LIONETIX IS A SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

LIONETIX promises to make investing in cryptocurrency simple and profitable. The creators of the project call themselves an investment partner, they promise easy access to the blockchain, assistance to traders and the use of new methods that make it easier to invest money. Let's find out if we can trust their words.

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LIONETIX. General information

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LIONETIX reviews scam
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After a detailed study of the web resource of scammers, it becomes clear that it began to function normally only last month (see the very first screen). Newly established financial companies are a risky source of investment, which we have repeatedly confirmed when analyzing other brokers on

LIONETIX's website is simple, but many sections are designed to deceive visitors and inspire confidence in them. Therefore, a specialized service rated the site not for the lowest amount.

LIONETIX reviews scam
Site rating

However, it is worth reading the text in order to understand that only unfounded promises have a place on this resource. The site operates in English, but Google translator will help you study the information provided. In any language, in each section of the web service, we are promised “successful success”, you will not find specifics here.

For a smartphone, the site is clearly better adapted than for a PC. When studying the web resource on the phone, we even managed to find links to the company's social networks. True, none of them work, and throws you back to the site. This greatly reduces the credibility of the resource.

The main page of the site includes sections:

  • “about” (this is how Google translator adapted the “about” section, losing the word “us” along the way);
  • investment;
  • Services;
  • contacts;
  • legal (perhaps it is worth adding "information" here when translating?).

In the "Contacts" section there is a feedback form with which you can contact LIONETIX employees. We will tell you a little more about the rest of the information about the company.

Analysis of legal and contact information, official LIONETIX documentation

The LIONETIX website states that their office is in Warsaw, but we see entertainment venues at this address. The search for real information about the company turns into a quest, which already suggests that we have a scam in front of us.

LIONETIX reviews scam
Google Maps

It is possible to find a phone number to contact the scammer. However, this will not work either - there is no data during the check. We only know that the phone number is registered in the UK.

LIONETIX reviews scam
Phone number verification

There is no way to find official documents confirming the legitimacy of LIONETIX activities - there is no data on any of the sections of the site. A company positioning itself as an investment assistant must at least have permission from the Central Bank to provide services on the territory of the Russian Federation. The result of the check is not surprising - this scam does not have a license.

LIONETIX reviews scam
CBR data

The most interesting thing is that LIONETIX does not even try to hide their criminal intentions. The rules state that the user must agree that the services provided by the company are not investment advice. Then what is the meaning of LIONETIX activity? This can be understood by carefully reading the risk disclosure statement. Dividends from investing money should not be expected, and it will be difficult to sell shares. The LIONETIX scammer writes in black and white that he does not give any guarantees of profit from investments. It turns out that the company does not perform any of the declared functions.

LIONETIX reviews scam
LIONETIX reviews

Terms of work with LIONETIX

LIONETIX offers investment assistance. The scammer lists his advantages eloquently:

  • training of traders with different levels of knowledge;
  • any operations are performed with your consent;
  • assistance in creating a portfolio that will benefit not only in the long term, but also now;
  • low commissions and high transaction speed;
  • cryptocurrency trading 24/7.

At the same time, the withdrawal process described on the site leaves more questions than answers. You can close the account and withdraw funds only after the evaluation of the company. LIONETIX is silent about what this service is and what risks it carries.

LIONETIX reviews scam

What do customers say about LIONETIX?

There is little information about LIONETIX on the Internet, because the company itself does not exist for long. However, even in a short time, reviews of deceived customers appeared on the network.

LIONETIX reviews scam

If you trusted LIONETIX and lost your money, please share a comment below this article. Your feedback can save other traders from being scammed.

How LIONETIX deceives people

Representatives of the company know how to handle people. They promise mountains of gold, they assure that they will teach you how to understand investments. Having invested money for the first time, the unfortunate get even more stories about "profitable" investments. Fraudsters start spinning you into buying stocks that will help you make good money. You will not wait for dividends, and it is difficult to return the investment. Having pumped out more funds, you will simply be blocked.


On the LIONETIX website, we found the following signs of fraud:

  • lack of licenses to conduct activities on the territory of the Russian Federation and any documents confirming the legality of the company's work;
  • non-existent registration address;
  • inability to return funds;
  • misleading the user about earning opportunities on the platform;
  • conflicting information about exactly what kind of assistance and training services for traders LIONETIX provides.

The company has nothing to do with investments, it is a scam that sucks money out of those who fall for it.

If you have become a victim of deception by LIONETIX or other scammers, and your goal is to get your money back, indicate your mail in a special form at the beginning of the article. We will send a detailed plan of action to help restore justice.

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