Mlpfunds is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

Everyone dreams of finding their Grail. But the fact of the matter is that this is a mythical trading system that makes a profit. In life, in most cases, in order to make a profit, you need to think and try. And in order not to become a victim of scammers, you always need to analyze the company to which you want to entrust your money. We constantly analyze black brokers on, and we are not going to stop this.

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The topic of today's article will be MLP Funds - another broker that positions itself as "the best of the best". Let's check if this is so.

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mlpfunds. Information about the broker

Broker's main website:

Whois score:

MLP Funds reviews scam
Domain Age

Site analysis

The site, as it usually happens, is elementary. The simplest animation, which is simply unrealistically buggy when scrolling through the page, and boring color schemes. The logo - the letter M with an up arrow hints at how your assets will skyrocket when working with this firm.

The structure is quite standard:

  • short description;
  • benefits;
  • even more benefits;
  • call for registration;
  • description of account types;
  • news.

In the header of the site, we can see the following menu tabs: "Markets", "Trading Conditions", "About the Company" and "Contacts". Plus, you can choose one of seven languages for the convenience of the user. And, of course, a window for registration. In general, you can even praise the content of the site, because if you have read our reviews of brokers before, then you know that they rarely bother.

The price of the site is 2 rubles. A little spent, but how much money thanks to him received by scammers.

MLP Funds reviews scam
Site rating

Expertise of legal information, Mlpfunds licenses

Now let's get into the legal stuff. This broker shared an address and phone number with us. There is also an e-mail. support. What an abundance of contacts. Let's check them.

Let's start with the address - Mooseos Diomidis St, 02 1223 Limassol. This address simply does not exist.

MLP Funds reviews scam
google maps data

Further phone number: +357 261 810 38. Abstract number from Cyprus, which is impossible to get through. But there is a “Request a call” form, and there are legends on the Internet that sometimes you can even get in touch with it.

MLP Funds reviews scam
Phone number verification

Well, and e-mail for clarity and a complete set.

Regarding the license - at the bottom of the site there is a footnote, they say, we work in accordance with all requirements, here are the license numbers - familiarize yourself, sir. And we will take and get acquainted.

Website quote: “Mooseos Diomidis St, 02 1223 Limassol. The company's activities are carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (license number: 203/17), the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) (11/158/TS/50) and the Financial Services Commission of the Republic of Mauritius (license number investment dealer: C347839414)."

Through simple actions on the official websites of regulators, we find information that such licenses do not exist.

MLP Funds reviews scam
MLP Funds reviews scam
MLP Funds reviews scam

By the way, in the section "About the company" there is a footnote on the license, when you click on it, you are simply transferred to the registration page. So here brokers have already begun to be lazy. They invented a phone number with an address, but I no longer wanted to steal other people's licenses from open sources. They could also find a screen of some kind for reliability. But, and so it will do, as they say.

And one more thing - our cunning brokers do not have a license to work on the territory of the Russian Federation, which is not at all surprising.

MLP Funds reviews scam
CBR data

Also pay attention to the screenshot from the Whois website at the beginning of the article. The domain on which the Mlpfunds website is located was acquired in 2015.

While studying the web archive, we found the appearance of the site in 2015. Further access to the web archive is closed.

MLP Funds reviews scam
web archive

And judging by the activity of using the domain, they began to fully use it only in April 2021. Which clearly indicates that this is an unreliable site.

MLP Funds reviews scam
Web archive

Features of the Mlpfunds company. Tools and conditions for traders

So-so. What does the company promise us? Of course, mountains of gold. And they can't promise anything else, it's their bread.

For "beginners" the minimum deposit is 150 USD, and for "amateurs" the deposit is already more serious - 1000 USD. “Amateurs” (lovers of losing money or what do they mean?) are already promised to provide all the opportunities for obtaining a permanent income. So they believed.

There is also an "expert". He has to pay the scammers $10,000 and simply drown in success.

The client will be able to calculate his huge interest using the Trader's Calculator. And then lose your head and transfer your money in anticipation of wealth.

Real customer reviews Mlpfunds

It's time to look for real reviews of our dishonest brokers. It often happens that they are difficult to find, but not today. There are legends about MLPFunds on the Internet, people share stories of their losses and warn those who are thinking about working with these scam brokers.

MLP Funds reviews scam MLP Funds reviews scam MLP Funds reviews scam MLP Funds reviews scam

MLP Funds reviews scam
MLP Funds reviews

If you are also familiar with the activities of Mlpfunds, leave your feedback under this article. It is likely that your review will help many people.

Mlpfunds User Fraud Scheme

Mlpfunds' user divorce scheme is far from unique. The client finds this "beautiful" site and reads the local information, figures out how quickly he will rise and throw off money to brokers. He does not think that he was deceived - after all, there is information about the license and even a phone number. Can something happen? And there is no time to read reviews about the site, of course. This is usually done after the loss of money. Then he sees “growing” profits on the site, but he won’t be able to withdraw a penny. Everything is simple and old as the world.


As we understand by the number of negative reviews, the company is quite well-known. Known for her fraud and deceit. Here's what we have:

  • a site created "in haste" for a couple of rubles and its dubious history;
  • fake address and phone number;
  • pseudo-license and fictitious evidence of the legitimacy of their work;
  • stories about how good and safe their site is;

And lots and lots of pointless water, like the latest news that no one will read. But the specifics are zero. Not the worst pitch, we dismantled sites and worse. But still, it doesn’t pull on suprezlodeystvo. Just another stucco, which is not at all difficult to bring to clean water.

If you have become a victim of Mlpfunds or other black brokers and want to get your hard-earned money back, leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to take.

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