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A fresh approach to investment, unprecedented protection with the opportunity to earn easily and well is offered by the investment company EFA Group. Let's look at the main conditions, documents and testimonials related to their activities and conclude: trust or run.

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EFA Group. General information

Broker's main website:


Platform for investors:


Whois score:

EFA Group reviews scam
Domain Age

Site analysis

The main page of the EFA Group website opens with a beautiful picture with a guy jumping from a snow-white yacht and a call to action. This visual aims to show you how good and free you will feel when you become an investor in the EFA Group.

In fact, all these are just beautiful pictures. The resource template of the office we are reviewing is a typical fake broker template, which we saw in batches on binarybets.ru.

The main page contains the following blocks:

  • menu (why you need to choose EFA Group, an overview of investment products, training materials, contacts, login/registration and language selection buttons);
  • a header with the main trading offer and the "Invest with us" button;
  • company benefits;
  • Getting Started Guide;
  • presentation of the services of a Personal Financial Advisor;
  • information about the opportunity to profit from market cycles in two directions;
  • company Services;
  • a call to join the EFA Group for profitable investment;
  • economic news;

One of the menu sections and contacts are duplicated in the footer. At the very bottom, in tiny letters, there is a warning about the risks, as well as links to the main documents.

The efforts of the developers were evaluated by an independent service at 55 rubles. That already at the start says a lot.

EFA Group reviews scam
Website cost estimation

Expertise of legal information, EFA Group licenses

Let's immediately consider the client-user agreement, which caused us sincere indignation. Although the document is carefully translated into Russian, which such companies usually do not, it is inconvenient to read the provisions. A large font and a narrow window in height make you strain your eyes and get lost in the content. This, perhaps, is intended. However, we managed to find clauses typical for scammers that allow them to change the rules of the game or block accounts without notifying customers and completely relieve them of responsibility for your money. Remember, when you start trading with companies that have such contracts, you voluntarily agree to all this nonsense.

EFA Group reviews scam EFA Group reviews scam EFA Group reviews scam

Additionally, the office places a warning about the risks with which such organizations also cover up their fraudulent dealings.

In the same place, in the user agreement, we found that the EFA Group is regulated by the jurisdiction of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines - the famous offshore zone, which is the "Motherland" of a huge number of scam projects. Indeed, almost the only requirement for the beneficiaries of this country is that they do not have the right nightmare serve residents of the republic.

EFA Group reviews scam

By the way, this registering organization on its official website has long ago published a document stating that it does not issue any licenses to brokers and does not regulate their activities.

EFA Group reviews scam

This also plays into the hands of various scammers who usually write information on their websites that they have the right to work without a license. And some people even believe in it. There, on the platform of the Financial Services Authority, there is a large list of signs of all kinds of fraudulent offices, cooperation with which you should beware.

Our friends on their site do not make any messages that they have the right to work without a license. But they also do not place links to licenses. Although, they must have at least one license (since they have adapted their site for Russian-speaking clients). This is a permission to work with users from Russia and the CIS, which is issued by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. However, the database of the Russian regulator EFA Group did not appear.

EFA Group reviews scam

Another disadvantage is the lack of adequate contact information. According to all the rules, the company must make publicly available its registration address, details, identification number of the business entity. However, the surveyed office chose to modestly keep silent about this. You can contact them by mail, phone or via the feedback form. But in almost every article on binarybets.ru we talk about the fact that you should not “shine” your contact details on every corner. Otherwise, you risk being inundated with SPAM or hacked.

EFA Group reviews scam

Well, our favorite is the age of the company. In one of the sections on the EFA Group website, we found statistics with impressive numbers and achievements.

EFA Group reviews scam

However, it all falls apart like a house of cards when it comes to checking the age of a domain. Our friends appeared no later than the end of October. Therefore, there is no need to talk about any 47+ countries of presence and other fake data (see the very first screen).

Features of the work of the EFA Group company. Tools and conditions for traders

For its clients, EFA Group has developed several products for investing in:

  • IPO
  • stock;
  • cryptocurrency;
  • long term projects.

To get started, you just need to register, choose an investment product and deposit money.

Also, in almost every section and block of the main page, the company boasts of the services of Personal Advisors, which are assigned to each client. This advisor has many years of experience and will certainly lead you to successful success.

EFA Group reviews scam

But in the same place, only in another section, the office publishes a vacancy for the position of consumer welfare managers, which are such experienced advisers.

EFA Group reviews scam

By the way, when searching by photos, we found that the office published on the main page a photo of a completely stranger who hardly knows about the existence of these guys.

EFA Group reviews scam

The apogee of all this is that when we go to the login / registration page of the trading platform, we see a completely recognizable interface that gives out projects of one well-known conveyor for the production of fake brokerage houses called UTIP Technologies Ltd.

EFA Group reviews scam

This infernal machine has already released hundreds of offshore companies with fake registration, deshman, similar sites and a trading platform in which the broker gets full control over user operations and accounts. It can change indicators and reset the client's balance in real time and create other chaos.

EFA Group reviews scam

We wrote more about this here.

Real customer reviews of EFA Group

Although the EFA Group position themselves as a reliable service provider, we were unable to find a single mention of their activities in RuNet. This once again indicates that it is better to refrain from investing in this project.

If you are already "lucky" to deal with the EFA Group - share your experience under this article. The more real reviews are posted on the network, the fewer users will be deceived and the faster it will be possible to close this shop.

EFA Group User Fraud Scheme

Pictures change, scam projects open and collapse, and the divorce scheme of honest citizens remains unchanged. So the EFA Group did not distinguish itself with a special fantasy.

You are lured into the project with promises of easy money, a “personal adviser” is assigned to you, who is an experienced swindler and a scammer, and they begin to systematically pump out the dough. The reasons can be very different, from “until you deposit $10,000 into your account, you can forget about real trading” to “look how much you have earned, we could not keep that kind of money on regular accounts and transferred it to a Swiss bank, so for withdrawing your $10,000 you need to pay a commission in the amount of 9999 c.u.). Well, and all sorts of divorces on the topic of secret banking data that must be given to verify the account and the banal blocking of the account for "violating the rules for using the resource." In any case, you will not see your own or earned money there.


We found the following signs of fraud on the EFA Group website:

  • a primitive, uninformative site with standard content;
  • lack of information on registration, licenses of regulators, adequate contact details;
  • lack of reviews;
  • fraudulent contract for the provision of services;
  • cooperation with a fraudulent "kitchen" for the production of scam brokers.

Trust or verify is everyone's business. But remember, each of your registration on a project like the EFA Group without a sober analysis of the information provided is the first, but a sure step towards collapse.

If you have become a victim of the EFA Group or other black brokers and want to get your hard-earned money back, leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to take.

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