The Trust AI is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

Broker The Trust AI has developed an algorithm based on artificial intelligence that helps traders find the perfect investment strategy. You can get started and touch the masterpiece of modern technology with a minimum investment of $300. Not very much, agree? Let's see how easy it is.

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The Trust AI General information

Broker's main website:

Whois check:

The Trust AI reviews scam
Domain Age

Site analysis

The broker's website looks very simple. Apparently, he spent all the money on the development of the algorithm, and there were no longer enough funds to create and design his official Internet resource. It is not surprising that a specialized service estimated its cost at 8 rubles.

The Trust AI reviews scam
Site rating

On the main page, we are greeted by a single banner with the "Login to your personal account" button.

The site consists of 4 pages:

  • about Us;
  • product;
  • symbols;
  • profit.

If you think that we made a mistake by writing the titles of some sections in English, then no. Most likely, the creators of the site considered this to be another uniqueness. Such bilingualism can be found not only in headings, but also in documents - they are also completely in English. At the same time, there is no way to download them or copy them to the translator, but we will talk about this in more detail.

Despite the simple design, all sections are quite informative. The guys obviously sat for more than one day to write so much text.

The Trust AI reviews scam

Expertise of legal information, The Trust AI licenses

The Trust AI found it unnecessary to leave contact information about yourself. You won't find an address or phone number here. If something went wrong for you, then you can only write to the mail or fill out the form in the "Technical support" section. Will you get an answer is a big question. Interestingly, there is a link to telegrams, but for some reason it directs to a page with documents.

Since we are talking about documents, we will consider this in more detail. There are only seven of them on the site and they are all in English (we had to translate the names ourselves):

  • Cyber Security Notice;
  • Know Your Customer (Know your client);
  • Customer Identification Program Notice;
  • Risk Warning Statement;
  • Improper And Prohibited Trading (Incorrect and prohibited trading);
  • Withdrawal Policy;
  • Transmission of Information.

Of all, it became very curious to read the “Risk Warning Statement”. It starts something like this: “It is important that you read and understand the Risk Warning Statement before using our system. You must understand that investing and trading in various markets come with certain risks. This Risk Warning Statement cannot and does not disclose all of the risks and other aspects associated with our system or its use.”

Already in the first paragraph, the scammers made it clear that there are some nuances in working with their system, but even more funny was the moment about the risk associated with technology. Yes, you read everything correctly. These guys did not hesitate to write that the company is not responsible for any failures that may occur when using their system. Moreover, they even pointed out that unauthorized third parties can access or use the customer's account, as well as make transactions without the customer's knowledge or permission.

That is, if someone gets access to your account, then you don’t even have to try to write to technical support, because they initially warned about such a “risk”. Now it is clear why the documents are in English.

The Trust AI reviews scam

Of course, there is also no certificate of registration and license, including permission from the Central Bank of Russia.

The Trust AI reviews scam
CBR data

And in the final - the age of the project. Judging by the results of the check in the Whois service (see the very first screen), the project appeared in September 2021. Of course, these guys chose to buy an older domain created in 2019. However, this did not inspire confidence in us personally. Checking the web archive showed that the site was empty before the update date indicated in the screenshot.

The Trust AI reviews scam
Web archive

Features of the work of The Trust AI. Tools and conditions for traders

The broker has created a unique algorithm based on artificial intelligence. It includes 4 types of classic financial market analytics, processes large volumes of data from trading terminals, and determines the assets in demand today. Thus, it automatically generates an investment strategy for the trader. At the same time, the client does not need to worry about his funds, because they will also be accompanied by experienced specialists.

To start working with a broker you need:

  1. Simply register and create an account that will give you access to the tools.
  2. Fund your account with at least $300.
  3. After replenishment, a specialist contacts the investor, who connects the account. The client begins to receive signals from artificial intelligence (AI).
  4. After connecting the AI, you need to inform the specialist about the convenient time for receiving signals, the financial sector of the market and the method of receiving the signal.
  5. Having received a signal, you will need to start investing directly.
  6. Get profit when it arrives.

The scheme of the analytics system itself is simple. It processes all the information received on the priority of the ratio of risks to profitability, supply and demand of the asset by other market participants, the ratio of open Buy/Sell positions and trading volumes during the last 3 days.

According to the creators, the level of risks is reduced to a minimum. System users can choose 5% and 10% from the invested funds.

Real customer reviews The Trust AI

The site started its work only in September, but there are already quite a lot of negative reviews, which mainly talk about the inability to withdraw money. Traders claim that the broker is constantly experiencing technical failures, due to which funds disappear from the accounts. Is it worth mentioning that the scammers actually warned about this in their exclusive "Risk Warning Statement" document?

The Trust AI reviews scam The Trust AI reviews scam

The Trust AI reviews scam
The Trust AI reviews

If you have also invested with The Trust AI broker, leave a comment below this article. Your feedback will save someone from losing money.

The Trust AI user deception scheme

The scheme of deception is extremely simple: a trader invests money, starts investing, and after making a profit, he cannot withdraw it. This is supposedly due to technical failures, but in fact - on purpose. When contacting technical support, you can not wait for an answer, no one contacts the client.


Looking at other reviews on, we conclude that The Trust AI is not the only broker that tries to pass itself off as a reputable project. In fact, like the others, this is a common scam. Fraudsters take away all the money they earn from people with mythical system failures. Traders here will not only not increase their income, but will also lose their invested funds.

Moreover, the lack of contact information, documents confirming the legality of the work of this company, as well as the surprising content of English-language statements about risks and privacy confirm that The Trust AI is a scam.

Leave your e-mail in the form at the beginning of the article if you are a victim of The Trust AI or other "black" brokers. We will send you step-by-step instructions on what you need to do to get your money back.

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