Rockfort Global FX is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

Today in our review we will talk about the activities of the brokerage organization Rockfort Global FX. A company originally from New Zealand is an international project that provides quality services in the Forex market around the world. However, as practice shows, many of these institutions are simple “scam brokers”. Therefore, we will analyze in detail the organization represented and find out who it really is.

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Rockfort GlobalFX. General analysis

Broker's main website:

Whois score:

Rockfort Global FX reviews scam
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Site Overview

The Rockfort Global site consists of one main page, which is navigated using the top menu bar. There are also several additional tabs with information and a registration window. The design of the site is restrained and simple, nothing unusual. Although, as for an international project, it is rather poor. The platform operates in two languages only: English, Chinese Traditional and Simplified.

At first glance, the web resource of the monitored office does not raise any suspicions. However, its cost was estimated at only 201 rubles. This indicates the low quality of the site and the lack of adaptation to search engines. Somehow this does not fit with stories about international trade with many years of experience.

Rockfort Global FX reviews scam
Site rating

The informative component of the site also leaves much to be desired. The data provided on it is of an exclusively general nature, the payload is minimal. Really necessary information about working conditions, types of trading accounts, minimum deposits, etc. the resource simply does not exist. But there are plenty of stories about high-class financial instruments and the broker's professionalism.

Verification of legal data and official documentation Rockfort Global FX

In the "About the Company" section, the creators of the project claim that Rockfort is a brand co-financed by several investors. Rockfort Group has been providing financial services worldwide for many years. The group has several companies, including:

  • Rockfort Markets in New Zealand;
  • Rockfort International (CAN) in Canada;
  • Rockfort Holdings (Sec) in the Seychelles.

Now in order. The site of our broker has been functioning for 2 years and 4 months (screenshot of the check at the beginning of the article). Work during this period can hardly be called many years of experience. Given that experienced traders, organizations that are less than one year old are not considered at all.

The contact details of the company are represented by e-mail and legal address. The anonymity of financial institutions is always a red flag for cooperation with them. After all, honest brokers do not hide from their clients. As their location, our friends simply indicated the address of the shopping center. More specific information is not provided to us.

Rockfort Global FX reviews scam
google maps data

Regarding other companies that are part of the Rockfort Group. Rockfort Markets is an independent organization that has nothing to do with the hero of our review. Probably, the scammers simply took the name of a more famous and official broker in order to confuse their clients. "Rockfort Markets" is listed in the financial registers of New Zealand and seems to be doing legal business.

Rockfort Global FX reviews scam

The only information that we could find about other projects, as if part of the Rockfort Group, was limited to the fact that there is an organization in the UK called Rockfort International Holdings. But her connection with the monitored comrades is also nowhere to be traced. So we can safely assure you that we are dealing with scammers who use other people's names and data to give themselves weight.

Rockfort Global FX reviews scam

It is unlikely that Russian traders cooperate with the presented broker, because its resource only supports English and Chinese. But still, we will check it in the registers of the Central Bank for the presence of the name of the organization in the black lists. The domestic regulator does not provide any information about Rockfort Global FX.

Rockfort Global FX reviews scam
CBR data

Rockfort Global FX Offers and Terms

Rockfort provides its clients with over 50 sets of trading products, including spot currencies, stock indices, crude oil, precious metals, and more. All financial transactions take place on the MT 4 platform, which is used by most brokers around the world.

The leverage on the site is 1:200. There is simply no information regarding the minimum deposits and withdrawals of funds, as well as payment services with which the project cooperates.

On the Rockfort Global site, there are no standard account types that are common to these platforms. There is also no demo account to test their services, but we think there is not much to test here.

Real customer testimonials Rockfort Global FX

No information about our friends could be found in the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet. On foreign sources, Rockfort Global FX is not described from the best side. We found quite a lot of low ratings for their activities.

Rockfort Global FX reviews scam

Also, a lot of reviews were found from real users who claim that the broker being reviewed is an ordinary scam project.

Rockfort Global FX reviews scam

If you have personally experienced Rockfort Global FX scam manipulations, share your experience in the comments at the end of the review. Any information will help to quickly cover the "scam" and save other people from losing money.

How Rockfort Global FX are cheating their customers

Based on the information obtained during the analysis of the reviews of deceived Rockfort Global clients, we can conclude that the broker is working according to the classic divorce scheme. The search for clients is carried out using social networks, forums, browser advertising. In these niches, scammers find users who are interested in trading. The crooks collect their personal data and begin to process it according to well-established scripts. Experienced psychologists often work in the states of such offices, who know what to put pressure on and how to present their “profitable” offers.

Under the pretext of high income, scammers palm off their website to a potential victim. The predominant audience of such projects are beginners. So getting them to make the first deposit is not a problem. After the client has deposited money and learned something, he starts trading. For some time, he may succeed, his balance will grow. But as soon as it comes to withdrawal, various problems, delays, additional commissions will immediately begin. Fraudsters will try by all means to extract more money from the victim. When they realize that there is nothing more to catch, the user is quickly blocked, and no one will respond to his complaints. There will be nowhere to turn to collect your funds from the “scam”, since we are dealing with an anonymous and unregulated brokerage kitchen.


Given all of the above, we can say for sure that Rockfort Global FX is an ordinary “scam project” that has nothing to do with financial markets. This is indicated by many factors:

  • low quality resource;
  • lack of registration;
  • lack of licenses;
  • false information about their activities;
  • low service ratings;
  • the presence of negative reviews.

We categorically do not recommend cooperating with the monitored platform. Save your money and time.

If you have lost your money due to the activities of Rockfort Global FX or any other black company, we are ready to assist in the return of funds. Fill out a special form at the beginning of the review. A detailed plan of action will be sent to the specified contacts.

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