ConcordInvest is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

Trading and investing is now easy! So says the investment and trading company ConcordInvest, which we will talk about in this review. As usual, we will collect all the available information and put it together like a puzzle to get a complete picture of what this office breathes and whether it is worth trusting.

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ConcordInvest. General information

Broker's main website:

Platform site:

Whois score:

ConcordInvest reviews scam

Domain Age

Site analysis

The ConcordInvest website has a nice color scheme, but a completely primitive design, in the spirit of other scam projects that we reviewed on the website. Building blocks, a minimum of official information, exclamations of "successful success" at every step - a typical "gentleman's set" of a bad broker, which an independent service assessed strictly, but quite fairly.

ConcordInvest reviews scam
Site rating

The main page of the site includes the following blocks:

  • menu (overview of markets, platforms, accounts, instruments, bonuses and promotions, about the company + documents, registration/login and language selection buttons);
  • call to action - trade with ConcordInvest, who are proud of their activities and services;
  • financial table with prices for currency pairs;
  • an overview of offers, but, in fact, the advantages of the office;
  • presentation of tariff plans;
  • again a call to trade on a proven platform and another one to unlock your potential;
  • tool overview
  • a water block about why you should choose ConcordInvest for trading;
  • another block with benefits.

The footer contains information that only turbo professionals work at ConcordInvest. Logos of well-known payment systems and disclosure of risks are also published there. Below, in small print, is a note that all the information belongs to a certain company, Dulcet Group LLC.

ConcordInvest reviews scam

This and some other information will be subjected to a thorough examination in the next chapter.

Expertise of legal information, ConcordInvest licenses

Let's start with registration and licenses. The ConcordInvest office in the footer of its website indicates registration information in the Republic of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines - the famous offshore zone where you can get a residence permit without any requirements from the registration authority.

ConcordInvest reviews scam

All this, of course, is fine, only on its official page the Financial Services Authority published a Warning that it does not issue any licenses for the activities of brokers, trading in the Forex market and Binary options. Therefore, these guys, of course, could not get a license.

EFA Group reviews scam

They also do not have a license from the main Russian regulator, which gives them the right to work with investors from the Russian Federation and the CIS.

ConcordInvest reviews scam
CBR data

It is worth mentioning the user agreement (if you can call it that), which we found in the "Documents" section. The paper is clumsily translated into Russian, but, nevertheless, we managed to find a few interesting moments in it. They expressly state that the company does not bear any responsibility for all the information you receive on its website. You trade at your own risk. It also states that the office has the right to deprive you of all bonuses and dividends and a lot of other similar nonsense, issuing a completely fraudulent agreement.

ConcordInvest reviews scam ConcordInvest reviews scam

Similar information is indicated in the footer.

ConcordInvest reviews scam

And if an adequate broker, by publishing information about risks, tries to protect you from rash actions, then projects like ConcordInvest cover up their fraud in this way. Like, "if suddenly something - my hut is on the edge."

And the last is the time of the company's presence in the market. Although, we could not find a direct mention of how long the office has existed according to the legend, with all their appearance and content, ConcordInvest is trying to convince customers of their reliability. Only information from an independent domain age check showed us that the project was launched in the summer of 2021 (see the very first screen in the article). And this means that there can be no question of any trustworthiness here.

In each of its reviews, tries to convince you to contact only those counterparties who have proven their worth, confirming that they have been on the market for at least 1 year.

Features of the work of ConcordInvest. Tools and conditions for traders

ConcordInvest has prepared the following advantages for its clients:

  • quality support;
  • 7 ways to replenish the deposit;
  • analytics, charts, calculators and robots;
  • a wide variety of assets and instruments;
  • flexible trading conditions;
  • bonuses and promotions;
  • modern terminal adapted for different devices;
  • fast execution of orders;
  • negative balance protection;
  • educational materials;
  • an opportunity to reveal your potential and talents in investing on global exchanges.

The office has developed three options for deposit accounts, including a demo account up to 100 thousand USD. The more funds you deposit, the more bonuses you get.

The real pride of ConcordInvest is the auto trading feature. The company offers to connect automated trading and eliminate the need to sit on the platform for days. That is, you can go about your business, only occasionally looking at the monitor, while the money is earned on a full machine.

However, we would not be in a hurry to deceive ourselves with such a tidbit. Judging by the information we received during the verification of legally important information, as well as the data from the section below, something completely different is wrapped in a beautiful wrapper than it seems at first glance.

Real customer testimonials ConcordInvest

Although the pseudo-broker ConcordInvest has existed since the summer of 2021, we were unable to find a large number of comments about its activities that would be left by real clients. Perhaps the crooks are cleaning up the negative. Or maybe they haven't robbed too many people yet. We will publish some of what we managed to find.

ConcordInvest reviews scam

ConcordInvest reviews scam
ConcordInvest Reviews

If ConcordInvest scammers got their hands on your money, share your story below this article. Don't be afraid to fail. Remember, each truthful comment will help to collapse the fraudulent cell faster.

ConcordInvest User Fraud Scheme

After analyzing the feedback from clients who had the “happiness” to cooperate with ConcordInvest, we realized that the divorce scheme for these guys is not much different from the “work” algorithm of similar offices.

Users complained that the company does not withdraw money, provides “fake” information about trading, replacing real transactions with animations. Some noted the rude manner of communication of managers after real money was poured into the account. Still others complained about the banal blocking immediately after replenishing the deposit.

In any case, it is very reckless to expect conscientious work from an illegal offshore company that does not have a single legal document.


Summarizing all of the above, we note that we found the following signs of fraud on the ConcordInvest website:

  • lack of information on registration, licenses, including permission from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation;
  • uninformative, primitive site;
  • use of information that misleads users;
  • lack of adequate contact details;
  • the presence of negative reviews;
  • fraudulent contract for the provision of services.

Before investing your money in such a sharaga, think 1000 times. There are many normal brokers, which, perhaps, do not have enough stars from the sky, but also provide an opportunity to earn real money. Learn to recognize the bad guys and trade wisely.

If you still fell for the bait of ConcordInvest and lost your hard-earned money, do not despair. Perhaps our instruction on the return of money from unscrupulous brokers can help you. You can get it for free by filling out the form at the beginning of the article.

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