InComenetz is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

Favorable trading conditions, prompt processing of orders, wide trading opportunities and compliance with international standards are guaranteed by InComenetz. At the same time, even a cursory glance was enough to remind us of dozens of similar offices that have already been exposed on the site Let's see if this broker can dissuade us of his fraudulent nature.

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InComenetz. General information

Broker's main website:

Whois score: reviews scam
Domain Age

Site analysis

The InComenetz website template was taken from a free stock. And we are absolutely sure of this, because recently we have already exposed an office with exactly the same layout and almost identical content. It is possible that the owner of this and the previous project is the same rogue. An independent appraiser put a fairly fair price tag for the efforts of the developers. reviews scam
Site rating

On the main page of InComenetz, by tradition, quite recognizable blocks are placed:

  • menu (market overview, trading conditions, about the company, contacts, language selection buttons, login/registration).
  • a slider with the main advantages of cooperation and a target action button - “start trading”;
  • the main advantages of working with a broker;
  • economic news;
  • a block with information about trading opportunities with InComenetz;
  • Getting Started Guide;
  • "Fork" of tariff plans.

This is followed by a footer in which the main menu is duplicated, as well as information about the registration and licenses of regulators received by the broker. It is worth dwelling on this information in more detail.

Expertise of legal information, InComenetz licenses

Let's start with licenses. The InComenetz office claims to be the happy owner of documents from reputable regulators in Cyprus, Belize, Mauritius. reviews scam

However, after a detailed check of the numbers provided, we saw a quite predictable result. reviews scam
Licenses reviews scam
Licenses reviews scam

We independently checked the existence of a license from another important regulator, without which no office has the right to provide financial services to Russian users. As you may have guessed, this is a document from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, which, of course, our friends did not have either. reviews scam

This state of affairs was quite predictable, because the InComenetz office also publishes a fake registration address. Checking contact details on Google maps showed only a partial match. reviews scam
Google Maps

An analysis of the phone number showed that this data is also fake. reviews scam
Check by phone number

It turns out that you can contact these respectable citizens only by mail or through the feedback form. But in this case, you will pass your contact details into the hands of scammers who will be free to dispose of them as they please.

And finally - data on the age of the company. The InComenetz website publishes statistics with hundreds of thousands of dollars of daily turnover and four years of experience. reviews scam
Achievement counter reviews scam

But all these numbers do not withstand only one thing - verification in an independent Whois service (see the very first screen of the article). Despite the fact that the scammers bought the domain with experience, the web archive data shows that the place has been empty all this time. This means that the given statistics and history are inventions for naive hamsters, seized with a thirst for easy money. reviews scam
web archive reviews scam
web archive

Features of the work of the company InComenetz. Tools and conditions for traders

For their clients, InComenetz has developed three tariff plans with a minimum entry threshold of $150. reviews scam reviews scam reviews scam

For this money, you get a huge leverage, and a whole basket of other goodies:

  • registration in a few clicks;
  • fast processing of transactions;
  • cooperation with a licensed company;
  • more than 200 trading instruments;
  • a variety of ways to deposit/withdraw funds;
  • service and professional advice 24/7;
  • analytics;
  • the ability to trade from anywhere in the world;
  • minimum commissions, etc.

The only pity is that all the information on the site is a complete lie. And you, who believed in these fairy tales, will lose your hard-earned money. Confirm our fears and information from the next chapter.

Real customer reviews InComenetz

Try as we might, we couldn't find any reviews of InComenetz's activities. This once again proves the fact that there can be no talk of any four-year history of the company. Our friends didn't even bother to buy fake comments or laudatory reviews. It is a pity to leave this section without screenshots. But there is hope that InComenetz has not yet managed to breed a large number of people.

If InComenetz swindled your money - leave a review about the work of these scam brokers in the comments. Feel free to share your own, albeit bitter, experience. So you will help someone else not fall for the hook of scammers and curtail this project as soon as possible.

Scheme of deceiving users of InComenetz

Based on what we saw on the InComenetz website, namely: a standard set of fake information, template layout and content, as well as fake legal information, we can assume that their client divorce scheme is not much different from other projects considered on The scammers find their potential victims on social networks, through purchased databases of phone numbers and email accounts, on job search sites and even dating portals like Tinder.

A potential victim is told about a “profitable earning scheme” remotely and brought to their resource. After registration, a “personal adviser” is assigned to the user, who systematically draws money from him for the first deposit. And then he makes “upsells” in the form of demands to pay commissions or insurance, which are equal in size to the withdrawal amounts, or transfer secret banking data, according to which balances from card accounts are stolen. There is an even greater chance that you will be blocked immediately after transferring money to a deposit account.

Be that as it may, by contacting anonymous brokers whose activities are not controlled by anyone, you get every chance to end up with empty pockets.


On the InComenetz website, the following “red flags” were identified, indicating that we are facing a scammer:

  • fake data on licenses, lack of permission to work with Russian users from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation;
  • false contact details, lack of registration, reviews;
  • use of knowingly false information about the time of presence on the market, earning opportunities on the platform;
  • primitive, uninformative site.

Learn to recognize scammers in the face, so that later it would not be excruciatingly painful. From us, InComenetz receive an unequivocal dislike and wishes for a speedy disappearance from the Internet.

If you have been scammed by InComenetz or other black brokers and you do not know what to do now, we want to please you. In some cases, there is a chance to recover lost investments. If you would like detailed instructions on how to do this, fill out the form at the beginning of this review and we will send it to you free of charge.

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