Idergo is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

An innovative and reliable brokerage organization called Idergo came to our review. The creators of the project guarantee a stable high income, regardless of the skill level of the trader. But all these are just words and unconfirmed promises. So today we will conduct a detailed roasting of the presented platform and find out how close the real course of its affairs is to the information on the site.

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Idergo. General analysis

Broker's main website:

Trustorg rating:

Idergo reviews scam
Trust in the network

Site Overview

The Idergo web resource is made according to a classic, simple template. Such a platform would be more suitable for some cheap online store than for a really successful and popular broker. All blocks on the site are made primitively. The color combination is boring. It is not clear how such a platform can attract new customers. It is also worth noting the lack of adaptation of the platform for search engines. Taking into account all these factors, we were not at all surprised that the resource of our friends was valued at only 1 ruble.

Idergo reviews scam
Site rating

It is worth noting the low level of information content of the Idergo website. All the information provided is so general that it will suit absolutely any broker. The creators of this project praise their offspring in any convenient place, forgetting to present really useful data to customers. Probably, these are not memory problems, but intentional manipulations in order to blur the eyes of users.

Also, in the course of collecting information about the hero of today's review, we found that his site is not unique. We found at least one more site with identical blocks and design, but with a slightly different color scheme and a different name - Retelex. At the same time, about the Idergo clone, as well as about this broker, there are not the most flattering reviews on the network, which indicate the fraudulent nature of both projects. Probably, these organizations are part of an entire organized crime group engaged in pumping money out of naive traders. This is a fairly common practice for many "scammers". You can read reviews of such sites on our website

Verification of legal data and official documentation of Idergo

As we mentioned earlier, on its platform, the broker at any convenient moment declares his professionalism and rich experience. However, Idergo's Whois check (screenshot at the beginning of the article) tells us otherwise. The company's web resource was created on 11/04/2021. That is, the age of our hero is a little more than a month. All these stories about high-quality service are blatant lies.

Idergo reviews scam
Domain Age

Of the legal data on the Idergo website, there is a user agreement and "license information". The company confirms its legal right to operate, conduct financial activities, including international ones, at the expense of its own assets, as well as attract customer funds. To do this, we are provided with several numbers of some obscure licenses. First, there are no supporting scans. Secondly, not a single regulator has such an incomprehensible classification of documents. Thirdly, all these permits have long expired. And it is not clear why the site was created a month ago, and the licenses were obtained in 2016. Therefore, all these permissions are fictitious.

Idergo reviews scam

Based on the fact that Idergo provides all its services in Russian, the broker operates on the territory of the Russian Federation. And, as we know, not a single organization has the right to conduct financial activities within Russia without the permission of the Central Bank. Checking the surveyed office in its registers showed us that our friends are an unregulated "garbage heap".

Idergo reviews scam
CBR data

The user agreement caused us no less questions than the availability of licenses. With the help of some of its provisions, the company literally makes its fraudulent manipulations legal. The broker disclaims any responsibility for the fact that its clients may lose their money and empowers itself at any time to block the user for pseudo-violations.

Idergo reviews scam

Offers and conditions of work with Idergo

From the very beginning of our review, we said that there is very little really useful information on the site. So a closer acquaintance with these comrades is not possible. From what we were able to find out, we can get the following superficial idea of the conditions for working with Idergo:

  • round-the-clock support from a staff of qualified market specialists;
  • a large number of additional functions and useful trading tools;
  • availability of referral and bonus systems;
  • guarantees of stable operation of the platform;
  • promises of high returns, thanks to innovative trading solutions.

No information regarding account types, deposit and withdrawal methods, minimum deposits, etc. we were unable to find out. The presented office prefers maximum anonymity. This is done in order to avoid proceedings with deceived customers and law enforcement agencies.

Real customer reviews of Idergo

There is very little information about Idergo on the web. This is not surprising, since we found out that our broker is only 40 days old. Real reviews - units. Apparently the scammers have not had time to turn around in full.

Idergo reviews scam
Idergo Reviews

If you have personally experienced the fraudulent manipulations of Idergo scammers, share your experience in the comments at the end of the review. Any information will help to quickly cover the "scam" and save other people from losing money.

How Idergo cheat their customers

Idergo's swindling of clients for money is put on the conveyor. The office has a whole staff of experienced lures who, under the pretext of profitable offers and sincere help, find inexperienced victims who are interested in online earnings. There are enough of them in social networks, and in various financial forums, and in general on the Internet. After processing by such "specialists", the client quickly agrees to go to the site, make the first deposit and, with the help of professional traders, start trading on the site.

This is where the main divorce begins. As soon as you transfer money to these crooks, they will quickly go to some offshore account, and the necessary figure will be drawn on your balance sheet. Perhaps at first everything will work out for you, and your personal account will grow. After all, the trading service of these comrades is an ordinary toy that has nothing to do with real markets and is controlled by swindlers. The whole calculation is based on the fact that in a fit of excitement, you will want to increase your income and throw more money on the platform. This will be repeated until the victim senses something is wrong or wants to cash out his balance. But at this moment, the client is either ignored and does not respond to the request for withdrawal of funds, or is stupidly blocked. In general, nothing unusual.


Having fried Idergo well from all sides, we managed to find out the following signs of fraud in the broker's activities:

  • low-quality web resource;
  • availability of a clone site;
  • fake client information;
  • anonymity of the project;
  • disclaimer of responsibility;
  • lack of licenses and registration;
  • negative reviews and reviews.

All the promises of this financial "garbage" are a lie. Don't be fooled by flashy headlines and pretty pictures. Rest assured, you are guaranteed to lose money if you transfer it to the scammers who created the Idergo website.

If due to the activities of Idergo or any other black office you have lost your money, we are ready to assist in the return of finances. Fill out a special form at the beginning of the review and a detailed action plan will be sent to the specified contacts.

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