were warned by their agreement.

Bitmeel reviews scam Bitmeel reviews scam Bitmeel reviews scam

Features of the Bitmeel company. Tools and conditions for traders

Bitmeel is a cryptocurrency broker that supports over 40 types of virtual coins. That is, the earnings of users on the platform are based on changes in the exchange rates of the currencies represented. For a convenient analysis of market changes, clients are provided with free access to the following market instruments:

  • crypto market capitalization;
  • market screener;
  • technical analysis;
  • cross rates;
  • heat map of currencies.

Among its main advantages, Bitmeel identified:

  • the presence of integrated applications for spot and margin;
  • high liquidity;
  • fully customizable workspaces;
  • carrying out all operations without commission;
  • futures trading with leverage;
  • social trading based on practical examples and instructions from the most successful traders.

There is simply no information regarding tariff plans, supported payment systems, the minimum deposit.

Real testimonials from Bitmeel customers

We were unable to find any information about Bitmeel elsewhere. There is no mention of the company on the Internet, except for the tabs leading to its website. In the Russian-language segment of the Internet, no feedback on the project's activities was found. This may be due to the fact that the platform operates exclusively in English. Or the scammers have not yet managed to catch anyone on their bait. There were hopes to find at least some reviews on foreign services, but they were unsuccessful.

If you have been a victim of Bitmeel scammers, share your story in the comments at the end of the article. Any information will confirm the fraudulent nature of this project and will quickly cover it up.

Scheme of deceiving Bitmeel users

Since there is no information about the activities of Bitmeel, we can only assume what kind of divorce scheme these comrades use. Since the device of the platform is identical to many other scam projects. Probably, deception of clients is carried out according to the standard scheme.

Users are attracted to the site with loud offers of a stable and easy income that slip through online advertising. A client interested in a “profitable” offer goes through a simple registration, deposits money and, having seen enough tutorials from “experienced” traders, starts trading.

All operations taking place on such platforms are simple pictures that are controlled by the creators of the service. Depending on the actions and behavior of the user, they either drain it immediately, or try to lure out more money with various manipulations. To do this, scammers have a lot of tricks. They can draw a large income, and then request a commission for withdrawal. They may offer to take an “interest-free” loan from the organization. In general, there are enough ways to breed naive businessmen. But the result is always the same. The pockets of crooks fill up, and customers are left with nothing.


Although there is a minimum of information on the Internet and on the Bitmeel website, we can say that with a probability of 99.9% another scam came to our review. There are more than enough facts to support this:

  • low quality website
  • using someone else's name;
  • lack of official registration and licenses to conduct financial activities;
  • low level of information content of the web resource;
  • lack of contact information.

Bitmeel is not even adapted to work in Russia. We categorically do not recommend contacting this project. Any connection with him is fraught with only one thing - the loss of his finances.

If you have lost your money due to Bitmeel's actions, CryptoRoom or other black brokers, and want to get your money back - fill out a special form at the beginning of the review. A step-by-step action plan will be sent to your email within a few days.

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